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GTA5 Online Funny Moments - After Hours Nightclub DLC!

alright guys I decided to open a club alright on this bloody Street that's right and you guys are gonna be a part of it all right Louie you're not we need a bouncer Louie you gonna task trampoline no we have like we need a like a security guard that stands in the front door and just the NIH's entry to any men yeah you gotta make sure everybody's of age all right you got that yes yes exactly like that yeah greet them give us your best greeting that's exactly what we need if anybody comes through the club that doesn't deserve to be inside all right so Louie's the bouncer clearly he's shown us especially with the cigar in his mouth just make sure that you have way more authority and life than you actually do okay like pretend that's your moment okay like you know pretend you're more important than everybody now you can do it no no that's we need we need a hit we need a head bouncer he's the man eliris you're the promoter okay tonight I've gotten plenty of women tonight DJ DJ Moody they snuggle I like it I'm the owner asshole I bought the place oh you're gonna be you're gonna be sitting above watching every might have fun at the bottom okay I get it no I mean I'm gonna make sure you're doing your job and if you're not I'm gonna fire you you work for me oh shit he's just beautiful all right we need to get some better clothes because you haven't changed [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] anything here is you could wear the underwear that's a perfect that one going like that you're not going like that oh fucking shit oh my god there's a fucking DJ booth on top only play music okay we're bringing a street light with us yeah we're here here good morning time go to the club in the daytime no we're early because you know we got to set up it I have to put in a special code to get in I love that sign at the top of our club welcome don't feel like I'm gonna get murdered in here there's a cycle of money food it's somewhere back there just help yourself you have and here's the – alarm yeah who's that guy he's the sound guy oh he was this guy who's just a guy on the phone with light-up shoes yeah he's sitting he's a secondary promoter it's Lazlo it's low yeah the daytime malaria is it's like 10 o'clock in the morning oh it's Tony at nighttime this club will really be crazy fuckin job delirious is in the purpose it's a really cool effect with the smoke machine I don't want to you know so- [Laughter] go to the VIP section this is my room okay my club all right listen up everybody lyrics clearly didn't do his job I do everything we can to fill this club up tonight okay all right let's do it also Louie's make sure there's a long line outside even though there's nobody in the club yeah great we want to fill the club anyone him and then just have a line of outside anybody that's from the computer all right for the job we're gonna go steal somebody from the liquor store I got a job to you sir don't be all the cars we got a I got a alright the last staff member the last staff member is gonna be bartender I believe the way we're showing up to hire these people were like like super rich you know hey get in the car don't ask questions yeah that's how rich people live maybe that's the kind of rich guy delirious [Laughter] that is how I got the two girls into the club earlier at the beach where else would he be busy serving drinks on the beach it's not a he it's a she how dare you just assume his gender map man her gender with serving beers on the beach we down we got a job for you is going so horribly wrong you know it makes sense because the third the third time's a charm right go drive around and we just disappeared yeah got the staff going in I want to feed me bitch so much better than my old staff what just because they don't murder innocent people he left with three people and then he he showed over three new people all right honestly the easiest condition ever in the world and it took us three times okay I have to set up the equipment hey I see the arriving in style hey welcome this is my entrance as yeah royalty-free music go I lent I landed face planted on the desert to get this bus that we totally don't have yeah there definitely wasn't one just right up least we got another free DJ up here that's job security right there help deliver the music equipment to the neck go go go that's a sign that's a sign it's a sign from God sign that you're a bad driver oh look there's a party bus right in front of here – it's alright yeah into the club you got sucked into the club oh shit cutscene what up delirious welcome welcome I see you did your job delirious who doesn't have one poster this uchi I found under a bridge oh nice guy I found him selling crack on the corner nice classic these people I broke out of prison to come you like this music there is holy shit like this music yeah that's right oh damn there's press I got you guys continue I gotta I gotta do some business right now hold on yeah all right everybody listen up I'm inside the club Drake is that all right so if this video gets over 2 million views Drake's gonna perform tonight yeah yeah yeah you want muscles gonna be here too all right you're gonna fly in on a spaceship gonna be awesome Elon Musk oh my god yeah get the get away from me to leer stop dancing so close to me oh oh my god there's a drink up here for fifteen thousand one hundred fifty thousand dollars let me treat this whole damn Chuck dude shit you guys ready yeah check it I'm a penis I did it every night come on [Applause] yeah [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] how hard the car hit his fault he was so far he's all the way down the road not a teddy bear but it's a sad story this is where Wildcats GTA videos went to go die right here okay yeah right here teddy bear it's not a Pringles can for Terrorizer baby bear I'm that good any bears always fighting crime even making people feel better about their channels being deleted oh nice car Darren take it cars I'm not taking their car what do you do you the famous Hollywood star walk look who stars right here it's famous for a very very big reason dear here lies my dick that's your dick yes that was my dick it won an Emmy for best best best dick

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