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Guess That Hidden Talent (GAME) Ft. Rob Riggle

Who has the talent to hide
their hidden talent? Let’s talk about that. ( music playing ) Good mythical morning. Today we’re going to be guessing what disgusting
airplane behavior was caught on camera. Plus, we’ll be explaining
in depth how a coffee table
can kill you. But first, we all have
a secret hidden talent. Mine is singing all the words
to “Shake It Off” wrong. Mine is eating a whole pizza,
then going to sleep. And perhaps you can tell those
talents just by looking at us, but is it always so obvious? We are enlisting the help
of Rob Riggle to see if we can guess
the hidden talents
of strangers. It’s time for… Welcome to
the Clandestine Talent Annex, name subject to change, and please welcome,
from the podcast
“Riggle’s Picks,” Rob Riggle. Welcome to the show, Rob. Thank you.
Glad to be here. What’s your hidden talent? Blaming farts on other people. Oh, yes, that’s special. Conveniently right here. ( imitates passing gas )
Oh, Link! What is… He comes with sound effects,
too. – Oh, terrible.
– It wasn’t me. It was… Everybody saw it, right?
Everybody heard it. It was the dog.
It was the dog. All right, here’s how
this is gonna work. We’re gonna meet five strangers
for the very first time, and they’re gonna tell us their
names but nothing else, and then in each round,
Stevie will announce
a hidden talent, and then we have to guess
which person of the five is hiding this hidden talent, and we will indicate
our answers on these white boards. Now, along the way we can each pick one panelist and either ask him or her
a question or give him or her
a physical assignment in order to then maybe ascertain what
their hidden talent is. We can each do that twice over the course
of the entire game. And then once we’re done, the real person
will reveal themselves by demonstrating
their hidden talent. – All right.
– All right. When this thing is over, the person who wins gets their pick
of Riggle’s Picks. Oh, yes, and they are fine
picks, my friends. What do we have? Well, we have an ice pick,
a hair pick, toothpicks, and, of course, guitar picks. – Wow.
– Electric and acoustic. I don’t think that’s
how it works, Rob. Pretty sure. Let’s do it. Stevie:
Let’s welcome our round-one
talented strangers.
Please introduce yourselves.Hi, I’m J.C. Aloha, Tyrone. Hi, I’m Jack. Hi, I’m Gabriel. Hi, I’m Nakia.One of these people can do
vertical pushups.
Which one is it?So that’s when you stand on your
head and do a push up? Yeah. When you stand on your hands
and do a pushup. Yeah, yeah, right.
Yeah, yeah. Vertical. – Like this. Like a handstand?
– Yes. I mean, this is technically
a vertical pushup. It’s also a raise the roof,
but it’s also– Vertical pushup.
You’ve heard that
in the rap songs. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I’m gonna ask
a question. – Fire away.
– Go for it. – Jack.
– Hi. I’d like to ask you, what you got in your pockets? – Uh, I got–
– Got any loose change
in there? No, I got my keys and
my Chapstick. That’s it. I know where you’re going
with that, and I like it. Can you prove it? Link:
Let me see those keys. Oh, there–
Oh, we got some lip balm. Anybody who’s upside down
doing pushups doesn’t probably load up
their pockets. Am I right? Not a lot in there.
There’s no loose change. No loose change.
That’s the key. – Nobody puts change in
their pockets anymore, guys.
– Pretty tight pockets. When was the last time you
had just, like, a quarter
in your pocket? – I can’t even–
– Cannot remember. Right. But the key and the Chapstick,
though. That would be a problem.
That could go
right in your mouth. Yep. Take an eye out. Okay. That helped me. I’ve got my guess. All right. Okay. I’ve got mine. Stevie:
All right, Rhett,
please reveal your guess.
I think Gabriel can do
a vertical pushup. –Rob.
– Despite the pocket stuff, I still think Jack
is the man. – Link: You think it’s Jack?
– I think it’s Jack. –And Link?
– I think it’s Gabriel, too. I can see the veins bulging out of, like that spot
on the backside of his elbow. I’m glad you specified
where you saw the veins.Will the real person
who can do this hidden talent
please step forward
and demonstrate it?
