Laughter is the Best Medicine

Gurkha Movie | Full Comedy Scene | Part 2 | Yogi Babu | Elyssa | Ravi Mariya | Devadarshini

The familiar mall in Chennai is
hijacked by the terrorists. Usually, the people will be hijacked. But, here the mall is hijacked. Didn’t you watch the English films? The terrorists will hijack only the malls. That’s their style. Look at the fun. It looks like our mall. It’s our mall, only. Among the hostages caught inside,
the American ambassador is also there. The terrorists are yet
to reveal their demands. Hey Bolt! My love lady was caught inside. Babu! It’s the right time. Immediately we’ll tie the rope and
will exit towards the back door. Hey senseless, my love lady
was caught inside. You’re saying that we’ll
escape tying the rope. Ten thousand lives are
there with belief on us. What are you saying, Babu? It’s you who told that all the people
who come here are your life. Did I say so? Aren’t you ashamed to escape
being born in this country? Have you seen the film, ‘Agni IPS’? I saw in this TV. That’s why you didn’t feel it’s energy. I’ll elate the energy now. Bolt! You must show your strength to the guy
who hit and pushed you out. – Are you ready?
– Ready. Good! Everyone is going to witness
who is this Hussian bolt. Come on, babu Let’s attack I was tired as you spoke with me. The antagonist in the mall is powerful. How perfect we do will result in fault. The way he did unexpectedly,
we too should do the same. What to do, Babu? I’ll tell you. Come on. Why are giving key to the watch? What plan Babu? This world have seen both
of us as comedians. Just see, how the perspective on us
changes after this. Cant understand? Who is he laughing at? I’m waiting. Thiyagu, we’ve only ten walkie- talkies. Now, the eleventh frequency is switched on. Everyone switch off your walkie-talkie. Now play it. Thiyagu, I feel something is wrong. Who is he? Sir, a roaring sound of
an animal is heard. Goof! The way he did unexpectedly,
we too should do the same. But, at the moment of tension,
the Chinese will do one thing. Power nap… Sleeping for minutes to relax the mind. I’m giving the entry. Babu! Shall we start the mission? Many lives are awaiting
for us to save. Okay, how long will it take
to finish the mission? We both can finish it
in three hours twenty minutes. If our concentration doesn’t shatter. Right, if our concentration
shouldn’t shatter… …it’s not enough to be clear
only in mind, Even the stomach should be clear. Fabulous, Babu! I’ll finish this duty and
go ahead of that. Intense planning, Babu. We’ll make them die. Why did you put a hole in this? Babu, you look handsome
even in toilet. Damn it. Shut your mouth. Babu, we’ll go. Wait for two minutes. Stay there. No, Babu. Be quiet. Stay there. We thought that hijacking
the mall is too tough. But the securities here are stupid. Babu, they comment bad
about our job. Be quiet. Else, they might shoot. Listen me. The securities are old people. That’s why, it was easy to hijack. Babu, they’re speaking bad
about my age. I can’t control myself. He too. Bolt, listen to me. They’ll shoot you. Be quiet. None of the security is inside. Only four oldsters are there.
We ousted them. No one is there. Though they’re here, they might be
hiding somewhere in the washroom. Cowards! Hey! Where are you going? Whom you said as cowards? My brother, ‘lion Babu’
is in this washroom. Our dog, ‘undertaker’ is there. Come over us, if you’ve courage. Come on. Got caught? Boss, don’t shoot me for
the words of the oldey. I’m youngster, still. Only my tress is more,
not my age. Please, don’t shoot. I’ll not leave you. – I’ll kill you.
