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Gurkha Latest Movie Comedy Scenes | Yogi Babu | Anandaraj | Ravi Mariya | Manobala | Charle

Thyagu, I found the person
who made us tensed. There is something more
than his life. If he hear the screamings,
he will come on his own. Hey, joker! Tell me. I’m aware for whose sake
are you doing this. If you don’t come here in one minutes. Your life will not be alive. Get lost.
Do anything you want. I feel sleepy. Lost, everything is lost. What that foreign girl did to you? Babu, are you stone hearted? You must be there to save
your love lady. – Bolt!
– Yeah. They haven’t done anything
to Margaret. Then, who was banged? Your life! If you’re thrashed,
he’ll come out. Tell me, where is your guy? Why are you hitting me? Your liver will be damaged. If we got you,
he’ll come out. Hey goof,
I doesn’t know about him. Then, what it means? This is not me. It’s graphics. Someone did the morphing. Are you telling lies? – I’m not lying.
– Breathe no more. Sir, I consciously told lie. My head brought me up like that. I ask you for apology. Those who speak against
them will be said as anti-Indian. When the real anti-Indian bangs them,
they’ll fall on the foot. Bolt, to find out the bomb… Babu should get surrendered. Babu. are you going to get caught
on your own? Why should I get caught? For them, you’re Babu! You get surrendered. A musical line from the film,”Karnaa” Ranji! Lord…Lord… What? Tell me clearly. Where is my life? Oh, are you asking about my devotee? He was banged. Banged? My life! My life! Who are you? Don’t you know me? No. Open the eyes and see me. It’s not an ordinary photo. I’ll never forget this in my life. I too can’t forget that photo. Whenever there is a lag in the screenplay,
an old villan enters. Don’t know which lunatic
will come now. The music will also be played. Welcome, sir. – Hi,
– I’m Chandhu. I’m Alex. Call that guy. Whatever it is, talk to me.
I’m the negotiator. Okay, who are you? I’m Shaktimaan. Hiding your bones in the attire,
telling as Shaktimaan. He is the next lunatic. Do you know
what is meant by bomb? Which is blasted for Diwali, right? You… Hit me this side,
only then I’ll get the balance. ‘RDX…’ If it explodes, even 100 grams
of bones does not last. Hello!
– Hello! I’m ‘RDX’ speaking. ‘RDX’ means. Which we blast for Diwali, right? I’m the head of ‘bomb squad’, speaking. ‘RDX’ Alex. You aren’t going to do a simple job,
it’s an era! That film was a flop.
Why unneceesary talks, come to the point. Don’t panic,
as it was a plastic explosive. If you follow my instructions,
it’s not a bomb just bun-butter-jam. You got my point? Are you a bomb squad? Else, a bakery seller? Speak the point staright away. – My dear child.
– Tell me, father. I’ll send the bomb detector. Do you need anything else, important? – Yeah, I need.
– Tell me. You do one thing. – Take a bike, go to Vadapalani.
– Okay. – There is a police station, right?
– Yes, the DC is there, tell me. There is a bakery next
to the police station. RDX, a woman’s sounds are heard. After going there? There the bun-butter-jam
tastes excellent. The bun cut in the mid
and oil is poured to melt down… Buy three pieces of it. – And straight away…
– Must come to the mall? No, not to the mall. A guy will be selling ‘sweet beeda’
before the ‘Hotel Vasantha Bhavan’. He is a Rajasthan guy. Buy three beedas and
straight away come here… … and send me a signal. I’ll send you the instrument from third floor. Send everything, immediately. Give the bill to the police. Okay? He is dare to ask for bun-butter-jam,
instead of taking the bomb. No, sir.
It’ll taste good. You too place an order. Bun-butter-jam… For your bones…
See there. Is he a gurkha? He has frizzy tress, instead of face. And you’ve given him a job. He is giving a smiling pose too. You too look like old Parotta flour. Hey, ‘RDX’ Alex. We shouldn’t be afraid of terroists. …but you’ve to afraid for this guy. My five years child… Sir, as we can’t go inside,
to collect the bomb detector… …he said, he’ll send an equipment. As he is in third floor, I think he might
send helicam like high equipment. Is it? Damn it. What’s this? He is threatening a bomb disposer
with a milk bag. Send it. We’ve to send metal detectors for lunatics. Sir, the bag is not going up. How will it go? – Did you keep what he asked?
– What’s that, sir? Keep the bun-butter-jam
and see how it goes. Don’t scratch. Keep it soon. See, how it goes. He must be extremely hungry. – Hello, my child.
– Tell me, father. Have you ate the bread? Ate and had a nap. I’m saying in my ten years of experience,
the bomb will be kept only in the toy shop. The toy shop is in the second floor.
Go there, immediately. – No, I’m in the third floor.
– So? There is no A.C in the second floor,
so I’m going to third floor. What now? Tell me, if there is any job
in third floor. I’ll do it. If not here, I’ll think and tell you
whether to come to the second floor. Search it. A musical line from the film the,”3″ My child! Tell me, father. According to the bomb detector,
If the signal is green, you’re safe. If the signal is red,
you’re close to the bomb. If it signals the pink light? Pink light? – Is there a pink light?
– Nothing like that, sir Nothing like that. Hey, lunatic… If you asked me,
I would’ve told myself… …as there is no pink color. RDX, I just checked whether
you’re credible or deceptive? Did you understand? Babu, the life of the public
is in your hands. Did you find the bomb? Won’t I give it, If I find? Sir, I’ve found out. Superb! very good. It’s superb, sir.
But it costs Rs.800, along with GST. – How the public will buy it?
– Which one? Snake and ladders game! – Babu!
– Tell me. You’ve to find the bomb. You’ve to find the bomb. Sorry, sir. – Sir!
– My child, why are you getting emotional? – Sir, I was fond of that from my childhood.
– What’s that? – No one bought me, sir.
– What’s that? – A child’s rattle, sir.
– Oh, no! Everything has expired,
they are cheating by cleaning it up. My child, there is some noise.
anything serious? I’m eating snacks. I’m working for you seriously,
shouldn’t I eat snacks? Eat well, the shop is your’s. But, search for the bomb too. What, brother? RDX, my brother found it. Come on. We’ll show him, who we’re! Come on, brother. – Brother!
– Go. Have you sent his brother? Sir, it’s a dog! Is the dog inside? Hey! Yes. Is that dog too inside? Both of you’re the same.
Wastrels. Good! Good! It’s a crazy dog. ‘Undertaker’ Come on, undertaker. Come on. You can do this. – Go…go…
– Come on. The whole Tamil Nadu is waiting
for us, outside. Come on, we’ll find out. We must show them
who we’re! Go…go… Come on! Search! RDX, I found it. RDX, a big shot! He let the pigeon to fly. Everyone, clap. We found the bomb. Your dog is superb. How you found it, babu? I asked you for bun-butter-jam. Yeah! – I ate it, isn’t it?
– Yeah. My brother became tired
after going around the mall. Yes, pity him. I just found he is hungry. Where is the bomb? Hey, is the bomb important now? My brother’s hunger is important. Eat everything, let’s see. All my education was wasted. What we’re going to do now is… We’ll do the kundalini yoga, elate
and escape. What we’ve to do for it?
Kundalini jump. Let’s do it. One…two..three…four… Kundalani jump… Come on, do it. Kundalani jump… Come on. Jump. Come on, women. Jump. Jump. Jump. Kundalani jump…

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