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Hasan Tries To Get Some Jokes Past His Research Team | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hey, Nur. -Hey.
-I’m just smelling coffee. Also, I’m talking really fast,
’cause I’ve had four cups so far. I saw your research dossier and it says
the U.S. is the world’s biggest… Producer of oil. -Are you serious?
-Yeah. Yeah, we just got the biggest this year. I have an idea for the Oil episode. I think coffee and oil
is actually a great analogy. I’ve seen T-shirts of people, like, “Don’t talk to me
till I’ve had my coffee.” So maybe you could say, -“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my oil.”
-Oil. -Not good.
-No. -Not good. That’s not good.
-No. Oil and our dependency on oil is one of the things
where we’re number one in this race, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s converting to renewable energy. It’s like if America suddenly started investing
in Blockbuster Video. Alright, so what are the other things
that you found while you were digging in on this story? Did you really go information-fracking? I see what you did there. We actually found out that
this administration is rolling back a lot of environmental regulations, as they’re promoting more oil production
around the country. What the frack? So what’s the punchline to all of this?
We’re producing way too much oil? I think the real question is, can we even use all this oil
without harming the environment? We would have to make, like,
700 hundredFast & Furiousmovies. Vin, I’m talking to you. I don’t think that’ll work. TheFast & Furiouspart?
So hear me out. What if we did theFast & Furiousthing,
we didn’t have to destroy the Earth and burn up all the fossil fuel
that we have, and serve it towards the environment
and energy? So the entire movie is just us using electric cars instead, and then every pivotal scene
is just us sort of hanging out, charging our cars,
and just talking to one another. I think it’d be great to see me,
Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,
our future president, all just charging Teslas and having a great conversation. Can you even drive a stick shift? No. I don’t know, like,
if I would pay $16 for this film.

100 thoughts on “Hasan Tries To Get Some Jokes Past His Research Team | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

  1. come to India man India and Pri Mininster Modi Needs you
    but height of hypocrisy is too high in India You will get Lynched before you even think to make video on government

  2. We should all be using electric vehicles charged from the excess power generated from our home, business and covered parking rooftop solar arrays. #nobrainer

  3. I wonder why these are called "digital exclusives" considering that the show itself is literally digital and exclusive on Netflix

  4. I suggest that you do an episode about how messed up our legal immigration system is.

    Current wait time to get a green card for skilled professionals with advanced degree even from US is 150 YEARS ! Not just that but also it’s easier for people with bachelors degree to get a green card compared to people with masters degree.

    Large amount of skilled immigrants who have advanced degrees from top US universities are moving to Canada because they ave hard time to buy houses, start a business or even change a job.

    Trump administration is planning to cancel an Obama law which allows spouses to work and many spouses have to give up their career. There are many spouses who are doctors , teachers, engineers who will be jobless starting this January.

    At this point it is more advantageous to be an illegal immigrant instead of coming as an international student or a skilled immigrant.

  5. I love this channel and I'm a huge fan man I searched every single interview, talk show, stand up of Abu minhaj 😂😂 more power to u man keep up the good work…

    BTW Saudi fan 😂😂😂👍

  6. I really enjoyed his previous show on Netflix but not Patriot Act – it just starts out stupid. Asians shouldn't complain because 20% of Harvard students are Asian while Asians only take up 6% of the total population? So every place should have the same distribution of people based on the distribution in population? How come there are so few male nurses? Shouldn't 50% of the nurses be guys 'cause you know, 50% of the population are male.

  7. Nur is such a clueless person in the whole setup. Firstly, she comes from Pakistan, where humour in public domain is almost non existential. Secondly, Hasan, another subcontinent muslim from India, where humour is deeply rooted in our culture and the way standup scene is evolving. A little heads up Patriot act Team, give that lady some training with regards to timing! Anyway, Hasan Bhai, I love you man 🙂 Keep doing the great work, so that the brown parents can think of an alternative career option for their kids. Kudos !!

  8. With a little time Hasan's going to be better than John Oliver. John is good and his team is great, but his jokes are just too long, too long, just too long.. his jokes are just tooo … looong. 🙂

  9. the actual 20 minit program is brilliant… and this stupid teaser trailer just doesn't do justice to the actual episode, with the exception of the beautiful woman with brains.. Witout her the episode wudnt be intelligent.

  10. When you see how much we export in oil you laugh at the lies from the last 30 years about cutting our dependence on foreign oil! Surrounded by #LIES

  11. @hasanminhaj dude your hands are massive yet you’re like 5’9”. A topic you might be interested in American NGO influence in the UN and Israel for example C-FAM.

  12. I wonder if Hasan's research team has put together that Aluminum and Steel are the two most heavily used metals in making oil pipelines.

    I wonder what the combined effect of Trump's tariffs and increased oil production will have on the price and demand for American steel.

    I wonder how many Steel companies Trump is invested in right now. After all, the guy's built a bunch of steel buildings.

    Something, Something, a bunch of "I love pipelines" footage, Emoluments Clause. Right?

    YOU! INTERN! You need to check in with Nur now.

  13. Hey hassan
    I being a desi find difficult to understand your speech. I try to understand by listening multiple times.
    But when I understand I enjoy it..
    You are the best..

  14. I think the new Grand Tour(Top Gear Amazon) actually raced a Tesla Model X and won. Also there is Ludicrous mode. Still, if it is pure electric vs hybrid, I would go hybrid until the charging as fast as putting in petrol.

  15. Obama repealed the 40 year ban on EXPORTING OIL in Dec 2015. This was for the greedy sociopaths who knew that they had a market in developing countries. This oil is NOT FOR OUR USE and I believe that the eminent domain used to take land for pipelines is therefore illegal, since the oil is NOT for 'the good of all', but for the PROFITS OF THE FEW.

  16. I kinda missed half this conversation first time I watched. Nur is just so beautiful. How are people not distracted??

  17. u said that u read all the comments. can i get a shoutout in ur next videos? coz that would be really cool. btw….i think u move ur hands just the right amount…

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