– No, sir. Oh, no! Ungrateful dog! Instead of saving me,
are you hiding behind the door? Get lost. Babu! I’m suppressing for a long time. I can’t. Shall we visit the washroom again? Hey! I’ll bang you. I’m standing before
the hijacked,’Madras Mall’. The Chennai City Commissioner Mr. Dhanraj,
has come to the mall accepting… … the demands of the terrorists. The situation is tense here. Let’s see, what’s the next action
of the police. No one can enter from
the neighbouring buildings, right? Are the drones are in position? Be alert, guys! Just stand. Shouldn’t move still I call. Hi, sir. Is it him? He’ll kill by shouting. Sir, I’m ‘duty bound, Harris Jayaraj’. I’m sincere and serious
but you aren’t panic. Sir, Thoothukudi boys are here. Shall I call them? We can finish the job smoothly. Order now, sir. Be quiet. Let’s ask their demands, first. Then we’ll decide about shooting. It’s an old formula.
Is it a walkie-talkie? Speak now. Speak. I’m the City Commissioner, Dhanraj. Tell me, what are your demands? I must know the situation
of the hostages. They didn’t respect. Sir, give the order. We’ll shoot them and go. – It’s waste
– How if you stay silent? Only we can negotiate
if known about your demands. They didn’t respect. Shameless! Pass the order, sir.
one second. Only once. Pass the order, sir. Boys are waiting, sir. – Okay.
– Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. Boys, come on. Hurry up. These are my yellow boys, sir. Why are they wearing T-shirts
when on duty? Sir, we wear each colour
for every operatiom. Except the white. Because, the public will think
of us as doctors. They’re also my boys. Harris, a big shot! Hey, why is he climbing
on the van? I’m ready for shoot out, sir. That’s habitual, sir. If they see the van
they’ll climb, sir. Instead, they’ll shoot the public. They’ll shoot. Pass the order, sir. Don’t shout. Press people are there. Boys, wait. Guys, damn sure your guns have work. – Be confident.
– Don’t shout. Be quiet for sometime. I’m already quiet. He might’ve born for walkie-talkie. Hello, we can’t be patient, henceforth. If you don’t reply, no other way
except the shooting order. Yeah, plead kneeling down to him. Can you hear me? No way except the shooting order. – They keep talking and not listening.
– Can you hear me? Hey, a person is shouting there
but you aren’t saying about your demands. Hello! Do you know whose wife I’m? Give me the order. Okay, go ahead. Thank you so much, sir. Boys, come fast. Give the gun. Shoot them. Harris! The casualties must be minimal. Sir, to save hundred people,
it’s okay to kill ten people. 1:10…the Government will
not bother, leave it. Take the guns. The hands are itching. Tell me, Kalyani. Shoot without getting confused. I want the photo in the daily, that’s all. What are you saying? Get lost. Abort the operation. Why are you saying to
abort the operation? Don’t you like us getting an award? Not only the public… … even my wife is inside. Is it? Tell me, sir. I’ll go and hit, immediately. What? No, sir. I’ll bang the abductor of your wife. Abort the operation. Why should we abort the operation? What do we say
when taking the oath? What do you say? What do we say
when taking the oath? We’ll never leave our duty
for the sake of Kith and kin. For the sake of your wife,
you want to leave our duty. Don’t shout,
my ears are getting hurt. My heart is heavy, sir. Why is he shouting? Will he watch director Hari’s films? Gayathri, I’m in an important operation. I’ll come in half an hour. Don’t come, dear. I’m your husband,
who will come other than me? Myself and Karunakaran
came to watch the film in the mall. We were cheated by the Rs. 5000 offer. The terrorists are threatening
with the guns. I’m afraid. Rs.5000 offer! If she had asked me
the money, I would’ve sent her immediately
by the app in my cell phone. Greedy of the offer given by someone
and taken as hostage, She is pleading to save, now. How to save you? Get lost. There isn’t shoot out, sir? My wife is blabbering there. You ask for the shoot out. Commissioner sir, shall we talk
about the demands now? An account number will be displayed
in the screen, out of the mall. In ten minutes, Rs.10,000
should be deposited in that account. Rs.10,000! How much? Rs.10,000 from the account of the
