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100 thoughts on “GOT7 Inside Jokes #3/3- *whispers JYP* (not 22 minutes of just whispering)

  1. How did i waste my 22minutes washing stupid people saying trash :')
    THANKS GOT7 FOR MAKING MY LIFE BETTER :')))))))))))))))))

  2. calm Youngjae about to grab plate :ah
    spots cucumber : OMG OMG OMG OMG NO I DON'T LIKE IT

    Normal things in the fandom, i get him tho… cUCUMBERS ARE GROSS EW LIKE TF NO CUCUMBER NO

  3. A quote from Youngjae
    "Cucumbers are not my type"

    Edit: I will like my own cos noone will 😭😭

    JK! 😊

  4. ธรรมดาโลกไม่จำ ร้องเพลงทั้งทีมันต้องแตกต่าง

  5. 14:35 Jin And BamBam Were Like The Same Singing That Song😂😂Lmao 😂😆😁Hahahahhaha….Kaeaoke Kings


  7. 15:19 see, Bambam is tge guy to call if you wanna give a spoiler about your song XD he sings it so off key the fans would only understand the words but not the melody 💕love you Bam

  8. Youngjae's otter is the cutest! 💖 i might be JB trash but GOT7.. GOSH.. I LOVE THEM. EQUALLY.

  9. Jackson Wang dissing JYP's production costs but making everyone believe it's a joke because he's Jackson Wang: A Concept

  10. 信じたグループ間違えた私はバカだね?騙される方が悪いってみんなは私に言ったし。もう嫌い。

  11. Hi, I'm just a random commenter passing by, but I have to say, in regards to 18:29 of the clip, I THINK most Asians from countries that were once part of the British Empire, seeing as Jackson is from Hong Kong (and Mark, though not part of the British Empire, IS of Taiwanese descent, but I digress), but particularly Southeast Asian countries, converse in at least three languages on a daily basis. (I say that because I'm from Southeast Asia, lol, so this is essentially my day-to-day life).

    But unlike the clip, it's not usually every sentence that we change languages (I get that Jackson and Mark were doing it just to showcase their language skills which is, to be fair, very proficient), for us, it seems that we change languages when we talk about a new topic.

    Like, we'll be talking about food in Mandarin Chinese, and in the middle of it we decided to ask for the time, so we would ask in, perhaps, Cantonese. Then carry on the food topic in Mandarin, run into a friend on the streets, greet them in, say, Hokkien. Carry on the food topic in Mandarin, walk into a restaunt and order our food in English.

    Not that anyone asked. I just enjoy culture. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Never been able to understand why Yugyeom likes Chris Brown when Yugyeom is already better than him in every way

  13. I was listening to BamBam's singing and my computer's literally stopped working 😂😂😂😂😂 cuteness overload ♥

  14. i see alot of army and ahgases talking to eaxh other in the comment sextion i like it how close both fandoms are

  15. ahgases and armys are really close as what i see in the comment section, im happy both fandoms support each other just like how g7 amd bts support each other

  16. Their crazy loving side makes them unique from all the group's n they don't show much anger they seems to be like a real family from the same parents, what ever happens they encourage each other, teases pranks n move on bn craaaaazzzzyyyyy🤯🤯😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 I will NEVER get bored watching them. 😘😘😘

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