Laughter is the Best Medicine

Handmade Standoff | Short Action Comedy

No, it’s not It is so Harry, the Earth’s not flat Then how do you explain water? You want me to explain water? When you pour water onto a sphere it just runs off okay okay, Tom! It wasn’t me, it was Harry he was wearing my face What? Okay, Tom you’re the swing vote I swear to God if one of you wants to order pineapple- No, listen. Harry thinks the earth is flat The earth is flat Are you serious? Aiden, you cant pour water onto a sphere. It’s basic mathematics. Basic mathematics? Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Yes, and I know because I hit the floor, which was flat! Mum and dad stop fighting! You’re right, we shouldn’t fight Psych! What the hell is this? Witchcraft! Wha- how did you do that? I wrote the script, I have control over everything that happens Oh yeah? It won’t work. You don’t have- What the hell? How did you- You broke the fourth wall, allowing me to enter and take control of the script How does that make sense? It doesn’t Do I get a gun? Uh, Tom? I don’t know, I don’t know how this works You wrote the script, what does it- SHOOTOUT! Oh how strange I thought he’d be the last man standing considering this is his video and all Didn’t think I’d be the last one-

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