Government officials. I’ll repeat, Rs.10,000 from
your Government officials account. Your time starts now. Sir, he said as Rs.10,000, right? Yes. Sir, what’s this? That’s my daughter’s popcorn expense. He must be a psycho. We would’ve given
if he asked for ten lakhs also. But, just Rs.10,000. Okay, wait. Fine, give them my ATM card. Let them swipe it. It has limit of Rs.50,000. It has to be done officially
from the Government account. What’s that official? Give immediately to the Chief secretary. You’re talking to those
who disrespect you. Shut up. Hello, just a minute. Sir, from which funds to allocate
the money? Was it a huge money? Give it from the party’s fund. Sir, the terrorists will hack the account
and will swindle the entire money. Oh, no! What to do now? Sir, shall we open a new account? It’s good to connect
the Central finance minister. Hello. No response from the Government
after six minutes… …for their demand of Rs.10,000. Only four minutes left! If the PM issues order,
I can release the money. Good! we don’t know each
other’s languages. What to do now? Hey, Rs.10,000 What? Rs.10,000. Even if it’s just Rs. 10,000,
I can give only by the order of the PM. Should I ask the PM for money? Shall we ask the PM of Canada? He looks like actor, Aravind swami. He might give. Bolt, take the walkie-talkie. Thyagu, the eleventh frequency
is still on activation. (Devotional song) Praise Lord Muruga! No one can do us anything
till the spiritual politics exists. Hey, monkey cap… I’ll pray to the lord and kill you. Hey, hit me straight
if you’re dare enough. If you dare, take away
the cap and come out. Hey, you don’t know who am I? That’s why, I told you to
remove your cap. okay, I’ll make sure that
you’ll never see sunshine again. – Could you understand?
– No Then, why did you speak in English? Speak in Tamil. I won’t spare you. Could you understand? Hey, catch me if you can. What’s this? Only nine lakh rupees was
deposited in an hour. Sir, that money wasn’t deposited
by the public. I begged everyone in our department. The money will not get
deposited, hereafter. My dear son and Gayathri
will be killed. Your carelessness. Hey! Be no more! What’s your security services name? What’s the name? ‘Shaktimaan’. You look like the music director,
Anirudh’s uncle. ‘Shaktimaan’. Hey, leave it. Bolt, as he wasn’t near,
I told punch dialogues. I’m afraid he might do anything. No use of being afraid. We both can’t do anything. See, I’ll call now. He can’t communicate now. If he speaks on walkie-talkie,
we can find out by frequency. The jammer is still on . They can’t speak on the phone. Babu, there is no signal on the phone. The terrorists have used jammer. We lost our hope. See now. It’s my grandfather’s phone. If it’s taken even to Himalayas
by Rajini sir, it’ll have signal. Grandpa, you never gave me
anything so far. Will you give the signal? Grandpa! Surprised! Babu! Hello, Mr.Kavariman. Are you inside? Don’t blabber. Irritating me. A guy from Shaktimaan
security service is inside. Sir! Hey constable. Sir. Get me an apple juice. Okay, sir. Babu… We’ve to save everyone here. First, save yourself. Give the phone to someone nearby. Give me the phone. Will you speak only to me? Hey goof, give the phone to
someone who is good. Sir, he’ll speak only to me. Because, only we know the entirety
of the mall. Ask him about the status inside,
instead you’re speaking something else. Idiot. Cool, sir! Babu, how many people are there,
what weapons do they’ve? As they’re wearing the masks
we couldn’t identify them. Send us a photo in order
to identify them. Hey, Palmyra tuber. Are we here for wedding? We’re trapped by terrorists. You’re asking for photos. Give the phone to someone. Okay, you call later. Shaktimaan sir, if can’t get the photo
of the terrorist… …please, show me the photo
of your security. I’ll touch his feet
if you show his photo. Please, show me. You’ll faint, if you see him. My life is stuck there,
is fainting an issue? Please, show me. Then, look here. Look at the beauty. Is he, really? Yeah, he is. It’s over. Sir! The terrorists may leave
if given money. But, he won’t. We’ve planned and abducted
these people. Where are those ten VIPs
who trapped on their own? Here, they’re. – You’re an anti-Indian.
