Laughter is the Best Medicine

41 thoughts on “Gotta (Christopher) Bang them all [STRAY KIDS ON CRACK] #pokemon

  1. Ok, literally I just finished watching all friends' seasons, and came to try not to cry and tHE INTRO OPD I almost screamed JASJAJ love u

  2. me : gets to the bangchan pokemon edit
    me: sobs he worked so hard to get where he is now and he look so happy with his pokemon cries

  3. I liked and subbed after I saw the intro that's when I knew this video was (in Chan's aussie accent)*absolutely fantastic* , the Pokemon song was the perfect ending I applaud you this is true beauty.

  4. I've actually called a video art… This is video is ART….
    | Favorite part😂👏🏾 1:03
    Edit: uuuh also the Pokemon part was very well edited!

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