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HACKER!! - CS:GO Funny Moments in Competitive

oh my god guys whoa is is I can't believe she didn't turn around you don't knock on Jack yeah good I know Gmail okay ja you fucking kidding me hey you see are you kidding me what the fuck was that with your hacks let's Oakland eight meds or grenade mint yeah man works I bet you get one kill now but you get one kill you're saying I'm gonna get one kill here Chuck you'll get one kill Jack I'll get to the oh my god you were oh you called it nice oh hello holy shit I was really lucky as it not gonna made almost at me but never done any damage winning sure you stop chinchou what not God I'll say you fucking but I don't wing sluts that chicken just went up like the fourth of July oh my goodness that's good even bro you got a Kyle you got it I believe oh shit man oh it was a sand man I actually like not even insane yep oh they seen that guy's body I can't even concentrate Oh nice finish on this show where is this guy Oh what happened and very much vanity bullets in which Satan Lord is looking at each other it was like mm nice fucking lucky bastard man yeah yeah what the hell happened s body yo what up guys i'm chad boy and i really that took you enjoyed this csgo funny moments but it went competitive I really do hope you enjoyed remember to leave a like and a comment down below your support is always much appreciated and don't forget to subscribe for more csgo videos have a great weekend and good bye yes she oh my god fucking exploded

34 thoughts on “HACKER!! – CS:GO Funny Moments in Competitive

  1. I now realize I've made a hacker shot before I hit someone in head with an through smoke and got blamed for hacks

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