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He Said. She Said. (short film comedy)

So, how did your date
with Mike go? Eh. What? Seriously, not worth mentioning. What do you mean?
You planned it for so long. Yeah. And it was over
before it began. Details… please. Seriously, there is not much to say. Mike came over… ate in a couple of minutes… then dropped his pants and was finished before I even got my top off. Oh… That’s mean. Oh… Then, he passed out
on my bed. How about you guys? Ah… it was… amazing. Really? Yeah. Doug picked me up
in a taxi… we went out for a romantic dinner… then we wandered the city. Nice. Yeah. And when we finally got to his place… he lit some candles… pleasured me for an hour… best… foreplay… ever. After an hour of wild sex… and if that wasn’t enough,
he held me for the entire evening
while we talked. It was paradise. Wow. So, how did it go
with Anna last night? Amazing. Dude. I get over to her house and
she’s got food laid out everywhere. It was so good. So I filled up… I fucked… and I fell asleep on her bed. I still got home in time
to watch the game. What? You didn’t even
spend the night? No. Why? Did you? Fuck, dude.
Don’t even ask. The whole night was a disaster. I come home. The electricity
is out, right, because I forgot to pay the bill. So, now I have to take her out. When it turns out the dinner
is so expensive I cannot even afford a taxi
to get us home so we had to like… walk
the entire way back. I get home, I have to fumble around
for a bunch of candles and get them all lit. By the time that’s done I’m so fuckin tired, I can’t even like…like
get it up for like an hour. By the time I could,
it took me another hour to get off. I swear the god,
I was so pissed I couldn’t even sleep. We just like…
lay there… together… all night. It was awful. That sounds terrible. Chicken?

100 thoughts on “He Said. She Said. (short film comedy)

  1. hey, i am a university student movie producer, and i have a project of making a comedy short movie, i just really need to know the name of the transition effect you guys used in between the first two scenes

  2. and please i need a fast reply because im kinda late so if anyone knows how can i get that effect comment please

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  4. that's exactly why I love men. very smart and very simple. I love how men aren't complicated they tell you what they want and it's none of that woman bull crap you forgot my birthday you forgot our anniversary. women act like you're supposed to read their stupid mind. just tell the do what you want without nagging him. oh my God women just piss me off.

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  6. I GIVE 6 Star **** REALLY ENJOYED > i viewed hundreds of short films and this one got me laughing. good twist in the man's side of the date story ! lol..
    I've had similar experiences ! (Saved to my Fav shorts) . thanks

  7. So basically, if the date went shit for you, that's probably a sign that it went well for your partner? Did that pretty much sum it up?

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