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Gujarati Bhasha | Gujarati Stand-Up Comedy by Manan Desai

There are a lot of things I like about Gujaratis…
and there’s something I would like to share… I think Gujaratis are the best people in the world Clap if you agree… Yes? *Self-indulgent Gujaratis enjoying a subtle pride plug-in* Gujarati Language has a fun element which no other language has… English as a language is just meant for simple communication… *Interruption* In English Language humor… Da Faq was that ? To Audience Member – You’re giving an affirmation in the middle of my joke… *Pathetic Imitation of the Audience Member* *Points out to other audience member who had interrupted earlier which has no context to this video* *Too much diversion* *Realizes and gets back to the set* *Repeats* Gujarati language has the fun element which no other language has… Gujarati Language has that emotion which is really entertaining… If you look at any other language.. It has limited words for Affirmation. Like Yes (Hindi), Yes, Yo, Yup, Yes (Repeats).. That’s it.. There’s nothing much to it. But in Gujarati Language there are layers of affirmations Yes!
Yes *In a different dialect* Yes *One more dialect* Yes *You guessed it.. One More Dialect* *This joke is not that funny in subtitles* Mother of it all… *Sound for Affirmation* Whenever my mom gets a phone call at home..
She has an entire conversation with just this sound… *Okay.. Can stop now…* *Indulging too much* And then she keeps down the phone…
I asked what did you say towards the end? Mom : I said ‘Praise the Lord’ She said ‘Praise the Lord’ by making a stupid sound… My Mom is pretty amazing! *Worst segue ever* Gujarati language has the best comeback word… No matter how much a person is showing off… Just say this… Is it? *Told you.. Subtitles ain’t that funny* Any freaking person who is showing off… I bought a new Audi car for myself… Is it? *Imitates the PM of India* – Friends! We are demonetizing to erradicate black money… Is it? *Audience Participation* We will hoard new currency notes…
Gujaratis will never get affected by such schemes… *Affirmation with an Applause Break* Gujaratis are the best x 2
*Again a pathetic segue* *Uninvited Audience Participation* We have one more contender Just like the other audience member you also gave me an affirmation in the middle of my routine… *Realizes to not get distracted again* But I was talking about my Mom…
My Mom is a VERY Gujarati Mother… She is very particularly Gujarati Mother and… …She has only one question about my life…
Did I eat or not? I called her up and told her I have reached Bombay…
I have a show today at Canvas Laugh Club… She’s like “Did you eat, Beta?” Once I was at the police station registering a report… I had met with an accident… I was like “Mom, can’t speak right now… I am in a police station for a serious matter” Mom was like “Did you eat Beta?” x 2 After my wedding’s first night she asked me… “Did you eat?” I was like “I ate all night.. Now hang up” *Audience Brain : Sex Jokes are the best* My Mom is hilarious… I like my mom because she is so innocent at times You know.. Before I was a comedian..
I was a Radio Jockey! and before that… I use to work at a call centre… So when I used to work for a call centre… I used to collect for bad cheques from Americans… Basically at that time, people used to write a lot of cheques… A person goes to McDonalds… Writes a 2 Dollar cheque.
Cheque bounces & I have to collect for it from Baroda… I used to call white people at 4 in the morning and collect for bad cheques… I had mugged up English Language with an accent… Hi ! This is Matt Dessel *Pseudo Name*
I am calling in from Encircle Cheque Collections
I am calling in regards to one of your cheques… …Cheque number 345 written from your
Wells Fargo Bank account ..Now I assume this was an honest mistake and is something you would need to take care of… *Few Audience Members – Are we supposed to clap?* The person from the other side asked me…. Are you Gujarati? Now my boss had given me an instruction…
No matter what happens- -you have to always talk in English with the customer… So I was like.. “No Sir I am an American Indian, currently located in Miami, Florida” Is it? “So tell me Matt Brother, how is weather in
Miami, Florida?” I am sitting in Baroda! How would I know the weather in Miami, Florida?! So I bluffed.. Yeah Sir it’s a little windy out here… You Dick! Hang up!!! and he cut the call… For the first time I felt bad for not being able to speak in Gujarati, and it was suffocating so I left the job… But my mom was really proud of my job… The first job that I had of a call centre executive.. She used to proudly go and tell everyone in my family and neighborhood… MY Son!! Earns 6000 INR… CALLBOY!! Mine My Own When I used to get marriage proposals, she used to tell them too.. “My son earns 6000 Rupees.. Callboy” No! I am just kidding… I didn’t get any marriage proposals *Reflects & Regrets the past* Click on the Bell Icon to get all our notifications and select “ALL” from the options.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha
    Ela dosto tame badha shu khay ne stage par aavo chho
    Janta chho baki
    Can't stop laughing

  2. Bhai aic and aib karta Gujarati comedy factory jordar chhe karan ke kunal kamra ane tanmay bhatt bhagvano nu apman Kare laugh club ma freedom speech hoy bollvani pan naxali reet thi nai pan tame loko bov sambhadi ne bolo maja aave

  3. મનન ભાઈ તમે ગુજરાત નું ગૌરવ છો અમારા માટે, ભલે તમે કોઈ પણ વિષય ઉપર બોલો પણ સાંભળવા ની મજા જ કાંઈ અલગ હોય છે અને મારા પ્રમાણે હસવું એ કોઈ મોટી વાત નથી, પણ કોઈ ને હસાવવું એ ખુબ જ અઘરું કામ છે જે તમે ખૂબ જ સહેલાઇ થી કરી શકો છો.

  4. Why the fuck do you speak in Gujrati ? If you wanna then what's the point in sharing it ? Coz most people can't understand that.

  5. Bhai pleas 1 Request 6e Palitana Giriraj save video banavone Helpe kro ek jain Gujarati samajni bcz tmara frnds folover saru amara Tirth ne bachava sahay thse Please

  6. આશુ એક જાતનો લબાડ વ્યંગ છે કે ગુજરાતી જોક ઉપર બધા ઇંગ્લિશમાં કોમેન્ટ કરે છે😏

  7. I am born to gujrati &i am also liv in gujrat state in amdavad siti , then i am so proud fully happily , enjoyable life with my sweet family , so i very lucky person in the word . ame lehry lala.💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝,💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  8. Tamare majak karvi hoy to karo pan potani mummy vise to saru bol , aava sanskar apya che ke jene janam apyo e tamari care kare che and tame j emni maskari karo cho, idiot

  9. લાગી રહ્યો છે નેતા ને દેશભક્તિ નો રંગ,
    એવું લાગે છે – જાણે ચૂંટણી આવે છે!
    સંપૂર્ણ કવિતા માટે => ​​​


    Desh Ki Awaz is out now! Desh Aapse kuch Kenna chahta hai! Kya aap sun rahe ho?


  11. bhai gujrati bhasha mnne b bhot saras lage h.. lekin tu pura comedy gujrati me kr k jo hutiyapa diya ne.. to baki kya fuddu smzenge

  12. You rock Manan Desai😁😁👏👏👏👏last cmt jordar hati mare manga nata aavta😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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