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Hate, Humor, and Political Correctness in America | Josh Lieb

We’re America—we can say anything the fuck
we want and no one can stop us, and that’s great. In any political time the ability to poke
fun at the leader or supposed leader is invaluable. It’s not just a stress relief. I’m not one of those people who sees a whole
bunch of nobility in comedy, like it’s a great art and important thing we do, but it’s
nice. It’s funny. It’s a good thing, and it really is important
in democracy to be able to do that. I’m an absolutist on free speech. I think once we can’t make fun of our leaders… As long as we can make fun of our leaders
I’m okay. Once we can’t make fun of the leaders, then
I’m concerned about where we’re going. People sometimes confuse—I think legally
you should be able to say anything you want. But then again, if you’re seeing that someone
is booked on a tv show who you don’t agree with, you’re not violating anyone’s free
speech when you say, “I don’t want to be in a program with that person.” Or if your publishing house is publishing
a book by someone you don’t like, there’s no violation of free speech or you’re not
impinging on anyone when you say, “I don’t care to be associated with this person.” That’s fine. But I do think legally we need to be able
to say anything we want to say. I’m worried. I’m worried when I see people get in trouble
for slips of the tongue; I’m worried when I see interpretation being used to hurt people. But the list of words that you cannot say
seems to grow. It’s never going to get smaller, it’s never
going to be like, “Well actually you know what go ahead with that one, like, we’re cool
with that.” I think it’s fantastic when oppressed groups
like sort of reclaim words like when the queer community made queer like “their” word,
they said, “All right you can apply that label to us, fine, we’ll take pride and we’ll
slap it on ourselves.” And I think every group does that to a certain
extent, or has learned from that example. But once that little demon gets in your head
and says, “Can’t say that,” we’re screwed. I worry when there’s talk of limiting speech. And I worry—I sound like a grandmother—I
don’t like hate speech laws. I’m vehemently against them. I think they’re as anti-American and anti-democratic
and anything you can be. I don’t like the idea of criminalizing thought
no matter how hateful or stupid the thought is. It sounds like something from 1984. I don’t think we make the hate go away by
not saying it. Basically I’m Lenny Bruce in Harry Potter,
I will say Voldemort’s name. It doesn’t make Voldemort go away to not say
that fucking word. I always curse too much on these things. I’m sorry. The road to hell is paved with great intentions. I get it, but it’s a bad path for us and the
problem is things are so chaotic now, things are at such a high tenor. People are so filled with vitriol that it’s
very possible that just to get everyone to cool down this is when this kind of stuff
could get through, but that would not be American.

64 thoughts on “Hate, Humor, and Political Correctness in America | Josh Lieb

  1. My word, a large platform actually highlighting a liberal with actual liberal beliefs. Agree very mich so on all these topics discussed.

  2. if you refuse to turn up to a discussion because your values are drastically different to the person you are supposed to talk to, you lost the argument by default because you show you cannot defend your positions. With love to our authoritarian SJWs

  3. Hopefully this is from a larger interview where he says something more interesting, rather than him saying he worries free speech might go away, and he doesn't like hate speech laws, but is fine with private entities choosing to to provide a platform for views they don't agree with, cause those aren't particularly big thoughts, I would assume those are the standard opinions in America.

  4. i wholey agree. suppressing thought or expression of thought doesnt make those ideas go away. it only pushes it into the shadows.

  5. Psychologists know that the Outrage-culture as it is have come to known, is really all about personal insecurity and self-affirmation of ' being a good person '. This kind of person has good intentions in mind, but it is more about themselves than their advocacy. Further reading:

  6. You fucked your argument less than 10 seconds in when you said "supposed leaders". You stand for free speech yet vehemently disagree with the results of your latest democratic election. You are a stooge.

  7. I'm not even american, and I could be considered a socialist by most, but I feel compelled to fight this censorship. It's ridiculous how the situation is getting quickly out of hand because people feel offended by statements that are often based on facts.

  8. The problem is that unrestricted speech is not free, because then people are intimidated into silence. Or they are drowned out by the majority.

