Laughter is the Best Medicine

GTA 5 – Funny Pedestrian Quotes 8 — ƒails!!

“apora de, cabron!” “Hey, there sweetheart.” “Hello..” “Whats happin’ ?” “you pathetic fool!” “Ooh.” “uh, no–wayy!!” “Come on, move!” “Punk.” “God, whaever.” “motha[…….]ker.” *motorcycle horn — + ran over by motorcycle!* “you okay, there?!” “Hey!” “Hey whats, up?” “you are the, ??? Pal!” *idiot punching micheal XDD” “Chirst!!” “Aaahh, im gonna be LATE!” “OOHH!” *run over by car* lol “Hey man!” “Hey” “how you, doin” ?” “Wwhat exactly is wrong, with you!?” “samboda!” [REALLY I DON’t UNDERSTAND.] “Go [……] your self…” “[…..] head!” “you the fine everything, that wrong with this place” “whats happing?///whats wrong?” [rip hedpone] “REKT” “oh, hey.” “how are you?” “NOW YOUR HISTORY” “we are scooter brothers. Scooter brother.” “we are brothers on scooters” “Whoaa!! Slow down, scooter brother!” “We will go on a journey, a journey of scooters..” “Scooter brothers” “Come on scooter brother, let’s go, scootor brother.” “SSSccccooottter! brother.” “Where are we going today, scooter brother??” “Scooter brother.” *”PWNEDD”** “Oohh, you give me hi(S)” “God, no!” “whats up, my […..]” “Yo, whats up?” “man what the […..] man??!” “Hey…” [sad violin #1] [from the distance – “f**king s**t!”] “aaAAAAAaaAAaHHhh!!!” “just like that?!” [sad violin #2] “Watch it!” [ear rape coming in – 3] [ear rape coming in – 2] [ear rape coming in – 1] [sad violin EARRAPE #3] noise. plz stand by. “Auughh, man!” “Oh je– Hey Pal out.” “f**k me!” “Ack!” *in fact. this ear rape is taking so long. so plz. hate barbie* *In memory of “PAL”* “you are biggera aren’t ya…” “yea, whatever!!” *Dog barking from a distance* “Bleeeeughh, i don’t get the fence of on me porkchop.” “yyoouuu make me love, of a bottom of me…” “Come, HERE SOMEBODY, COME HERE.” “idiot” “wha-ever!” [“wha-ever” is my favorite quote XD] [low-end pc XD] “AAAwwouuuuuwww.” “Why has, someone’s scenceble shot you yet.” “Blackguy, gives a s**t!” “Wwhy you why you, work drownded birth…” “Look like you, struggle with a simple task.” *tud* “HHhhhuuuggmmpp!” *dog fell down rip* *Chased by dog* [in real life i chased by a dog on a year…] *dog barking* *dog barking more.* “America” [from the distance – “whatever”] “WHERE, ARE YOU ASSHOLE, IM HEE” ” [from the distance – “Oh noo!”] “aaaAauuggh!!” “aH.” “hey bro” “Hey” “Whats, going?” “Hey, you, really!?” “You f**king loser!” “Yea you, f**k ooff..” “NNOOWW.” “Okay, thats it.” “Come on then!” – “Your going down!” “Screw you.” “Mayla!! wastola!” [lol i just write that to unkwon words. alors…] [french!] “Hey there!” “ōla.” “hey whats, up?” “i just hope proper, hatered for your self…” [man…] “You make me wanna, choke.” “YOU, S***T!!” “Thunder sound” “What, exactly wrong with you?!” “WHaAAWWat — this!” “Merda!” “oooghhh…” [EAR RAPE COMING!!!]” the end!

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