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Grandpa’s Dirty Jokes

I was waiting for you to tell me I don’t want to take that away from you Got another one? Yeah, yeah I’m here There was one guy… every time he had sex he always used up the condom and put it on the side at the end of the year he had so many condoms he melted it down he made a tire out of it he called it a “good year” That’s a good one That’s a good one! That was awesome You know anything about golfing? Golfing? Yeah golfing. I don’t golf I know you don’t… I asked if you knew anything. I didn’t ask you if you golfed I know stuff. But not about golfing I got a whole bunch of jokes here about golfing Whole bunch of jokes about golfing What is your golfing joke? What are your golfing jokes?! You gotta understand I can understand, tell me Are you a golfer?
– Yes. A guy was going out… A guy was going on the course with his wife… He said “just a minute, I gotta go wash my balls” They do that. For real.

2 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Dirty Jokes

  1. What I just love about these postings is the fact that we act like our generation (baby boomers) invented the "dirty joke".  They have been around forever.

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