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  10. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but now, my feelings are more important than your right to speak freely.

  11. America are already big brother from 1984. The recent wikileaks leak says it all, then they have the gall to say it endangers their country that this information was leaked . They have such a twisted moral high ground. The level of hypocracy is outstanding. On top of it they spy on their own citizens also. We can spy because we are America. No wonder the country is imploding.

  12. I'm just gonna switch his use of 'American' for 'democratic' or maybe even 'human' or something. But anyway, so nice to hear a voice of reason between all those jabbering SJW'ers who are starting to get really annoying, but also dangerously influential. If they're gonna leave any kind of legacy, it'll be the death of democracy.

  13. What are hate speech laws? AFAIK there's no such thing. Use of words are not criminalized — harassment is completely different. We need to end this falsified boogeyman.

  14. THIS is what separates BigThink and TED. They both throw up people who hold opinions shared really only by a small percentage of the population and are often ideas companies use to better their image with little cost. BUT BigThink will occasionally put out videos that affirm the free flow of ideas and the rights of individuals over abstract groups.

  15. Does anybody actually support limiting speech through laws though? There's a difference between telling somebody "you can't say that", or a group of people being outraged that somebody said something, and the government actually banning people from using a word.

    I haven't met a single advocate for the latter in my life, and I haven't seen anyone advocate that in the American political system, either.

    Personally, I think all the people calling out Social Justice Warriors on "Censorship" and saying "Free speech is dying!" are either overreacting, or insecure.

    Nobody's taking you to jail for saying the "N" word or being a dick to Muslims on the internet, but you seem not to realize that they also have the right to call you an asshole for it, to be outraged about it, and to claim that you don't have the right to say it.

    As for "Trigger warnings" and "safe spaces", having been in the mental health community, these are NOT what you think they are. These are accommodations made mostly for people with PTSD, who need warnings to avoid reliving past trauma and accidentally having a psychotic break in the middle of class. It's useful if, say, you're watching a violent war movie and there's a disabled veteran in your class, or if you're watching a documentary on sexual abuse in the same room as a rape victim.

  16. This country is a cultural cesspool, the people don't know how to live and are too worried with what could happen than what is happening. I blame the blacks for throwing shit arguments into debates and taking up precious time that could have been spent figuring out actual plans of action. You don't like police shootings? Maybe it's time to self police and reduce the presence of authority in our lives instead of yelling racism and bullying people into flawed mindsets.

    Americans are the stupidest, laziest, entitled shits I've met during my travels. All this money, resources, and help and they still don't know how to not be poor and stupid. Go to any "primitive" country and you'll find people living life just fine*. It's not the system, it's not the situation, it's not the variables, Americans are just predisposed to being borderline retarded. Best part is most are concentrated in the same region for easy missile targeting, the South. Please Russia, make this country less populated by retards.

    And let's not start with the fact that so many lack objective reality and critical thinking skills (some sadly do have critical thinking, it's just horribly flawed and causes even more headache).

    Lincoln was right with wanting to send the blacks back to Liberia, integration was a mistake. You can't have a mass of uneducated primitive folk suddenly appear, you get this political climate. Same with the illegals.

  17. What kind of world would it be if you woke up one day and no one ever made fun of you for the rest of your life?

  18. That was the most common sense opinion ever. Citing 1984 on a discussion about free speech? Wow, what a nuanced opinion! Hate speech laws are "anti-American"? To the hell with them! If something is against American culture it is automatically wrong, 100% of the time, of course.

  19. and Trump supporters make a hell of a lot of fun of you triggered cupcakes who are soaked from head to toe in tears who can't articulate a sentence of thought that is in the least bit intelligible. when we hear you try and tell us that we are the ones angered with vitriol when clearly you are the ones on the verge of anger beyond rage, we simply double over in laughter. please have the courage to accept the things you cannot change…..oh who am I kidding you couldn't get through the serenity prayer without breaking down in tears and rage over the fin of our laughter. who knows you might have another chance in about 4to8yrs that is if your party can destroy Trump with lies that don't require proof otherwise it could be 12to16yrs but I'd imagine most if not all of you would be dead from Mass suicide of to much of a good thing, prosperity, peace, economically you know things you hate.

