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H.O.D Vs Students Leelaigal | Laughing Soda

Hey ! Why are you roaming outside? Sir! They sent us out of the class room. Bring your parents! I still dont know why joined this college? H.O.D! H.O.D! Who the hell are you? What? Dont you know that you should shave and come to college? Sir! Sir! Why you did not shave? Sir its paining! Paining sir! Why you too didn’t shave? Sir! Does this look like a beard? Both of the three shoud bring your parents! Hey write it dude. Write bad about him. Hey they will catch me with my handwritting? They can’t. You write it. H.O.D L Keep writing! O O S U “H.O.D LOOSU” Super man! Super dude! Great job! Bring your parents! (integral) ex dx=ex * H2O Hey dude! Wake up. Hey what do you want? Hey how come you keep different status daily? Yes! He is keeping in whatsapp daily. How come dude? Tell us. Haha! Iam using an app called snaptube If you download this.You can download videos from youtube,instagram,facebook and watch it in 4K HD. Woow! Sooper dude! Then I will download it by today itself. Sooper! Hey leave that. Come to our matter! Hey H.O.D is there man. Hey dont bother about him. You play it. You play it! Hey hide it down. Hey! Stand up. Stand up! Sir! Sir! What are you doing there? Sir.Me sir? Hey! You too stand up. Sir.Me sir? Hey! Should I invite you personally? Stand up! Sir.Me sir? What the hell are you blabbering? Sir! Mia Khalifa sir. Whatever he asks tell the same. Important matter! If you see his face.You will laugh for sure. Please control your laughter dudes! Hey! Hey! goose why did you remind me about that? Come come come. Dont see his face.Dont see his face. Many compliants on you. You both of the three are irregular. What are you going to do? Your parents are working hard to pay the fees. Why are you laughing for no reason? Sir! not me sir.This boy sir. Sir. Not me sir.This boy only sir. Sir! Ask him to show his ID card. Put out your ID card. Ask him to show it sir. Its safe in my pocket sir. Then put it out without fear. Hey stupids! Please be quite! You are a brave guy right? Show it. He will show it now sir. Why are you laughing? Dont laugh man. Sir. Stupid! Nonsence! Fools! Bring your parents tomorrow! Sir can’t control it! Sir! Sir! Should I ask it for sure? Ask it. Ask it dude. Sir for the past four years we haven’t gone for any Industrial Visit. It would be better if you take a long distance for this time. Yes sir.Please consider! Ok.Then you go to KE…? Kerala! Kerala! Kerala! We can travel in bike itself. Wait let me take this helmet. Hey man. I did not tell Kerala Go to Canteen and get me some tea. Lalitha madam.Do you need any snacks? Mam needs two samosa. Sir sir.Please consider us. Please sir! Yes sir. Then… What about PA…? Pondicherry! Pondicherry! Pondicherry! Yes! Alcohol! Beer! Hey! I did not tell Pondicherry. Did you pass the exam? No sir. Then why are you asking for IV? That’s correct. Sir can you look for a place nearby? Please sir! Nearby? Then what about that EC..? E.C.R! E.C.R! E.C.R! E.C.R is ok. Ok. Not E.C.R man. Did E.C.E department go for IV? No sir. No sir. Then why you are asking for IV? Go. Go and study for the unit test. Flop ahh? Hey no.Some one save me! Please leave me! Sorry! Leave me! Hey sorry dude.Please leave me! I will even fall in your legs.Please leave me! Having such a weird hair style. You are the leader of this gang? See what Iam going to do. Hey where are you taking me? If my friends come to know this? Hey! Mark this day in your dairy. Let me complete the dialogue! Sir.Are you Kumaran’s father? Yes sir. You have not been a good parent it seems. He is always fighting in the college He is neither not studying nor passing his exams. He is week in his academics and he is not having any talent Sir. How can you compare academics with talent sir? Hear to my words sir. Education is just a part of our life sir. Success only comes if we cross that and find our unique talent. Sir what are you speaking? In this society one cant achieve without studying. Who told this sir? Here many people have achived without reading books. Sir Iam complaing about your son. Why are you supporting him? Are you a good parent? Sir! I know well about my son. He would have not faught unnecessarily. If you are a good teacher.Find out his talent and support him. Come boys.Lets go. Sir! Sir! Sir! Please come! Please! Please sit! I will take care of your son. He wrote a letter stating that he wont involve in any unnecessary activities. You just sign it and go. Here sir. Sir. You dont feel.I will take care of your son…. Sir! What is this? You have written your name as Jayachandran Your son’s initial is T it seems Oh My God! That fellows did not tell me this matter. “Fight with Modi but dont fight with H.O.D”

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  2. Last potingale oru sign sethutten 😂😂😂😂 na unga theeviramana fan kumaran and twings especially kumaran ❤❤❤❤

  3. Bro enna bro poduringa padipu mukkiyam illa nu solringa ellarum thiramai veliya irrukum na yaaruukuthaan padipula thiramai irrukum

  4. U ppl r simply Adicting…..luvly……that #Go bring Ur parents# semma ..😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😬😬😜

  5. Kumaran yanga clg same problem yapathalu parents kutitu va sollirivaga but naga no😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁ana konjam kadupa tha erku 😞😞😞😤😤😤😤

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