– Shut your mouth. We’ll make our Tamil Nadu blossom. I’ll tear the mouth. By blowing air,
we’ll make it to blossom. – Shut your mouth.
– Okay, sir. How to do Ranjitha? – Okay, swamiji.
– See there, what is he doing? Hey, what are you doing? How dare you touch him? Wow! How they speech? Hey, are you telecast
that swamiji video? Hey! This is a real gun! I’m sorry. I just came to buy the film rights. Hereafter, I’ll not come even to watch. Everything is okay. Who is the last ticket? It’s he wearing the blue shirt. Oh, no! Is he? Welcome to Tamil The film I came to watch is ‘Baahubali’ When looking at the
incidents they resemble the hijackers in the
film “Die hard” Let’s wait and see,
from where did they stole the story. (Islamic devotional song) Hey gorilla, I got the blessings from Allah. You’ll be panicked. I’m coming out, now. Catch me, if you’re courageous. “Dialogue used in the film Baahubali” Damn it. Bolt! – Yeah,
– They think only I’m here. Yes. Don’t call me as Babu, from today. Why, Babu? That is, Bahadur Babu! Sir, he came out. Going inside the toy store
in the second floor. “It’s not the game playing
with you and me” “You’ll run away if caught in trap” “Not a person to abduct with plans” “I’m not bothered
about pack of jackals” Hey, you got caught. Sir, he is an oldey, who tensed us. What to do with him? Finish him. We struggled to hijack,
you dare to tense us? You oldey. Hey, was it a gun or feeding bottle? You’re keeping that in mouth? “I’m the champ and the paladin,
don’t bother me” “Don’t blow the conk
which doesn’t have life” If you go that way,
I’ll yell lewd at you. “Don’t blow the conk
which doesn’t have life” He listens to the dolls. Must be lunatic. Hey, turn aside. Get it. Is it done? It’s done. Two opening batsmen in
your team was done. Thyagu, now he is walking
in the second floor. Send the drones close to him. Hey half baked,
my flying squad is coming now. “You try to elevate threatening
with gun and girl” “You’re playing game with me” “You search after letting me to run” “I’ll get trapped and unite with you” You were roaming
without my knowledge. Now all my eyes are on you. What are you going to do, joker? I’ll escape, you dobber. You hijacked the mall
with these bats, right? I’ll pierce your eyes out. I’ll destroy your technology
with my blackmagic. Thyagu, this goof is saying,
he’ll destroy our technology by witchcraft. Thyagu, he is doing something. Thyagu! Hey Thyagu! he is doing something
more than the human power. Hey, goof by birth. Hey lunatic, I’m the witchcraft. Oh, no! “You scrolled and intimidated,
sculptured and frightened me” “Don’t chase me forward…” If I don’t break it,
our people will thrash. It’s too height. Let me try. “Stop and hold me…” “Don’t make my worth
to weigh less” Babu, save me. I can’t hit it. Sorry, I can’t hit. What? To them, it was me
who made tensed. They’ll pound me. Save me, Babu. Undertaker! Come on. Lazy dog. Will you come in 48 frames? Come soon. Hey, waste of your drones. If you’ve a family, run away. Else… My mouth hurts,
shall I speak later? What? Are all the cameras broken? Ranju, what happened to Pappu? He started celebrating,
all of the sudden. He doesn’t like cameras. He is happy as it was broken. What? – Come on baby.
– Was the camera broken? Nobody need to deposit the money. Just now, god spoke to me
by telepathy. His power will be beatified,
vanish from the mall and reach here. Doesn’t it seem to be superfluous
for you? This is the right chance for me
to occupy his position. Let him die there. Bolt, have you sent the doll? Yes, it had reached the police too. Bolt, shall we tease the joker? – Definitely.
