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Good Omens || HUMOR ||

– You have sought the Black Knight, foolish one. – But you have foud your death. *Crawley – just wasn’t really doing it for me. It’s a bit too…squirming-at-your-feet-ish. – Well, you were a snake. – So what is it now? – I brought down every London area mobile phone network tonight. – It’s wasn’t easy… – And what exactly has that done to secure souls for our masters? -Oh, come on, think about it. Fifteen million pissed-off people who take it out on each other. – You didn’t have to do that. You could have just asked her. Oh… of course, of course. No. Yeah. “Excuse me, ma’am, we’re two
supernatural entities just looking for the notorious Son of Satan. Wonder if you might help us with our enquiries?” – Let us disscuse my purchase in a private place, because I am buying, uh… – We humans are extremely easily
embarrassed. We must buy our pornography secretively. – Human beings are so simple… and so easily fooled. – Well, I think the greater good… – Don’t talk to me about the greater good, sunshine. – Crowley? – Hey, Aziraphale! I see you found a ride. Nice dress. Suits you. -Ahh! – Are you alright? – Perfectly, yes. Uh, tip-top. Absolutely tickety-boo. – Watch our for that pedestrian. -She’s on the street. She knows the risk she’s taking. – Just watch the… Watch the road. – Last thing we need right now is… – I’m going home, Angel. I’m getting my stuff and i’m leaving. And when I’m off in the stars, I won’t even think about you. *drama queen* – I’ve been there. You’re better off without him. – Animals don’t kill each other with clever machines, angel. Only humans do that. – I’m never nice. Nice is a four-letter word. I will not have… – Excuse me, gentlemen. – Shut your stupid mouth and die already. – I asked them for a rubber duck. – I don’t suppose that anywhere in the nine circles of Hell there’s such a thing as a rubber duck? – Why do you consume that? You’re an angel.

100 thoughts on “Good Omens || HUMOR ||

  1. пересматриваю уже которые сутки…шикааарная работа, моё восхищение 💕

  2. "Aggressive snake mode" is a mood I honestly relate to far too much.
    Though at 2:43 he says "shut it" not "shit it". Minor thingy but yeah 🙂

  3. I'm the archangel fucking Gabriel should be the new I'm the goddamn Batman

    Edit: Ineffable is the new Inconceivable!

  4. "You hit someone"
    "I didn't. Someone hit me"

    Crowley is me trying not to face my responsibilities, 100% relatable

  5. "I'm the Archangel fucking Gabriel"

    Wait, is he Gabriel, or is he fucking Gabriel? Like Gabriel's boyfriend?

  6. i never read the book, so i'm unsure if this is true or not but from my observation of the paint gun scene, the reason why aziraphale didn't have as much as a reaction to getting shot, compared to crowley, is because i think aziraphale is used to getting shot or at least been shot at, considering he had been given a flaming sword, he's sort of a big deal in the guard department when it comes to angels. aziraphale is a badass.

  7. I just realized something after listening about how Paul Rudd and Keanu Reeves never aging

    When was the last time David Tennant aged?

  8. I totally knew they switched what tipped me off was Aziraphale spitting fire at the angels, not very like him to do that

  9. when Azriaphale throw against a wall by Crowley it reminds to much of when David was the doctor and doing to people who say the sorta things like what Azriaphale said

  10. I love how when Aziraphale and Crowley get shot at 2:54 Michael just startles a little but David full-on flails — drama queen indeed but that's why we love him XD
    tho to be fair, he got hit square in the chest and he's not a particularly large man, so that probably stung a bit worse than Aziraphale getting hit in the shoulderblade

  11. I've seen in a comp video before where all of Crowley's little sputters at 1:03 were all captioned in floating text scattered around his head and honestly that makes it even funnier

  12. 2:55 he is not the queen of drama. It hurts him. This is paintball, and when the paint flies at a sufficient speed into an open place, it hurts a lot, believe me.

  13. Ази:
    -Ты в кого-то врезался
    -нет…Кто-то врезался в меня.
    Стальная логика,КроулиXD

  14. 0:34
    Asmodeus is the Prince of demons, or in Judeo-Islamic “lore the king of the earthy spirits” Mostly known for his primary role of the antagonist in the book of Tobit. In the Binsfeld’s classification of demons, Asmodeus represents lust.

    He’s the demon of Lust, do what you will with that information just thought I’d leave that gem.

  15. hastur really didnt have any bloody imagination when he didnt recognise the genius in bringing down the entire london mobile signal

  16. 2:47
    "NiCe iS a FoUr lEtTeR wOrD."
    I can't stop laughing, holy shit. 😂 That is the definition of gay panic.

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