Laughter is the Best Medicine

GTA 5 – Funny Pedestrian Quotes 5

*Sirens* – i dont, like your bud man. – Would, you F**k OFF?! – Just give, me a f**king reason. – I Believe, to leave! – OOWWW – Down, down! – F**K YOU! – OOoww – You, in from simple the stupid. – AAHH! – OOuu- – Whats, going on? – All of those, creeps are really, Ballon Animals i hate them i did! – it must be calm for that, is.. (????) hey dog, this get gone bad, Trust me. – Hey Man. – Hi. – Do you, like i care? –[You make me wanna, CHOKE] YOU KNOW SOMETHING YET F**KING PATHATIC – HOLY S –[AAAHHHH!!] – Screw, you! HUH?! *Fires* – POTA MADRE –[AAAAHHHHHH] – F..FF..FFU*K *Parachuting* — *Falling Sounds* *Opens Parachute* – Oh, S**t! – Ow.. *Guy Talks His friend from phone* – Hey Blah Blah, … *Helicopter Noises* *Lands Helicopter* – You, look Tough Sugar. – Well what, the hell over that. *Punches* – LOOK OUT THE WAY! – Watch I— — OOHH OOH – Jeez, Watch it! – Ah, S**t! FIN *Bonus Clip* – Yea, im on my way. Yea Better my money, that s**t – You should, get help with that prosenall you, of your’s. – ISA! F**K Your hood. -[F**K OFF!] imma, nap your Ass, out. -[Ive Been, on moth–] [Micheal’s Spiceal Ability Activited] *Gunshots* – What the hell?! *Gunshots* — AAAAHHHH! *2nd Ped Talking* — Our Boy, Got shot! – Holy! *Gunshots* REAL FIN……..

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