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Good News: Comcast Got Sex Jokes!

I want, you know, my bedroom to be “dungeon
of sex.” The living room is like, “sex… on wheels.” And the kitchen is “eat me some sex.” A Comcast customer found out a company technician
named the master bedroom cable box “the f palace.” And I’m like, what’s the problem here? Okay? Everyone’s getting their panties in a bunch
and I’m like, hold the phone. Thank god it’s not the cobweb dome… Like… it could be worse. When someone walks into my apartment, I would
dream and I would pray that they would walk into my bedroom and go, “The fuck palace,
absolutely. This girl is swinging it into dicks.” Pleasure cabana! You know, I want it to be in there. And they’re like, “dicks, dicks, dicks, dicks.” I want people to always see me and make an
assumption, “That’s a sex queen. That girl sees anal beads and is not afraid. She goes, ‘you know what, I’ll try it?!?'” You only live once. YOLO. Mommy horny. I am single.

One thought on “Good News: Comcast Got Sex Jokes!

  1. eyy byy I'm single too.. let's be single together!! 😀 🍷🎷😘🛀🏻🤣🍆💥🚑♿️✨🤰🤘😇

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