Laughter is the Best Medicine

GTA 5 – Funny Pedestrian Quotes. (feel free to dislike)

– Diggless Asshole. *Sirens* *Punches* OOUUUWW – Holy Cow! – Hey! – Worstvill Uh – Sh** Man! *PPeeepp!* *Hits By Car* – OOwwuuu Aw, Crap that hurt. Hey, you really? *Kicks Car* – What the. *Woman Screams* – Well i’ll be Mokey sogoy. – How this sock? ??? – Guess really it’ll really change. – Who Cares… – Brainless FOOL! – Scum in the earth. – You Depressing AS– – You’re so death! – I cant goin this! – Fu**ing Jerk. *Kick to the balls!* – HOOOAAWOOO *Rage Mode Activied* – HHHEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOO??? WHO WANTS SOME NOW??? *Sirens* – you know what? your one “Nasty F***” – i, dont like this! – Exsuse your self, RIGHT NOW! “OOUUUWWW” – OH JUSUS CHIRST! -[Dammnn S- ]

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