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GTA V: ANIMAL CRUELTY! (GTA 5 Next Gen Funny Moments)

So apparently The Koosh plant is up against this wall. There is the coach. Oh wait what Oh, baby eat that couch. Oh, what’s happening mmm? F**K oh I guess I’m a dog now, so yes Because this guy’s so creepy that’s right bootch. That’s right. Ah there. We go. Oh give me that a$$ oh Yeah They’re really gonna shoot. They’re gonna f**king shoot me Yeah, I go first swim in the sewage line What Mm-hmm what and we’re back? Oh, yeah a hell of a cool trip, man. Where is my f**king couch? I think I f**kin done goofed oh Shaet oh, let’s do this in first person, holy f**k where am I God holy shauet? I’m just gonna quick save this time before I smoke tukuche found you couche turn me into a t-rex I swear to God. I will come instantly a F**king pigeon really wait that’s not a pigeon. This is a bald eagle. Oh Am I dead already I already f&^king killed it. What a waste of a f#^king? Couch trip. Hey still trying to fly if it makes me a seagull I swear it’s another [email protected]*king bird All right third time’s a charm. Let’s get that couche oh Come on a pigeon. No. I’m actually a pigeon well. I don’t wanna be a pointless pigeon f$(k this that’s right Where’s that mothersocking couch I smell it I Samantha couch. Give me the couch oh And make some noise and there it is and I am cool I’m a squirrel wait. No that’s not a squirrel this This is a deer yep Come on, Chad yarby couch here, and yeah, it looks like you’ve eaten it all you f**k this thing’s f%^king Molly I’m almost as fast that I am as fast as the Train. Oh, holy $h%t I’m running on the highway Hurry up ba$$hole come on pull the show there we go Um I Think I just broke GTA with that cheesy crust and I have become oh, baby I am a turkey Hey who kicks a cow really and they have guns I’m dead I should have tried some other tactics Oh boy Press the right trigger to hit yourself Give me some of that milk. I mean that milk give me give me give me well suckle Let me suckle on that other girl. Yes. Hey mr. Cow why don’t you want your narpple sucked? I don’t understand if I was a cow I begin all my narpples son. Oh Boysenberry I’m chopped No stop shoetting ketchup guys, I don’t think God Oh baetch literally What all that climbing for nothing show me peyote salad yeah, oh it tastes good. Oh fork oh shoot Ha ha ha see you got nine lives baetch go What a useless animal oh Whoa, maybe, I will like taking like nine hits. Holy shoet who knows there’s the third Alright, I guess that’s the fourth all right. That’s number five. What the farck is happening here Alright that’s number six. No way what is this boetch doing alright? That’s number seven All right, that’s number eight I have one more I’m still not dead really what if the cat’s invincible gimme uh? What how am I not dead? I really feel like that should have killed me those other little bumps didn’t actually count Oh, I know smile. Okay, that still has not killed me. I almost like the cat now that useless mother foecker That’s Wow okay? Yeah that did it wait. You can hear the noise of the animal you’re about to become before you eat it Oh shaot, I’m gonna be a cow. I’m calling it. I knew it. I’m a foecking genius. I’m a faocking genius. Oh I’m gonna be blind. I’m gonna be the farcking Cougar whatever the foaeck it is mountain lion. Let’s go come on Yes, fine you baetch. Oh Really the Cougar is weaker than the cat, I think I’m gonna be a dog. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope Xbox go home Xbox self-destruct America

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  3. Mark: Turns into a bunny
    Me: that's the most beautiful thing ive ever seen in my life.
    Mark: gets ran over by a train
    Me: AH HA

    "wait no this is a bald eagle"

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