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100 thoughts on “Hair by Mr. Bean of London | Episode 14 | Mr. Bean Official

  1. This was my childhood………..sad to say that today's generation will never experience those kind of days……………….earlier it was Charlie Chaplin and now it is Mr Bean…………….salute to this manh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Any one knows the actor acted as the man with long hair in the salon? I like his style😁😁😁 probably he’s quite old now but still looks good i guess

  3. Mr Bean is not good at cutting people's hair but he still makes other people happy where can you find a guy like him❤❤

  4. The mother of the boy in the hair salon, was that the same woman who played the mother of the baby that he looked after at the funfair?

  5. This is my most favorite of Mr Beans episode and the hair episode always give me goosebumps cuz of the hair cutting.

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