  20. That Harrry Potter comparison though. In the seventh book, they put a spell on the name that they'd know whenever it was said, so saying his name would effectively make his Death Eaters show up.
    In a much less magical way, hate speech can incite violence.

  21. Mkay so you hate the social stigma against hate speech. I get it, free speech is a thing. So is it cool if I call up a bomb threat to some buildings? Free speech amirite? Its called balance, right now this isn't fucking 1984. You're just as extreme as the opposite of this thought process by saying that. Have a glass of consideration my boy.

  22. If people care about free speech, why not also care about other people too? Some people have thick skins and you can say anything to them and they won't care, but blaming people for being sensitive, really? Is it so impossibly hard to accept that everyone is different and that emotions are a thing? Words can definitely have power, or else politics wouldn't exist.

  23. I'm all for free speech. Yet the freedom to say anything you want does not also exempt you from the ramifications of you words. I've seen a lot of people who say horrible things that offend people and then they get upset and act shocked when those people react to their words with their own "free speech". Talking shit to people doesn't make you right, people on all sides need to calm their rhetoric down and learn to listen to what each other is saying. I prefer to "speak softly and carry a big stick".

  24. Its weird how when more people start saying more hateful things more people start believing them and behaving more hatefully.

  25. This guy knows what's up. Thank you so much, Josh Lieb! Oh, and, uh Big Think as well, I guess. Those words needed to be said… I think. I dunno, I'm just a random moron.

  26. Trump supporters are PC babies. Every time their orange God gets made fun of they whine online. Bunch of snowflakes.

  27. Your right the hate doesn't go away by not saying it but it spreads much further and wider when people are aloud to say those hateful things unchecked. Its not about punishing people as much as it is about not giving them a tool to reach more people that will repeat those hateful things. If you say some hateful stuff that encourages people to go out into the street and start killing people ONLY because they heard your hateful words and decided to act on them. Then there should be a way to hold you to account for triggering that situation. And yes it might have happened anyways but there's no way to know if it would or not so why play with fire if you don't need to.

  28. If that were only true when Obama was in. Didn't happen much. Trump does give a lot of material though, but most comedians avoid some people for political reasons.

  29. You want people to cool down yet you support hate speech…? Hmmmm this guy wants to have his cake and eat it too! Just because you had a brain fart does not mean you need to unleash that filth on the world. Use your fucking brain, think before you talk much in the same way you think when you drive so that you do not break any traffic laws. Logic rules the day and those who do not have it should rather do the listening instead of the talking.

  30. If any disagreement must be solved by either conversation or violence, free speech seems like a good idea, because then people can let ideas fight and die rather than ideas let people fight and die.

  31. There are noticeable exceptions to free speech, fighting words, fraud, incitement and subversion/subterfuge. You are subverted the country by not recognizing Trump as president. Also When the people's representatives vote to declare a war like during WW1 and WW2 free speech should be curtailed and jews kept out because they are devious.

  32. LA clipper owners complained about jewish destruction of white culture and he lost a billion dollars. No freedom in America only jewish supremacy by a handful of jewish media companies.

  33. 1:38 – "The list of words that you cannot say seems to grow…"

    In the broader history of media reporting and comedy entertainment, I have to respectfully disagree. Bob Hope once remarked that in the 1940's, a comedian could have been fired for using the word "Jerk" against someone, especially politicians. After the dismantlement of the Production Code Administration in 1968, the floodgates of free speech exploded with inuendos and slander which would have been unimaginable in pre-1960's America. Look at what it has evolved into. Almost all I see on the internet and media today is mass-produced clickbait content intended to cash in on human primal impulses.

  34. Free not funny speech and never made fun of liberals… Writing wasn't funny and does he seem like a funny person?.. Support his beliefs 100%… New concept!

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