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Have 3-5-10 Minute Stand Up Comedy Routines – Greg Dean

[Music] [Applause] So I’ve been told that I asked the
question of the night exactly the same way. So tonight, anybody got a question? [Laughter] Ya, what? [O.S.] So the question I have is like,different places have different time slots and how
much, how much time they give you for that, but should I be working like I’m
like a certain set amount of time or like I don’t know, pick a longer one, a
shorter one? But I don’t know, do I blend them? What do I do? Yes! [Laughter] So there’s, there’s a traditional series of numbers to work on that seem to be reoccurring numbers. Okay, so first when you’re a beginner like this, you’re really looking at the 3, 5, and 10 because when you go to open mic or even shorter shows and people
just want to see if you’re funny. Or it’s an open mic, you get 3 a lot of times and many times you can get a 5. So, you want to make sure that you have this 3 that works and this 5 that works. Now if they, if they see you a couple, a couple of times or once or you can bring people. They’ll give you 10. Okay so oh good so the idea is though is it’s kind of a progression.
and that’s what I take everybody … that why the first time you work with me, the beginners get 3 minutes. You’re working on that 3 minutes show and then you’re working on that 5 minute show. And if you stay with me for a while
I move you further toward the front of the show so that you’re dealing with a
more sober crowd and I give you 10. Or you works well, after you do that, then I
let you be the headliner. Than I let you close our showcases with 10. Okay so in my class we’re literally working on 3, 5, and 10. Okay so once you hit that 10, then you keep adding to that and then
you’re kind of looking for 20 that’s usually arranged that that’s a really
good but the ultimate place that you really as a beginner after the first
really big goal is 30 minutes worth of material because that’s the point at which club owners will actually look at your DVD or click on the link because you have three you have 30 minutes contiguous, not edited, straight through, one show and they’re not going to look at it. They’re going to be busy typing and
working on stuff and listening to it. They’ll look at it at first to make sure
you don’t look like a troll. Oh okay, they look okay and then they’ll listen to the
go that’s a good joke and blah, blah… working still and so forth and then if
they like it I’ll give you a call and give you a shot maybe as an opener
someplace and doing 15 minutes. The reason they want 30 is because they know their audience and they need to be able to say these particular bits might not
work. Okay so, so the amount of minutes you’re building toward is that and as
beginners though what you’re really looking for, especially at the level that
you guys are and that I teach most of the time which is 3, 5, and 10. Okay you get to the point where you can do a good 10, if you stay in class you’ll get to that 30 really quickly. But that’s always up to you I don’t pressure anybody to stay in the classes. But so if you want to look good every time you go out so that it doesn’t matter if it’s an open mind or a booked room of some kind. And especially if you go to one of the major clubs where you couldn’t be seen by somebody important, you’re going to want to make sure you have a really good
and tight and well put together 3, 5, and 10. [Applause]

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