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Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

Hey Dana, I’ve got you on my “radar”. Hey Dana, do you think this pot plant’s a “risk or” not? Hey Dana, this clock looks pretty “schmick”. Some people have asked me, do “you trust her”? Dana, my hair’s a bit fluffy
can you remind me to “buy gel” later? “Good morning” Dana. Dana you were saying something about pests before…
I found a “critter”. Dana what did the guy say at the miniature horse race?
Good “luck tiny pony” Dana have you seen the toilet?
My “bladder’s” full. Dana. Have we “all got” what we need? We’re really “cramming” in a lot t… It’s a “rort”. You just think you’re “smarter” than me. Dana I don’t think we’ve got any of these…
well you don’t anyway. I’ve already got one…
can we get six more? They’re really “clamping” down on prices here. Hey Dana, I think they named this one after you. Hey Dana, you look really pretty today. Hey Dana, I just “cannot take it” anymore. Dana, I’m “so skilled” at this though. “I’ll stop” if you want me to. “Not” Slow down Dana, you’re in a “rush”. These probably smell “phenomenal” Hey Dana, I’m “feeling” like you’re not really appreciating this anymore. Dana you’re just “envious” of my quick wit and hilariousness. Dana do you want to be my “karden mumma”?

100 thoughts on “Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

  1. "Hey Dana, do you mind if fuck you right in the pussy"
    wait…forgot to add a pun there, well i guess i Dana what i'm talking about

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