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Hearthstone Funny Plays 256

I’m sure I can I can easy lose it because of this easy lose here easy lose but I really wanna try what happens if we’ll play 2 memes boxes? pls no 20 Sprints in 2 boxes first memes box all minion are survived. that’s super incredible that’s just incredible they all survived head druid! important question Do I wanna play second box? first one was so great and 7+5=12 and 4+5=9 and pyroblast I already won here but I’ll play another box! And no minion survived! No one! Look! No any minion is green! nice very nice screw you let’s play box I don’t care as long as we win. it’s just… what was that?! like in 2016 like I did in 2016 What the fucking hell is that?! flamestrike worth it? yeah so good when they all not available, right? you feel so good at this moment just… can I? no I can’t and you like – yeah cool maybe this one? yes I can! that means my minions are survived and his all dead! So awesome! super awesome! just super awesome! this is… what the box? this is mutant box! I don’t know why I am still surprised about the box … it is really good! super good freakin’ hell I was joking over the box and…. In vain I was joking over the box I guess because… the box win the game!

40 thoughts on “Hearthstone Funny Plays 256

  1. Yeah I know I know, this is really full episode of Yogg box.

    I had many moments with Yogg box and I decided to put them all in one episode while they actuals, instead of adding 1-2 plays with the same sense in every video untill the moment we all will think – jesus christ I can't watch it anymore!!

    And no montage here, cuz… it's very hard and no sense to make editing with Yogg box…

    Just look at this like an extra episode. It's still fun

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  3. Йогг'сарон даже из Вольного может кидать пиробласты в лицо, делать хил оппонента и делать зачистку стола. И да, Пукичу коробочка понравилась.

  4. Засунь моменты про коробку себе в очко! Это не интересные и однообразные моменты с одной и той же картой как и с Йогг Сароном как и с Бранном

  5. This special episode of RageOrc is presented to you by Yogg`Saron RNGndustries.

    Yogg`Saron RNGndustries: Spice up your everyday life.^^

  6. Пора бы канал назвать Rage Thijs, в каждом выпуске его пихаешь по 2-3 раза

  7. Пока Нзот возвращается в ВоВ, Йогг-Сарон решил вернуться в Хартстоун

  8. Выпуски из рандомных спелов, прямо как когда вышел йогсарон, это не круто, уже надоело

  9. Маленькая инди компания: мы сделали карту которая творит рандомную херню!
    Коммьюнити: карта будет творить рандомную херню!
    Карта: творит рандомную херню
    Все: удивляются

  10. 7:12 if he wasn't going to play the box because you wanted a Flamestrike, he should've played the secret, ping a Captain and double frost to the other one: full clear.
    7:49 All with 3 damage, LOL.

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