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Gummy Bear Show S2 E19 “CRACK A SMILE” Gummibär And Friends

Welcome to The Gummy Bear Show! Season 2 Episode 19
‘Crack a Smile’ 22…23…24…25! Here I come! Ready or not! Gummy I found you again Ne ne! Try again Harry This is too easy Gummy You have to really hide I do really hide Gummy! You never listen Wait…what? I wasn’t listening Ughhhhh Aw come on. How about I count you hide? Ha ha found you! OW! How’d you do that? Toenail polish Lookie lookie! Maybe he wants to play too Impossible my dear Gummy. That is a statue. Nuh-uh it’s a copper guy who sits very very still See? Solid. And there was a bird on its head WANGA! His foot fell asleep and it spread. And who doesn’t like animals? Wati wu! How’s the wife and kids? Gummy he’s metal! Nuh-uh he’s reading. I’ll show you Fred. Fred? May I call you Fred? If you are truly reading please ignore the following MAGOO! See? Seriously? That is defying the laws of physicals and logic I shall prove to you Fred is as real as you or me. Well me at least. Ughhhh *DOOR BELL RING* Howdy Mr. Kronk. Want to meet Fred? Get that hunk of junk off my clean carpet! Hunk of forst. Fred hates insults Fred can’t hear them because… HE’S A STATUE! See? Two against one He can’t hear because he’s slightly deaf. That’s all Deaf? Handicaps are not a crime Mr. Kronk.
Ask my ingrown toenail ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Is he fake is he real? ♫ ♫ He could be made of steel ♫ ♫ He looks like just a statue ♫ ♫ Pretends like he can’t feel ♫ ♫ I whisper in his ear ♫ ♫ He’s acting kind of shy ♫ ♫ Even when I tickle him he never cracks a smile ♫ ♫ I try to make him laugh he doesn’t say a thing ♫ ♫ He doesn’t even move his lips when I try to make him sing ♫ ♫ Crack a smile my friend ♫ Don’t be shy my friend ♫ ♫ Let me cheer you up ♫ Crack a smile ♫ ♫ You seem kind of tense ♫ Can’t we just be friends? ♫ ♫ We could have some fun ♫ Crack a smile ♫ ♫ Crack a smile my friend ♫ Don’t be shy my friend ♫ ♫ Let me cheer you up ♫ Crack a smile ♫ ♫ You seem kind of tense ♫ Can’t we just be friends? ♫ ♫ We could have some fun ♫ Crack a smile ♫ ♫ Crack a smile my friend ♫ Don’t be shy my friend ♫ ♫ Let me cheer you up ♫ Crack a smile ♫ My pristine living space! RAHHHHHH And stay out! Pa-poozie! We go elsewhere Alright little atoms. Don’t go nuclear while I’m gone I just cleaned up in here Gracious! What’s going on in here? Gummy is trying to prove that this statue is a real person by teaching him to play checkers And I happen to have a checkerboard – is that it? Yup! Gummy… Sweetie-pie. Listen carefully Your plan is noble but totally wrong So is yodeling Yodel-odel-odel-odel-odel And yet the Swiss still do it If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right Enough! Would you please take your argument to another part of the building or perhaps another city Sure but Fred only has one move left and he can’t decide what to do OK how about this? King me baby! Wanna play again? Kala will you please settle an argument? Yes good idea Tell this cotton headed gherkin that Fred here is not human Gummy – you’re a relatively not too stupid guy Thanks! I want you to please examine Fred for me as I do this Any conclusions? Hmm B-flat Ugh listen carefully Fred is a cold, dull, solid metal statue No brains, no feelings, no soul Kaput! Then why is he so hungry – huh? Answer me that It’s good isn’t it Fred? This also comes in grape and snozzberry He’s lost his tiny mind Did you buy this online? Harry – we need to convince Gummy that his pal is a useless inanimate object But Kala that’s what I’ve been trying to do all day Nothing I’ve said has slipped once ounce of logic into his brain OK time for Plan B If you can’t beat ’em join ’em Yup that’s a real guy alright You win Gummy! 100 Points for your team Fred is a real person See? I told you! Now was that so hard? My work here is done See you around Fred I’ve got some double fudge brownie fumes to sniff Shabba-doo! Wow it worked? All we had to do was agree with him? See ya around Fred! Well that’s that. Let’s get on with our lives Wow I never thought I was gonna get out of there This being a statue is really for the birds Shoo! Shoo! Go away!

54 thoughts on “Gummy Bear Show S2 E19 “CRACK A SMILE” Gummibär And Friends

  1. I love you Gummy Bear 💚 Could you see an Instagram message from @robakklemens? Please, I care very much about it. I count on you 😁

  2. gummibär, when can you release nuki nuki instrumental? Everyone would LOVE to sing the most 2nd popular song in your channel!

  3. Gummy Bear plis gummy shark im blue and i am bear spanish
    (GOMINOLA por favor gummy shark,im blue y i am bear en español)

  4. My wish for 2020 is that you already take out gummy bear show in Spanish (but Latin American Spanish), and that it appears on TV

    Psdta: and that you make a collaboration with another virtual singer

  5. A propaganda do seu foi ótima mas eu não posso ter ter sete anos eu tenho sete anos então pode ficar

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