– See now. Thyagu, NSG commandos might’ve started. Only two hours left. We’ll finish this mission… …and leave this place
before the police identify us. Before they get our details… …we will leave this country. They can’t find even our name. Thyagu! It’s over! He has finished our story. He took a photo. Only you’re visible.
My face is not seen. “Ask and it’ll be given to you
Seek and you’ll find” “Knock the door,
it’ll be opened for you”. Even Lord Jesus will give only when asked. But, you posed without asking. Are you getting frustrated? You abducted my life. You’ll see the hell, hereafter. Move a little. It was you who leaked out
my video, isn’t it? Is that important now? The urban naxals, in my office… …my emploees, do you know
what they’ll be doing now? Must be celebrating with my photo. Let them enjoy. Hey,
What did you do? Sir didn’t die yet. He is alive. The media buff will post the videos
of anyone before their demise. Babu, a bomb is placed in the mall. Let it be. They want you, the Shaktimaan staff
to find it out. Who? me? Hundred police personnels were deployed. They want you to do
what they can’t. I said the bomb wire! Thyagu, I found the person
who made us tensed. There is something more
than his life. If he hear the screamings,
he will come on his own. Hey, joker! Tell me. I’m aware for whose sake
are you doing this. If you don’t come here in one minutes. Your life will not be alive. Get lost.
Do anything you want. I feel sleepy. Lost, everything is lost. What that foreign girl did to you? Babu, are you stone hearted? You must be there to save
your love lady. – Bolt!
– Yeah. They haven’t done anything
to Margaret. Then, who was banged? Your life! If you’re thrashed,
he’ll come out. Tell me, where is your guy? Why are you hitting me? Your liver will be damaged. If we got you,
he’ll come out. Hey goof,
I doesn’t know about him. Then, what it means? This is not me. It’s graphics. Someone did the morphing. Are you telling lies? – I’m not lying.
– Breathe no more. Sir, I consciously told lie. My head brought me up like that. I ask you for apology. Those who speak against
them will be said as anti-Indian. When the real anti-Indian bangs them,
they’ll fall on the foot. Bolt, to find out the bomb… Babu should get surrendered. Babu. are you going to get caught
on your own? Why should I get caught? For them, you’re Babu! You get surrendered. A musical line from the film,”Karnaa” Ranji! Lord…Lord… What? Tell me clearly. Where is my life? Oh, are you asking about my devotee? He was banged. Banged? My life! My life! Who are you? Don’t you know me? No. Open the eyes and see me. It’s not an ordinary photo. I’ll never forget this in my life. I too can’t forget that photo. Whenever there is a lag in the screenplay,
an old villan enters. Don’t know which lunatic
will come now. The music will also be played. Welcome, sir. – Hi,
– I’m Chandhu. I’m Alex. Call that guy. Whatever it is, talk to me.
I’m the negotiator. Okay, who are you? I’m Shaktimaan. Hiding your bones in the attire,
telling as Shaktimaan. He is the next lunatic. Do you know
what is meant by bomb? Which is blasted for Diwali, right? You… Hit me this side,
only then I’ll get the balance. ‘RDX…’ If it explodes, even 100 grams
of bones does not last. Hello!
– Hello! I’m ‘RDX’ speaking. ‘RDX’ means. Which we blast for Diwali, right? I’m the head of ‘bomb squad’, speaking. ‘RDX’ Alex. You aren’t going to do a simple job,
it’s an era! That film was a flop.
Why unneceesary talks, come to the point. Don’t panic,
as it was a plastic explosive. If you follow my instructions,
it’s not a bomb just bun-butter-jam. You got my point? Are you a bomb squad? Else, a bakery seller? Speak the point staright away. – My dear child.
– Tell me, father. I’ll send the bomb detector. Do you need anything else, important? – Yeah, I need.
– Tell me. You do one thing. – Take a bike, go to Vadapalani.
– Okay. – There is a police station, right?
