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Gotham Comedy Minute: Jay Pharoah Wants to Date Ronda Rousey

I wanted to date Ronda Rousey man, she
came to SNL I got excited man i was like woo yeah Ronda Rousey! You know what I mean? but then you know I found out she was dating a dude from the UFC who was 6 foot 5 and he got a cauliflower ear and I was like he he well fuck that cause if you’ve got a cauliflower ear that mean that you ain’t got no reason to live you have no purpose How the hell do you give up about hearing? you don’t give a fuck about hearing? that’s what the fuck it
is. It’s your hearing like ladies, you might be outside you might you know, have a girls night with your girlfriends and everything say y’all at the club y’all turning up
everything is cool dude come on to you disrespect y’all now
you call your man on the phone “baby I’ma need you to come down here right now, you know because i feel like the guy disrespecting me and I need you to come you know, defend my honor” and we’d be like “yeah I need you to send a picture of that ear first that’s what I’m gonna need you to do” cause if the side of his face look like a pork dumpling from the God dang Chinese food restaurant your asses on your own! That’s all I’m saying don’t call me call 9-1-1 god dang it Listen man, I know you all ask me why Ronda Rousey and everything but Ronda Rousey is the type of woman that can fuck you and then carry you out of bedroom You know what I’m talking about? I’ve never had that before I want to be

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