Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hail Corbu (ft. Frank Lloyd Wright)

FLW: So I think they call him Le Corbu now. Out of his mouth. Interviewer: I think so. Ara: Now happened architecturally after world
war two come with me, Hail Corbu
sier, til today, day dayday day day day day day day
Y’all’s homes kill terrain, I lift the floor to free space
I’m Le Corbusier, And yo this my way ‘Of what?’ Fixing. solving our problems
‘By what?’ (laughs) Lifting. Boxes on columns
Give that footprint back to the planet, put grass
On top, Elevations having glass so wide That the insides are brimming with natural
light Less structure and an unobstructed plan inside ‘Who’s that?’ Yo I’m Frank Lloyd Wright, and it’s amusing
Listening to Corbu’s wit, he knows the words But not the music, just hearing him I’m bout
to lose it I could’ve thought up villa savoye while I
was Snoozing And I’m very proud to lay it down with prairy
style see Mr. Corbu mentions modular fairly loudly
But the thing about me, is I did that in kindergarten I don’t need no b.arch degree. Bring the warden
I’d school you all with every single drawing, here’s a testament,
Here’s my organic architecture text. invest in it,
With your five points you’re sadly guessing kid,
You want to see some architecture come to Taliesin kid
Now, how many of my buildings can you not touch Keep a – tally, yes n kid (Taliesin kid – pun)
You can keep out the ones in Cali Why compare? I don’t believe in the education system either. I don’t know why you mess with me, FLW
Man I never trouble you, but since now you wanna spew
I draw, paint and sculpt, mastered rhetoric too
I’m a veteran, Let me explain why I’m better than you
I paved the way for architects who address every issue
from public transportation up to high rise cores that lift you
L’Espri Noveau, the true hope, for my pupils Vers Un Architectur, the new notes that the
youth quote Master plans, solving traffic jams, ya’ll
use Ville Radeiuse, lighting issues solved too
your aesthetic moves are worthless, My architecture’s got purpose
look how much better off the earth is, I restored the pedestrian surface sure ya did, I’ll serve ya with, forms that
you gon worship My work is progressing as the earth spins,
almost perfect I studied Beethoven’s music and nature you’re
clueless Louis Sullivan was my mentor and he basically
knew that I’d be the greatest to do it, Sometimes I
hardly bother and still build some MasterPieces, The Hollyhock
the Falling Water, the Guggenheim in NY
With the natural progression of space through steps I
envisioned I held it down, you should’ve witnessed and felt it now,
the Ennis House, concrete carefully mixed in every round
A play on the peristyle hall, built from my textile block, working around the clock
greatest of all time, the title is mine, when I die
I’ll take it with me, and maybe some day they’ll build Broadacre City
FLW: He’s quoted as saying, ‘I don’t criticize Wright. Why does Wright criticize me?’ And the answer was that I have a grandson. He’s 12 years old now, 13 nearly, and I criticize
him, but he doesn’t criticize me. (laughing)
woman: that’s one of the privileges of being a grandfather
FLW: Yes. So I’m not surprised that Mr… That the architect… Le Corbu doesn’t criticize me. It’d be a little unfair. However he’s welcome. They all are. Ara: Making architecture through raps and
raps on architecture While ya’ll other rappers collapse through
all the pressure Right now, I be, going off of the dome piece
I ball on all yall… Ginobili… I’m Kobe… (fading out) no you don’t know
me (simultaneous, fading out) flesh, flesh of
my flesh

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