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GTA 5 PC – How To Install RELOADED CRACK UPDATE v1.40/1.0.1103.2 on PC [Tutorials + Downloads] 2017

GTA 5 Latest 1.40 Update For Crack Download Link In Description extract rar file using winrar Install GTA 5 Latest Patch Files open gta 5 folder update.rpf copy paste to gta5/update folder mpgunrunning and patchday15ng copy to gta5updatex64dlcpacks install openiv select your gta 5 folder do not forget to backup your original files starting gta 5 patch fix.ovi file open using openiv grand theft auto v patch fix install game folder patch fix – installation succeeded gta 5 dlcpacks fix.ovi file open using openiv grand theft auto v dlc packs fix install game folder installing dlcpacks fix – installation succeeded openiv.asi + scripthookv.ovi file open using openiv (starting) (loading data) gta 5 openiv.asi + scripthookV latest install game folder installing openiv.asi + latest scripthookV – installed plz subscribe oppressor bike

100 thoughts on “GTA 5 PC – How To Install RELOADED CRACK UPDATE v1.40/1.0.1103.2 on PC [Tutorials + Downloads] 2017

  1. Hello,

    I can't acces any of your files. It just keep saying that OIV don't have acces to them and I also can't run them as administrator. What to do?


  2. The game crashes during intro, events show that it is error 0xc0000005, I spent about 9-10 hours looking for a fix in 2 days but I still can't find it, can you help?

  3. help me pls !!!! i installed this GTA launcher from your update and i have social club !!! i can't delete this please help me

  4. bro i have a problem after updating these.. after updating it is showing key bindings error.. and after fixing key binding error i got a new problem.. my game crashes on loading screen and it says memory error… i tried to fix it also but it is not fixing… plz help me.. and sorry for bad english..

  5. I updated cracked v350 to cracked v1180, got only errors. first of all hes loading via steam (i have non steam) second not launching, third launch error code 115 .. Please im trying to fix this non-stop 3 days 🙁 Wanna update to 1180 to play LSPDFR, there isnt a RagePluginhook for v 350?

  6. hello i have gta 5 build 877 can i directly update to latest or will i have to step by step updating every version please reply soon

  7. Can someone give me another link for the Patch Fix? Because the one in the desc doesn't work. It appears Error 404 when clicking it. Please help, someone.

  8. my gta v asks to connect to the social club and when I cancel it says that it has to connect to play but the social club says that I am offline because I never entered this machine before…… HELP!!!

  9. Hi! I have a problem to install this patch. It says me the installestion failed, fatal error occur during the installation. Can you help me please?

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