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HEATHERS Official Trailer (2018) Comedy TV Show HD

Dear diary Yesterday’s lunchtime poll asked, “Who are you?” When it finally came my turn Heather C turned to me and said Well suck my third nipple. If it isn’t Veronica Sawyer. How Banana Republic. It’s ironic, Heather. We’re not doing irony anymore keep up. Yeah, keep up. Shut up Heather. Yeah, shut up Heather. Heather, only I tell Heather shut up Oh, yeah In the spot I came to have fun, dress to the nines so they know I’m number one Fat kids can be popular? The preferred term is body-positive What about the Asian kids and the genderqueer? Bang! Obviously the gays and Jews are over. She looks like if Jim Henson got in one last puppet before he died Gosh Heather, super mean way to treat the mentally challenged. Jesus. Who is this? I’m JD. I like your whole rebel thing Let’s snort adderal. Make out. And kill Heather What? Mmm You can’t go one night without your domestic terrorist boyfriend. He’s a teenage Charles Manson What a tragedy. Tragedy? She was only paralyzed from the waist down Your boyfriend is a looser. You’re jealous. Fatty. You’re about to get flamed. So why do you hang out with her? It’s high school. Why do we do anything that we do? I was hoping all the sex you’re having would finally deep dick the quote of the day out of you, but I guess not You were nothing before you met me. I wish Heather Chandler would just die so that I can finally be free Whatever you do make sure it matters. Olala Don’t think of it like you’re hurting Heather, think of it like you’re helping everyone else Oh. My. Clit. Oh my god We’re gonna be late for school Heather Chandler killed herself this morning. She certainly didn’t look suicidal. Her skin was flawless

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  1. Help

    Not watched heathers, but I want to and I will.
    What’s the point of heathers and why is this so wrong xoxo

  2. But why are the Heathers bully targets now? How does this make a story? I get that some minority kids are bullies but no one really wants to be fat or ugly. I guess it's like being a minority is now too cool for school. I am an old man now, please someone help me.

  3. WHO DID NEED THIS!! i hate it XD i mean im a big fan of the movie but ya know what there it looks like veronica liked to be evile and SPOILER she don't if you want a goo experience you should watch the 80s movie !

  4. this is horrible. I'm ashamed. The ORIGINAL heathers is much better, and always will be. this movies a piece of trash.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks it's not that bad? It would be bad If they used the original Heathers story. I watched it and I swear It's really good. There are a lot of stuff from Heathers, with changes. Yes, Heather Chandler is fat, but still cool. Yes, Heather Duke is trans but still an awesome character. Just watch it. It's a weird Heathers 2.0. But a really good one.

  6. You know the whole point of the Heathers is to be beautiful and have this perfect image? They're not stereotypical lesbians and one gay guy, what the fuck is this.

  7. I only like the choice of Veronica.
    This Jason D just doesn't give me THE JASON D'S vibe. Man Netflix
    Sorry I've just never been so sexually not attracted to someone ruined my fantasy I feel ruined

  8. So they didn't meet in the restroom?
    Heather C. doesn't have her signature scrunchie?
    They choked her, didn't poison her?
    Where's Veronica's bestfriend?
    Ram??? Curt???

  9. I like this trailer because of the comedy…the only time I will look at it an disgust is how they made JD

  10. This really sucks. This show had so much potential. But they killed it by completely missing why they made Heather's in the first place. For example, the musical changed a lot of things, but they still got the point through perfectly. I speak for all the Heather's fans when I say that they completely missed the mark on this one. I actually can not wait until jd kills their fat asses.

  11. the thing is, im all for diversity. BUT the heathers and Veronica should have stayed the same. Let me explain why.
    They are a metaphore for privlage. White,rich,popular, skinny. Thats the whole point. They are also supposed to be the STEREOTYPICAL mean girls.Once again, white,rich,popular,skinny. The colours were also were a representation. Red is seen as powerful. Green as envy. Yellow as weakness. It fits them. It also doesnt fit that the Heather would be LGBT, overweight or black/mixed race(im saying this as an LGBT person) because over 80% or LGBT people were bullied in 2017 and black people are more likely to get bullied than white people becauee of their colour. Now,im not saying LGBT people, overweight people and black people CANT be popular,its just that the heathers are supposed to be STEREOTYPICAL popular, mean girls. its almost making fun of the stereotype and showing that they are POWERFUL because of privlage and white,straight people have alot of privlage. thats rhe whole point. and overweight people are bullied alot too.Please,i am not trying to say black,overweight and LGBT people cant be main characters,they can, but this film is a giant metaphor and it doesnr suit the characters because they are all there own metaphor.
    and Veronica saying "were gonna be late for school" is not what she would say. in the film and musical she panicked. the only thing that came close was her laughing and then panicking again and that was for comedic affect. and it WORKED.

