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Gurkha Tamil Movie Comedy | Yogi Babu gets posted as a security officer in a mall | Manobala |Charle

It’s like stuffing in a coffin
and taking to graveyard. This bhajanlal’s sketch
was never missed. Shut your mouth.
-You’ve closed everything. Somehow, go beyond him. Hey, stop. Please, go somehow. What’s this? We’re for door delivery. Door delivery? It looks huge. What’s inside? Sir, mam has ordered
a black monkey novel. Hey, China toy! Whom are you saying
as black monkey? Black monkey? Yes, sir. Open the box. – Let me see, what’s inside?
– Sir! If I open the box,
they won’t purchase the product. – Please, sir.
– Superb! Check it with the metal detector. They are opening it. Enough. Go..Go.. If we don’t send it in,
she will yell at us. Hey, China nose!
He said to go, go fast. Babu, I can’t. Better, you take care. Hey, listen to me. Stop.
Stop there. I’m dubious on you.
Keep the box down. It’s a black monkey, inside. Open the box. It shouldn’t be opened, sir. Okay, the box shouldn’t be opened. I’ll scan it. Then, it’ll be known what’s inside. – Sir, please.
– Scanner! Sir, please… Scanner, watch carefully. There might be a dangerous
animal inside. Sir, come and see. A musical line from the
film,’Vaanathai Pola’ Catch him. He only gave me the idea
Leave me, sir No! Don’t let the monkey escape. Hey, I’m coming. Come out, Babu. Why are you hitting
like in cage of the court? Buffalos! How did you get inside of it? I came to empty the garbage
and fell by mistake. You people took me in. Whom are you telling stories? You came to flirt with
the white lady, right? You got it, right? If you stay away just for
ten minutes, I’ll touch her. Hey, how am I looking like? Exactly you look like a middleman. Whom did you say? Hey, you were standing on the
road two days ago… …along with a woman. Do you think, I didn’t see? Hey, she is my wife. As my car was flattened,
she was standing next to me. I was asking for lift
to the passing vehicles. Do you know,
whose fan am I? – Hey, who are we?
– We’re actor Vishal’s fans. Yes! We’ll build a wedding hall
and then get married. Who are you to ask that? Why are you talking irrelevant? Hold me I’ll kick your butt If I recharge for Rs. 1500,
what’s your problem? Tell me. Viswasam film has collected
Rs.120 crores… …who are you to ask? Who are you? – Babu, we shouldn’t leave him.
– Yes. Undertaker Look there, your food is coming. Welcome Shaktimaan! Be careful, you may get into the bannet. Duraisingam, come here. Please wait, he’ll come.
I’ll put it in a bowl. Wait. Take up your duty. Sir, I can’t hear… Damn! – Take up your duty as security.
– Okay, sir. Who is he? Is he your dad? – What?
– Get up. – Get lost.
– Why are you pushing me? Go. – Babu.
– Tell me, sir. I’m going to join you
in a good place. Get on. Let’s go. – Hey…
– How is it? Why did you bring me
to the wedding hall? It’s not the wedding hall,
‘A mall’. If you need bribe, get it. Why did you bring me here? It’s a mall where many shops
are there. Mall? Whether it’s like the famous shop? Will Tamannah and Hansika be inside? You’re searching for words to
praise me for the job I gave, isn’t it? It’s been two days since
my brother ate bones. Think of sparing you. Get lost. – Babu!
– What? Babu, tell me a reason
to leave this job. Reason? I often visit washroom. There are many washrooms. I have Alsar
I often eat. – What to do you?
– Food courts are there in four floors. Let it be. He isn’t leaving me
though whatever I say. Don’t think. What to do? – Sir!
– What? My brother, sir. – We both were brought up together.
– So what? If you give him a job,
I’ll come inside. You can’t take a dog
inside the mall, Babu. When a garden lizard like you
is allowed inside, Why shouldn’t a dog be allowed?
send a mail to the owner. Understand? Hey, leave me.
I’ve to meet Margaret. Babu, I ask you sentimentally. Please, accept this job. – I too say sentimentally.
– Tell me. Look at my brother sir. If I’m hungry, I’ll ask for food. But, what about my brother? I’ll be with you in
air-conditioned room. But, my brother? He’ll be tanned because
of the hot sun. If I’ve to sacrifice him
to take up this job, I don’t need that job, sir. Who is that Nigerian? Usain Bolt Why are you running? Who is that? My girlfriend! Sir, how do you know her? You mean, the foreigner? Yes, sir. Her name is Margaret, from America. Right from childhood, we’re friends. Her dad and you? No, funny. She comes to the mall
weekly thrice. She attends yoga class
for calmness of mind. Sir, what about the bodyguards? She will send them saying,
‘no escorts, please get out’. Still she stays here,
we’re the securities and the guards. Sir, promise? Yeah, promise! We are guard Sorry, Shaktimaan sir. You’ve come to re-join, it seems. When watching the ‘Shaktimaan’
soap opera at home, I realised the importance
of the job. So I’m coming to meet you You’ll say, without your brother
can’t take up any Job Why are you comparing me
with the street dog, sir? I’m the only son. Okay. You said that you’ll not eat
unless it was fed. It’ll intrude in any
of the house and eat. Am I like this? Offer me the job, sir. You said, it’ll get tan. I’ll wash this dog with kerosene
and turn it to black. Offer me the job, sir. Please, sir. Okay, join immediately. – Go.
-Thank you, Shaktimaan sir! Oh, no! What happened?

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