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Hannah Gadsby – 2017 Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow

I made them put a stand in because I won’t hold things this shape anymore I know who I am I know my strengths there’s a fair chance this this is going to be disappointing I had a women come up to me after my show last year and said that she said “I was very disappointed I don’t think there was enough lesbian content” you know, I was on stage the entire time I’m not good at representing I haven’t even read the agenda haven’t read the gay agenda
I keep hearing rumors and I think nah I don’t wanna know sounds bad sounds like I might be in Slytherin I find it a bit overwhelming actually being gay you know there’s a lot of pressure on my people you know to express our identity through the metaphor of party I always wonder, where are the quiet gays supposed to go? I love outrageous good on you, but my favourite sound in the whole world is the sound of a teacup finding its place on a saucer it’s quite difficult to flaunt that lifestyle in a parade I don’t even like the flag it’s a bit busy it’s just six very shouty aggressive colours just stacked on top of each other no rest for the eye but I do disappoint people I got a letter on Facebook it was a letter
because it said “Dear Hannah”, comma, new line I think you owe it to yourself and your community to come out as transgender and you know I do want to do my best for my community but that is new information to me there’s a bit too much hysteria around gender pink headband on bald babies stop it that’s just stupid it’s dumb, it’s just weird stop it would you put a bangle on a potato it’s organic, I paid a lot for that I mean I do know why they do it clearly the parents are sick and tired of their beautiful baby girl being mistaken for a boy because of the no hair situation I don’t assume that bald babies are boys I assume they’re angry feminists I shaved my head once just after I came out I hadn’t read the agenda I thought it was the next step I thought, now they know I’m a lesbian they need to know that I can also look like a potato thank you very much have a good evening

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  1. To people who don’t find her funny—— It’s not your fault! some comedy can only be understood by certain people… it takes knowledge and a broaden perspective

  2. This wasn't too bad, i even chuckled a few times…… but her Netflix special? Holy shit what a disaster and disappointment.

  3. i´d like more lesbian content smashing the patriarchy. you can see you´re doing something right if angry bitter dudes hate in your comments that much. 😀 😀 😀 go hannah!

  4. I have been told many times that Australian men are much more mature, masculine and open-minded than are the so-called "men" in this country; after reading the bitter and scared comments below, I see that it is true.

  5. Hannah Gadsby is quintessential cultural comedy content in 21st century; & if you don’t hear that within her dialogue then you are missing the point of ironic undercurrents of communal truths where humanity is pulled forward on the vibrations of laughter! It’s thoughtful in like of George Carlin but from a female, lesbian point of view- her point of view is PRICELESS & precious. I’m personally GRATEFUL she’s come forward in her own right! I believe it means we as a world community will pull forward by her enlightenment of being & our laughter! I laughed, cried, peed myself, pounded the air, stomped my feet, & howled with such intense inner connection to Hannah’s current work! GBH!!!

  6. It's important to remind yourself from time to time that your average YouTube commenter is not the same as your average person on the street.

  7. And to think people from all over the whole want to live in Australia….
    Why.????? This makes Australia the laughing stock for all the wrong reasons.
    I bet during the interval there were a lot of soy smoothie consumed…

  8. I thought she was funny. Sure she kept referencing her identity, but she did it in a funny way and wasn’t at all preachy. People need to chill. And for once I’m talking about the right. Haven’t done that since the Christian Conservatives were the social elites

  9. Comedian: makes jokes about her life as a lesbian

    Straight people: SO wHAt youRE a LeSBIAn no onE CarES

    Comedian: makes jokes about straight people

    Straight people: WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!

  10. There are two types of haters for Hannah.

    First, the hard core anti feminism anti lesbian anti everything mostly men who jump on board anything vaguely female to spew their nasty.

    Most are the second type. People, mostly straight white men, who genuinely don't find her funny because they don't relate. And that's fine, except because they are straight white men, they expect everything to be targetted at them. So when it's not targeted at them, they assume it is not funny, full stop.

    Except, it is funny. Just not to you. Her style is 90% (? Some percent anyway) observational comedy which relies on relating.

  11. I hate this thing. But I have to say she had a couple solid jokes. Oh, wait….. it never left the one note lesbian thing. It’s like Amy Shummer’s one note slutty smelly vagina thing. Thumbs down twat!

  12. The bald babies angry feminist joke was actually a pretty good and I generally hate her stuff. But gotta give credit where credit is due. A lot of her stuff has potential but her delivery is trash. She’s trying to do a John Cleese type of thing and it doesn’t come off right.

  13. I thought this was pretty funny, although some of the jokes about the "gay agenda" I didn't quite get. I think people who have a better understanding of gay culture will appreciate this more.

  14. Meh. Yeah its not funny, even more so because the delivery is so slow and those are really short unfunny jokes for that long waiting time, you get bored more than anything.

    The only joke that I didnt laugh but was like "that was nice" was the lack of lesbian content, but it wasnt degrading, just observatory.

  15. There were a few moments there where she approached something resembling comedy but she missed it. The part about the LGBT movement was almost there. Saying that she views babies like she views a potato was enlightening but not especially funny for people with basic human motivations (reproduction and protection of offspring).

  16. Watching this i wondered why people were throwing a fit about her
    She make me chuckle a bit here something fee comedians can ever do
    Then i watched nanette and holy hell i get it
    If all i knew about her was just this clip i would have thought most of you niggas were crazy

  17. Too all the people that hate her cause she makes lesbian jokes: she is making jokes about lesbians because she is one. Almost every comic makes jokes about what they are. Louie C.K. makes jokes about being a fat middle aged guy and no one gives a shit. It's practically his entire career, but I never hear anyone say "Louie C.K. makes to many fat middle aged man jokes." She definitely isn't the funniest comedian, I'll say that, but she is definitely not the worst either.

  18. What's with all the lesbian stuff?………..she could do with a few 'mother in law gags' or 'an Englishman, Irishman and a Scot walk into a bar' proper comedy

  19. Youtube recommends this because I'm into comedy, boy did they miss the mark. What the fuck happened to Drew Carrey?

  20. How is this even remotely funny. Like i love comedy but the audience is laughing at literally everything and i didnt even chuckle once

  21. Notice that it’s only the triggered men who are offended by Hannah who keep making negative comments. You guys suck 😂

  22. she's good but this is more like british comedy which north americans won't find that funny

    it's not laugh out loud humour but it's good jokes

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