Yeah! That’s right.
All right, good, man. Wow, he doesn’t even need
a wall. Do you need a spotter?
Oh, my goodness. Oh, goodness gracious. What? – Whoa.
– Two, three… – four, five…
– That’s sick. …six, seven… Don’t kill yourself. – Dang, man.
– Is this a personal best? Whoa, he did ten. Rob:
Well done, sir.
Well done. That is the most talent
that has ever been demonstrated on this set.Will our new person
please introduce herself?
Hi, I’m Hayley. – Hello, Hayley.
– Hello, Hayley.Which one of these peoplecan spin a pillow on their
What? This is a special talent?We’re talking pillow spinnin’.Yeah, it’s a thing.
It’s a thing. Maybe it’s more impressive
than I’m picturing. Okay. Um, should I ask? – Go for it.
– Rhett: Go for it, Rob. – Hello, Hayley.
– Hello. You think she can spin
a pillow. – Are you a carny?
– No. Okay, thank you very much. Have you ev– have you ever thought
about it? Now he’s taking notes. All she said was
she’s not a carny. You didn’t even write anything. Okay, whose hands
have spun pillows? Rob: Yeah. Rhett:
Okay, I got a guess. You got a guess?
I got a guess. Okay.Okay, Rob,
let’s see your guess.
Rhett: J.C. What are you thinking about? I’m trying to figure out
if J.C. means Jesus Christ. ( laughter ) That’s gonna have to be
your second question. We’ll get there.
We’ll get there. All things will be revealed. All things
will be revealed. –Okay, Link.
– Okay, I said Jack. He’s got a pillow-spinnin’ face. Total compliment, Jack.
Total compliment.Then Rhett?I said Nakia because when I began to poke fun
at pillow spinning, – she seemed offended.
All right,will the real pillow spinner
please step forward?
Yeah! It’s in the face. I don’t know.
It’s just– he was happy. Do it, man.
You can do it with any pillow? You didn’t bring
your own pillow? He just grabbed
a random pillow. – Rob: There it is.
– Link: Oh, yeah– Oh! Oh! – ( together ) Oh!
– Link: What? – Okay.
– ( screams ) I take it all back. I take it all back. – That was–
– Witch! Witch! Witch! Will our new, possibly talented
friend please introduce herself? Hi, I’m Krystal. – Hi, Krystal.
– Hello, Krystal.In this round
you’re looking for the person
who can put their headon their own butt.I’m sorry? Uh, I’ll ask a question here. Nakia, if you were to run out
of toilet paper, would you use the back
of your head? – No.
– Man, what a waste. But would you be able to? – No.
Not allowed.( laughs )
Hey, quit policing me. What part of the body
needs to hinge the most in order to get… You have to…
That’s just k– You think it’s that way.
I think it’s this way. – I think it’s this–
– I think it’s– Lay her head– or his head. I think it’s hand stand and the the legs come
over the top. Oh, that’s exactly what it is. – Yeah.
– Yep, you nailed it. And therefore I know
the answer. Okay.Okay, Link, let’s see it.Write down your answer,
man. I am saying with
complete confidence, Krystal? – Okay, Rhett?
– Nakia. Oh, yeah, it’s Nakia. Oh, you guys are
in agreement, huh? – We’re not even…
– In cahoots over there. Well, let’s see somebody touch their head to their butt.Will the real person
step forward
and demonstrate their talent?– Yeah!
– Yeah! – I’m on the board!
– Yeah. All right, now, what do we
need to do to get ready? Just watch. Be amazed. Yeah, I think we just take it
in, Link. Okay? Oh… oh, my goodness. That’s amazing. Oh. – Are you okay?
– I’m great. I hate to do this again,
but witch!Will our new person
please introduce himself?
– I’m Danny.
