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Have a sense of HUMOR! (like Deadpool!) – ProTag ProTips

– You look like an avocado
had sex with an older avocado. – Thank you. – It’s your ferocious fox, Foxarocious, coming at you on another
Wednesday with another motivation. Al video. Motivation? Motivational video? I don’t. Motivation, you should be encouraged. With Deadpool coming out soon, I figured I’d pander to
Google’s SEO algorithm and tell you that you
should be like Deadpool. I don’t mean like kill people. Don’t, don’t. (electronic music) What I mean is you should have
a sense of humor about you. Shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. This could be if you’re known
as a very, very smart person, you’re afraid of looking stupid. I’ve struggled with that a lot in the past because people go “Oh,
you’re so smart. Da da da.” I think I’m smart but I don’t think I’m the smartest being in the universe. Because of that outside pressures like “If I look stupid they’re
gonna think I’m just a fluke and that I’m completely stupid.” Which is not gonna happen at all. They’re just gonna be like, “Oh he made a mistake. He’s still smart.” That could also be if you got
1,000, 100,000 subscribers. That’s a big jump. I went from 1,000 to 100,000 but you could take yourself
too seriously on YouTube. Taking yourself too
seriously comes from ego. It comes from an expectation. When those expectations put you in a box and you don’t wanna be in that box, you need to figure something out. If you’re good at critical thinking, you already know where I’m going with the Deadpool reference. Deadpool does not take
himself seriously at all. (inhaling deeply) (exhaling deeply) – I’m touching myself tonight. – ‘Cause he does not care
what people think of him. You should care a little bit and no more than that. You should honestly care
what you think about yourself because the only person
that’s gonna stop you from achieving the things
that you wanna do is you. You’re the most important person. Thanks for watching again guys. If you are afraid to do anything type it in the comments below if you’re comfortable doing so. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If Deadpool saw you and
he saw you were so serious how do you think he would speak to you? It would probably be very disrespectful. (laughing) If you like this video, give me a like. I do motivation videos and topic videos. My videos are mostly about
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uploading the videos to Facebook. I’m uploading it to YouTube. It’s been your ferocious fox, Foxarocious. Live strong, game on. I think I’m gonna go dance some more.

6 thoughts on “Have a sense of HUMOR! (like Deadpool!) – ProTag ProTips

  1. Dude for some reason I think I finally figured my self out !!! My whole life people've been complimenting my intelligence, looks etc always assuming I'll marry a professor or doctor some sort of lady. But I think I might be a guy like dead pool who likes whores and strippers. Never tried it but I'll do it now.

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