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GTA5 Online Funny Moments - Lui's Casino Tour! (Diamond Casino and Resort DLC)

oh well we got the bag back so now we have everything we need to get into tubecon of course number one you got our badges number two I got snacks and number three the one and only copy of our music video that I saved on this the hell is that where's the video we are here at the new diamond resort casino we okay yeah we're all in Casino attire get in the line this guy's good time cuz it's gonna start in a minute and 40 seconds condone this kind of betting everything against the Chinese horse over there ching cha alright I'm betting on the yellow sunshine I knew and I got a seven on one chance for the creepy dentist come on I'm rich boy say she's my world motherfuckers I could see no glow he's been winning a lot of chips based on his attire toss them about three million dollars he's like a guy who goes to Dave & Buster's Ben's like stupid ass mask yes you get to play for another 10 minutes I've been here for eight hours that machine do the same thing as mine look at both of ours don't fuck this guy's you know I'm gonna do what a smart person would do what with the magic of editing come on come on big money big money 100 million dollars guys I spent my hundred mil what spent it all on my new prize Evan it matches it matches my gloves couldn't you pick the fucking strawberry you don't wanna get off the slot machine absolutely you guys can't even get off the fucking what are you talking about man we can walk away any time we want wait you got kiss each other you become a homo all right are you ready to see my penthouse I bought with a hundred million dollars sorry about the lemon hood shut the fuck up what's up how you doing yeah yeah yeah yeah I bought it mrs. disco the landmine hey hey where do you come from would you have a naked chuck you broke into my house hey wait who are you who's this guy pink what do you do we got a new magician get the fuck out [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] going off all right a big meeting about that cold paper gotta figure out a new business plan why are you dressed like that cuz I'm ready for war okay life is a battle life is a battle our boys we gotta figure this out monetization is low or no you got my ear is watts oh yeah one monetization is low once we're planning to go to harder that's all I got I just want him to but there's a correlation when uploading monetization went down okay that's true all right secrets on the table what's our product what's our product [Laughter] this guy's using it finally been here for like a year all right listen listen listen listen guys here's the deal we're all gonna put on one color we have to agree on the same color okay max max bet ever since I've been here it's been only red let's go we're going red we're going red this [Laughter] red horse knows shit why the fuck are you in there with your clothes on explain it come on alien boy do you invite your friend who's this it's like a Lego like a Lego car no doesn't and for my next trick delirious I'm gonna cut you in half oh yeah nobody anyway Louie are you even old enough to be in this place huh yeah okay I just want to make sure go look at the back of the house let the window Stevie see me I see a terrorist no now we're more to the right or more to the right oh this window yeah I got Bull room windows bitch nice try yeah yeah it's right rocket proof a little a little more to your left a little more to your left [Laughter] but this year comes boys mr. Schwartz right I notice Oh jeepers that's how I stay I see

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