– Danny.Which one of the people
in front of you
can make a small cat disappear?A small cat. Small cat? Not a big cat. Is a small cat the same thing
as a kitten?No.Oh, okay, so a pygmy cat. Okay, Danny, would you please name three
magicians besides David Blaine
and David Copperfield? – Uh, f…
– Yep. Great question, Link. Doug Henning. Um… – Who?
– Oh, I know Doug.
Doug Henning. Everything’s magical. Blackstone. And Lennart Green. Did you make that name up? No. Never heard of Lennart Green. …Green, yeah, yeah, yeah. But that’s not
a well known magician. – No, it’s not.
– He produced it. It took a second, but he knew
some magicians I did not. ‘Cause I would’ve said
Criss Angel, Penn & Teller, as all three. That’s what I would’ve done.
You know? Because I got nothing
after that. Danny look into cats, though? He looks like a guy
who makes cats go away. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, right. Okay, I got my answer.Okay, Rhett, who can make
that small cat disappear?
The deep cut from Danny. That’s what pushed me
over the edge. Danny. Young man his age shouldn’t
know Doug Henning’s name, and yet he does. ( chuckles )
Yeah. And I agree. Just look at those tassels
hanging from his shirt. That’s magician territory. He’s got a cat in there. He’s got a cat behind him
right now. We all agree, so, Danny,
let’s see that magic. Yeah! That’s a tiny kitty. Oh, that is a little cat. Yeah, very, very small. Tiny kitty. You know, now I remember. I’ve seen that
one place before. Lennart Green.And for this,
the final round,
we have two new people
joining us.
Will you gentlemen
please introduce yourselves?
Hi, I’m Chris. Well, it says Christopher
on your… I go by Chris, but you can call
me Christopher if you like. – Okay.
– You go by Chris,
but you write Christopher. – Yeah.
– The deception’s already begun. I like his style. – I’m Daniel.
– Hi, Daniel. – Hi there.
– Great nametag work there. Yeah it was kind of easy,
but…Which one of these people
can swallow a sword?
– Whoa.
– Yes. Link:
That’s a hard talent
to hide, you know? Once you start swallowing
a sword, people tend to notice. Yeah, absolutely. I’m out of questions.
You both have one. Oh, yeah, yeah. I got a question. Daniel, tell me how much you
like the taste of metal even if you don’t. I don’t really know. Maybe I’ve never tried
any metal. You learn anything? I went this way and that way. Um, all right–
can I ask a question? Yes, please do. Chris…topher, which is mightier,
the pen or the sword? Oh, no. I’m gonna go
with my gut and say the pen. Your gut, huh? ( laughter ) Yeah! You got me. – All right.
– Man. Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah… Okay. Got it.Okay, Rob,
let’s see your answer.
Well, it was down to two,
but I had to choose, and I went with my gut. What? –Okay, Link?
– I believe it is Daniel. And Rhett? Wild card, Hayley.All right, will the real sword
swallower please step forward?
– Oh!
– Oh, no! I had it narrowed
down to those two. I thought it was
one of the ladies. Dang it. Link: Krystal, are you gonna
swallow that sword? Rob: Focus.
Do what you gotta do. Oh, she gotta lube it up. Rob: Good Lord. Oh! Get that sword on the table. ( tings ) Yeah, that’s a real sword. It’s real saliva,
too. Yep, okay. Okay, well,
it looks like Link– Krystal with a K! Hiding the sword. Well done.
Well done. Link, we tied.
That means– – We each get to pick.
– Rob, we get the picks. Oh, hey, good deal.
And there’s a lot of them– ( screams ) He was a witch! Witch! That’s where the cat–
He had a cat. Hold on.
He didn’t even move. Oh, my gosh. I’m gonna take this. I’m gonna take one of these
electric guitar picks. You know how I roll. All right, thanks again
to Rob Riggle. You can listen to his new
episodes of “Riggle’s Picks” with Rob Riggle and Sarah Tiana every Thursday at, the podcastone app or Apple podcasts. And stick around to find out if a coffee table can actually
kill you. Spoiler alert– it can. Rhett:Don’t get down,because we’re going down underWe’re taking
the Tour of Mythicality
to Australia in July.Get tickets and details
on the VIP package

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