– Yes, the DC is there, tell me. There is a bakery next
to the police station. RDX, a woman’s sounds are heard. After going there? There the bun-butter-jam
tastes excellent. The bun cut in the mid
and oil is poured to melt down… Buy three pieces of it. – And straight away…
– Must come to the mall? No, not to the mall. A guy will be selling ‘sweet beeda’
before the ‘Hotel Vasantha Bhavan’. He is a Rajasthan guy. Buy three beedas and
straight away come here… … and send me a signal. I’ll send you the instrument from third floor. Send everything, immediately. Give the bill to the police. Okay? He is dare to ask for bun-butter-jam,
instead of taking the bomb. No, sir.
It’ll taste good. You too place an order. Bun-butter-jam… For your bones…
See there. Is he a gurkha? He has frizzy tress, instead of face. And you’ve given him a job. He is giving a smiling pose too. You too look like old Parotta flour. Hey, ‘RDX’ Alex. We shouldn’t be afraid of terroists. …but you’ve to afraid for this guy. My five years child… Sir, as we can’t go inside,
to collect the bomb detector… …he said, he’ll send an equipment. As he is in third floor, I think he might
send helicam like high equipment. Is it? Damn it. What’s this? He is threatening a bomb disposer
with a milk bag. Send it. We’ve to send metal detectors for lunatics. Sir, the bag is not going up. How will it go? – Did you keep what he asked?
– What’s that, sir? Keep the bun-butter-jam
and see how it goes. Don’t scratch. Keep it soon. See, how it goes. He must be extremely hungry. – Hello, my child.
– Tell me, father. Have you ate the bread? Ate and had a nap. I’m saying in my ten years of experience,
the bomb will be kept only in the toy shop. The toy shop is in the second floor.
Go there, immediately. – No, I’m in the third floor.
– So? There is no A.C in the second floor,
so I’m going to third floor. What now? Tell me, if there is any job
in third floor. I’ll do it. If not here, I’ll think and tell you
whether to come to the second floor. Search it. A musical line from the film the,”3″ My child! Tell me, father. According to the bomb detector,
If the signal is green, you’re safe. If the signal is red,
you’re close to the bomb. If it signals the pink light? Pink light? – Is there a pink light?
– Nothing like that, sir Nothing like that. Hey, lunatic… If you asked me,
I would’ve told myself… …as there is no pink color. RDX, I just checked whether
you’re credible or deceptive? Did you understand? Babu, the life of the public
is in your hands. Did you find the bomb? Won’t I give it, If I find? Sir, I’ve found out. Superb! very good. It’s superb, sir.
But it costs Rs.800, along with GST. – How the public will buy it?
– Which one? Snake and ladders game! – Babu!
– Tell me. You’ve to find the bomb. You’ve to find the bomb. Sorry, sir. – Sir!
– My child, why are you getting emotional? – Sir, I was fond of that from my childhood.
– What’s that? – No one bought me, sir.
– What’s that? – A child’s rattle, sir.
– Oh, no! Everything has expired,
they are cheating by cleaning it up. My child, there is some noise.
anything serious? I’m eating snacks. I’m working for you seriously,
shouldn’t I eat snacks? Eat well, the shop is your’s. But, search for the bomb too. What, brother? RDX, my brother found it. Come on. We’ll show him, who we’re! Come on, brother. – Brother!
– Go. Have you sent his brother? Sir, it’s a dog! Is the dog inside? Hey! Yes. Is that dog too inside? Both of you’re the same.
Wastrels. Good! Good! It’s a crazy dog. ‘Undertaker’ Come on, undertaker. Come on. You can do this. – Go…go…
– Come on. The whole Tamil Nadu is waiting
for us, outside. Come on, we’ll find out. We must show them
who we’re! Go…go… Come on! Search! RDX, I found it. RDX, a big shot! He let the pigeon to fly. Everyone, clap. We found the bomb. Your dog is superb. How you found it, babu? I asked you for bun-butter-jam. Yeah! – I ate it, isn’t it?
