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Graffiti One Liner/ Non Stop

youtube what's up I'm just going to show you a little one liner and practicing so bear with me if the cameras got a little bit shaky because I don't have my tripod to think so here we go so yeah that's it tell me what you think now I need to work on my e and might be still coming along but it's almost there I feel like so yeah tell me what you think about a one-liner any advice is good you know I just kind of went with it and came up with this last night all right that's it comment subscribe peace

15 thoughts on “Graffiti One Liner/ Non Stop

  1. The S and the I are clean af
    Personally I think you should make the V a little more simple &
    The way you looped the bottom of the E to make it look like a U looks a little off. I would go with a lowcase E and emohasize the bottom of it to come out.
    Really clean line work bro
    Good shit
    Much Love from Los Angeles

  2. hey just syaing but it would look better with a lower case e if you want i can make a vid of how i would do it and post it as response

  3. @ekzo303 yup, im from LA and we call them that aswell… i use to do them in less than 3 seconds though, shit, how i miss getting up

  4. Your i is killer and I love the V-E connection. I think I might agree with trying a lower case e, but this is still good man.

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