  12. Look I'm sorry but i really like this show 😂 even though they don't look like nothing off the original or the musical versions I still gave it another chance (because anything or anyone deserves a second chance) and I’m still waiting for season two. 😂😂 #Heathersforlife ❤️

  13. I understand the hate towards the reboot, but I mean I get the idea. The original heathers was a parody/satirical take on the 80s highschool golden movie era. They had every single movie trope and archetype. This rebooted version is pretty much doing the same thing with our current age of highschool flicks. If you’re fat, gay, or a person of colour you’re pretty much a lead character in Hollywood. Every movie has at least one of those character tropes/archetype. Take a look at every Netflix film featuring Noah cent-whatever the fuck, it’s a great example of what sells nowadays. Riverdale too, and even the new sabrina the teenage witch reboot. They all have the fat,gay or token person of colour that is in each series. The heathers is a cult classic, it will remain a classic. At the end of the day they the original will not perish.

  14. …WTF… this isn't the source of my Heather's this is adults trying to relate to teens using words like catch me outside how bout that, and dabbing seriously

  15. Originally thought the heathers picked on fat people? that's one of the reasons everyone hated them. Also thanks for ruining one of my favourite movies.

  16. I hate how they replaced, "Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw," with, "Well, suck my third nipple," like that's not even funny smh the musical and og movie were so much better.

  17. I now this trailer sucks and all but when heather MacNamara dropped to the ground with a fake gun to their head and screamed bang

    I felt that

  18. First off heathers have long hair and are girls second off Veronica has black hair and they didn’t dress like goths 🙁

  19. What show is this? Wait this is hEaThErS?! Veronica looks like one of the heathers from the original- Wait Veronica only cared about School?! HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE

  20. I feel like this wouldn't be a bad show if they didn't brand it as Heathers. I mean it's definitely not Heathers, so they should've branded it different and said inspired by heathers or something.

  21. Despite all the negative comments upon this new material, and I had seen the original a few years back before seeing this one, this is clearly a new approach and a way of making social critiques – inspired from an existing concept. The TV show, if seen as a separate and unique entity/work, is brilliant, smart and greatly conscientious, presented in a satirical and grotesque tone but also, it also breaks tabous. Either most people have not seen the show and only base their judgment on this trailer and/or their knowledge of the movie OR some of you may have seen the episodes without really understanding implicit texts or reading between the lines. This a very mature show in a teenage atmosphere with great substance, powerful symbols, social critiques and probably too audacious for some/most people… Never judge a book by its cover; smart people will obviously love the show; mediocre people or should I say 'the masses' won't clearly understand it properly and this is not a show for you then. This is not really suited for a teenage audience either.

  22. Ridiculous that this show was kicked around and ultimately cancelled. The show never condoned the events and behaviours that led to it being cancelled. It was comedy and no more damaging than several other shows (and music). Imagine if the Canterbury tales never existed because Chaucer was poking fun at the church and life around him…etc.

    If anything, Heathers provided a platform that illustrated the issues kids are facing today, what subject has ever been solved or assisted by not talking about or illustrating it. I also believe the show was good because i think it allowed that demographic to perhaps take a step back and look at the high school dynamic from all sides, helping to point out some of the absurdity and the disfunctional way people treat each other etc. Perhaps the show actually cultivated people’s insight as to how a student might finally get so fed up , they do something.

    I think we all live in Gilead. Margret Atwood is on point.

  23. I do NOT like this, it's because they're different (no offense). The Heather's are supposed to be beautiful and y'know the rest.

  24. Ok, I know this tv show sucks, and we all like the musical and the movie WAY BETTER but, I must admit, the person playing “Heather M” is iconic in the beginning he is like “Yeah, shut up Heather!” Then “Oh, yeah I forgot sorry.”

  25. I LOVE THIS !!! People are so unnecessarily mad about this, for what? The acting in this is amazing.. It's not the original, and it's not meant to be. It's a reimagining and they did amazing

  26. They should have called this SJW heathers, and just made it into a comedy with the general basis and storyline of heathers

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