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Greatest Hispanic Parenting Ever | Dennis Gaxiola | Dry Bar Comedy

So I have six kids, five boys one girl. My daughter, my daughter is 15. She's beautiful Straight-A student Made varsity cheerleader as a sophomore. The boys are knocking at the door now. What's the right age to let her uh to date, let her date 16, no I don't like you I need a dad, a dad. What's the right age to let my daughter date there's n– that's a good answer, and there's not a right age I told her 33. Said "Jesus never went on a date, if you outlive the Lord." My dad was a preacher, and I found out at 12 years old it didn't pay to be funny My dad would go from church to church preaching and always take one of us kids with him. And I'm sitting in the front row of this big church 500 people on a Sunday morning and before my dad starts to preach. He surprises me. "Mijo stand up and tell the church something about yourself." I'm 12, I'm scared. I got a good life. I live at home with my mom and dad. What is, what am I gonna testify about? But I stood up and my sense of humor kicked in. And I faced the congregation and said "my name is Dennis, and I'm an alcoholic." Oops wrong group. It's a good joke for the Drybar Everybody thinks if you grow up in a preacher's home, in a good home, everything's perfect. Nah, my mom and dad would get into disagreements But my mom got upset. My mom was half Mexican half Puerto Rican. My dad never wanted to lose his temper when he was having to deal with my mom. One morning it was Saturday We were going fishing early in the morning and my mom started getting on my dad's case about getting some chores done around the house and Whenever he got upset. He would just throw out a scripture or biblical principle. Do not try this at home. She stopped getting on his case he looked at her and said Ye without sin cast the first stone That's the wrong thing to say to a half Mexican half Puerto Rican woman When he said "Ye without sin cast the first stone", she was like "jesus is my rock. I'm sanctified" and busted him upside the head. I got more jokes, I'm just looking at you guys. We parent different I don't buy into the politically correct mentality that we're all the same. Who's tired of the whole politically correct mentality If you want to see politically correct comedy you need to go see a non-smoking drug free vegetarian bisexual handicapped Native American senior citizen female that drives her electric car to her job at the recycling plant. I'm not the one We do things different, I don't buy into the hype we're all the same. To say that we're all the same, we're all equal, but to say we're all the same denies God's creation as far as I'm concerned. He'd knew what he was doing. He made us all a little bit different Look how we parent. Each ethnic group does it a little bit different. No one gives better parental advice than my white brothers and sisters. You guys give statistics and facts. You guys have flyers on the refrigerator. It's beautiful. "Just say no Billy." A Mexican mom doesn't give statistics, she doesn't give facts. She'll just give examples. "You're going to end up like your cousin Lupe" Some cultures you could talk back to your mom. If you grew up in a Latino home, you cannot talk back to your mother. You let your kids talk back to you? They talk back to you, and you let them live, I mean let them get away with it? I remember, I thought I was old enough to talk back to my mom. She whooped me and grounded me for two weeks. Had to call my wife, let her know I couldn't come home. "Baby, mom is tripping." Subscribe to Dry Bar comedy for even more of the world's largest collection of clean comedy.

46 thoughts on “Greatest Hispanic Parenting Ever | Dennis Gaxiola | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. Southern parents don't play either lol. I watched my step growing up. My parents were from down in Harlan Kentucky and they believe in switches and soap in the mouth and they didn't care if you were an adult or not. My mom had house rules and if you were living in her house you followed her rules. My uncle, her oldest son (the people I call mom and dad were really my grandparents they adopted me very young) was living in our house. He brought a $40 bottle of tequila into the house. Came in the kitchen to my mom pouring it down the sink. He was like "Mom!! That bottle was $40!" she said "I don't care…you know my rules. No alcohol in my house." and finished pouring lol.

  2. About talking back to your mom… I remember my brother was 18 and decided to adventure in a risky world starting by talking back to her…. She took the broom and bit him up. I have to say she was in the right cause she has told us before that even if we grow up or bigger than her and we talk back, she would snap our legs and beat the hell out of us…. So she just did what she promised. XD

  3. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    You need a sharpener for her laser sword // it saw his only real sin// cartoons are on//

  4. The trope that Dads want to preserve their daughter's virginity seems hilarious to some people, and creepy as Hell to the rest of us.

  5. Does… Does he just not know what political correctness actually means? Because he keeps using the term, but I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

  6. clever , funny , and accurate ! that is comedy to me !!!! i had great time watching this and the similarities of Hispanic mothers and Greek mothers is striking !!!!

  7. Lol no joke about talking back to a latina mom… Disrespectful behavior was something that was completely unacceptable in my house. My brother made the nearly fatal mistake of grabbing my mom's hand when she went to give him a little swat on the arm for being a wise guy. The moment he grabbed her, the knew he messed up BAD! The look of sheer horror on his face… The look of Rage on my mom's face… He knew he was a dead man.

    My brother, a 6'2" 230 lbs hockey player and was about 22 at the time, shot out of the room like the devil himself was on his butt. It was like a loony tunes cartoon, all I saw was a man shaped blur and a tiny 5'6" Latina accountant in hot persuit…

    The next several minutes was my brother begging and apologizing, while my mom showed her proficiency with a chancla.

    Me? I was in the living room luaghing my butt off the whole time.

  8. It would be awesome if mexico were a islam nation (the reall nut job fundamentalist) then image the wars around mexico and us. Its would be awesome crazy. They would slaughter millions of each other. But there all christinas in mexico so no war 🙁

  9. A joke, simply a joke.

    When the crowd circled the lady to stone her – Jesus said, " he that is without sin cast the first stone". Slow and sudden, a rock bonked the poor lady on her head. Jesus turned and said, "oh mother, sometimes you really Tick me off"!

    Just a joke, please don't be mad.💜

  10. I don't know why everyone thinks white parents let their kids talk back. I'm neon white but my Irish dad woulda spanked me till my cheeks concaved

  11. I I love this if you out live the lord,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😢🤣🤣🤣❤️

  12. My mom is half white half Cuban, so she gives facts AND gives the harshest examples to make you feel like you are like that lmao

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