– Yeah. My brother became tired
after going around the mall. Yes, pity him. I just found he is hungry. Where is the bomb? Hey, is the bomb important now? My brother’s hunger is important. Eat everything, let’s see. All my education was wasted. What we’re going to do now is… We’ll do the kundalini yoga, elate
and escape. What we’ve to do for it?
Kundalini jump. Let’s do it. One…two..three…four… Kundalani jump… Come on, do it. Kundalani jump… Come on. Jump. Come on, women. Jump. Jump. Jump. Kundalani jump… A musical line from the film,
“Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai”. Babu! Did you find the bomb? I’ve searched from eighth floor
till the drainage in ground floor. If we’ve to search still, Then have to find out
in the arm hole of the bomber. In the arm hole? RDX, wait…
Some one is coming. Undertaker, lazy dog.
come along. – Sir, they’re coming it seems.
– Shut up, I too can hear it. Hey RDX, I’ve found it. After confirming, we’ll clap. No, sir.
We’ll clap and then confirm it. Shut up. A musical line from the film “Alaipayuthey” Baahubali! You sinners! They’ve kept the bomb in lift
instead of the hall. How to take it? By jumping. Grandpa! Mom! Oh, no! Why are my hands turning black? Oh, is it grease? Oh, no! it’ll slip. My aunt! Oh, my goodness! just missed. Idiots, kept it like a sweet box. How to take this upstairs? How many bottles I would’ve taken? Couldn’t I take it? First, let me give it to RDX. Whatever he do, it’s upto him. How to go up now? I’ve to climb like actor Ajith,
in the film, ‘Vivegam’. Even if this world turns against you. Until you accept it. Whoever, wherever, forever… A musical line from the film,”Jithan” Hey… He told he found the bomb. But he didn’t ask
about the wire to cut. Oh, god! I can’t. My chest is paining. Oh, no! RDX, are you calling at this time? Hello! Babu! I got struck. Who will save me? Undertaker, come on. I got struck in the lift. By pressing the button,
lift me up. Lift me up. He is
looking and going. Press the button. My brother will save me! I’ve given him lot of snacks. It’s also poking. Hey, lazy dog. Are you hitting with flour packet? Press the button. Only now, he understood. He’ll switch on the right button. It’s true that befriending
a dog is disastrous. Hey, go and press the lift button. I asked you to go. They’re coming! They’re coming! If they come,
they’ll shoot wherever they wish. Save your brother. I love you. Go… He has left. How did you escape from me? Wait, I’ll come. Sir, our drone vision was disconnected. – Don’t know what happened?
– It’s all over. Where did you send? To the terrace. Then, it’s not disconnected. I asked babu to come to terrace
with the bomb. He might’ve hit that. – Hey, RDX.
– Tell me, child Babu, you’ve to diffuse the bomb. Listen to me, carefully. Is any time displayed in that? It’s 3.30. Snow is falling. Why
are you killing me? Babu, I’m not asking about the watch,
It’s about the bomb. In the bomb? They have not inserted the battery,
so no time is shown. Yes, it’s not a time bomb as we think. It’s a normal bomb. – Babu, do you’ve the cutter I sent?
– Yes. – There’ll be a green wire in the bomb.
– Yes, I’ve cut it. – Have you cut it?
– Oh, no! – Let’s run.
– Be quiet. Why are you panicking us? I was about to say not to cut it.
What are you doing? I’m a fast worker,
you’ve to tell swiftly. Hey, what’s this?
The timer started after cutting the wire. He converted the normal bomb to time bomb. What’s the time shown? Time? One..two..three.four… – It shows four seconds.
– Four seconds! – Oh, my god!
– No… It’s shows four minutes. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Hey, I’m telling you the time
and you thank Jesus. – Babu.
– Tell me. Check is there any black wire? A black wire? It’s not seen. Check, there’ll be a black wire. No. Open the eyes and see. Yes, it’s there. Yes, cut it off. – Yes, I’ve done it.
