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Halloween jokes

hello i came for halloween candy this one? ye no why not? where is your this shit on your face? yes mask? my mask? yes I don’t need it cuz I’m very scary no, no no no so can i get this candy please? no why not you need to tell me a…. joke? yes joke joke battle! you wanna joke battle me? yess i wanna joke battle okay lets joke battle did you hear about
the restaurant on the moon no great food no great food no atmosphere
what do you call Mexican was his car what Carlos Dad! can you put my shoes on? no, i dont think they’ll fit me why the skeletons never go trick-or-treating
*why* because they have nobody to go with I wouldn’t buy anything with Velcro
it’s a total ripoff why bycicle stand up by itself ? because it it was
too tired shovel was a groundbreaking invention that can you
put out the cat I didn’t know it was on dad can you
put out the cat I didn’t know it was on fire knock knock *who’s there* boo. *boo who?* Gosh don’t cry it’s just a knock-knock
joke knock knock *who’s there* ador* ador who?* a door is between us open up knock knock *who’s there* ben. *ben whoo*
been knocking on this door all morning let me in knock knock *who’s there* bed *bed who?* bed you
cant guess who I am knock knock *who’s there?* butter *butter who?* butter be quick I have
to go to the bathroom knock knock *who’s there?* Caesar. Caesar who? Caesar her quick cuz she running away she’s running away yes that way yes okay so how was it okay you won thank you thank you
give me hello i want some candy
why don’t you have a mask? just ignore this. can i get some candy you have to… joke battle me joke battle? joke battle hell no!

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