– Have you done it or not? Yes, I’ve done. Babu, did you cut the black wire or not? Yes, I’ve done. Babu, did you cut the black wire or not? Yes, I’ve done. Hello! Babu, did you cut the black wire or not? Can you hear me or not? As if i’m a speed worker,
doing silly mistakes. Did you cut the black wire or not? Sorry sir, it’s technical fault. Instead of the bomb wire,
I’ve cut the earphone wire. How did you take him for job? That’s nothing, sir. One day, he came to the office
and lifted the water can. So, I’ve appointed him. He is a good body builder. Babu, how many seconds left? Sir, twenty seconds left. Oh, no! Babu, there’ll be a red wire.
cut it off. Are you a ballon seller? Please cut it off, babu. Wait. I’ve cut it off. Was it switched off? It’s going on high speed. Babu, what’s the time shown now? Time? It shows only ten seconds. Sorry, Babu. Your try is over. I’ll give you the bun-butter-jam finally,
as you wish. It’s better to die
than to live with you. Blast now. It’s all over, Babu. Six… five… four..
three…… Babu! Brother, Babu! Are you there, my child? Excellent, undertaker! My dear child! RDX, I diffused the bomb. Great! Oh, my god! Superb, Babu! How? That’s Babu! Bahadur Babu! Hey, be silent! Why the dog is barking
when praising you? Nothing, we are shivering. Will you send us black coffee? Else, I’ll stick back the detached wire. Aah, animation doll! Sorry, we don’t even know
your name. Thank you very much
for dragging us inside. Do you’ve the phone? Here it is. Don’t talk for long time. Only three rupees left. Please, untie the knot. The blood circulation was stopped. Sorry, sir! I thought him as an ex-serviceman,
and started this mission. If known that he is a ISIS terrorist,
I would’ve killed him at first. Tell me, what I must do now? Untie the knot. Else, speak. Shall we them immediately,
getting inside? How are the possibilities? If we step closer, nearly
20 to 30 casualties are possible. Okay, what to do now? – There is a plan, sir.
– What’s the plan? With no casualties. But, it can’t be done from outside. Can do it from inside. What’s that? – Come on, boy.
– I’m coming. – Hey.
– Yes. Connect this gas cylinder
to the A.C vent… …and pour the chemical in it. Again, I’m telling you,
we must pour the chemical in the A.C vent. I’m experienced in pouring out. Won’t I do this? Don’t say perfections
just because you saved me. – Yes, give me the bottle.
– Take it. Hey, why did you break the bottle? It’s just plain water. He told to pour this in the vent. You’re farting, right? Not to stuck,
he told to pour the water. It won’t stuck.
Leave it. Is it? Yeah, I scored centum in Physics. What to do with this? Throw it away and come. Go. I’m listening to you
as you’re an educated. Come on. Why Napoleon is giving
action and reactions? Have you connected
everything perfectly? Yes, perfectly done. No terrorist will escape. All gone. Sir, we’ve connected the
gas cylinder to A.C vent. In two minutes, everyone
will be fainted. – They’ve to.
– Be ready, sir. Sir, the phone is mine. Give me. Don’t even have a phone. Have you done it perfectly? We’ve done. You’re worst. You gave a cylinder of your height. But, why did you give
the water in the bottle? You would’ve given in a can. He broke it. – Hey!
– What? Hey, that’s not water.
It’s chemical. Chemical? Dumphead, did you pour it
properly or not? Where to pour? He
broke it well before. Hey, you broke it and
said as water. But, it’s a chemical. Hey buffalo, when you didn’t know,
How could I know, being a child? You said, you’re the centum scorer. ‘I’m a little star’ ‘I’ll be a super star’ – I’m actor Simbu’s fan.
– I’m actor Vishal’s fan. Shut up. Sir, don’t mistake me
as I repeatedly ask you. Was that a chemical? How many times to tell you?
That’s a chemical. Sir, what will happen there? – I can’t bear, sir.
– Get lost. Get lost. I plead you. You’re banging me in mouth. You’re the reason for everything. – Kill you.
– No need, sir. What are you enacting? What are you doing? Why are you laughing?

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