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HEAVY TRIP Trailer #1 (2018) Heavy Metal Comedy Movie

Obiad gotowy, kto jest głodny? Wyglądacie chłopaki jak dziwny heavy metalowy zespół. Tak, jesteśmy zespołem. Dałem mu nasze demo. Zagramy na festiwalu. Co? Chciałabyś wyskoczyć ze mną na kawę? Pewnie, uwielbiam kawe. Trzymaj się z dala od mojej córki ! Trzymaj się z dala od mojej córki! Kupuj swoje kwiatki gdzie indziej. Kupuj swoje kwiatki gdzie indziej. Pracuje nad tą laleczką od dłuższego czasu. Pracuje nad tą laleczką od dłuższego czasu. I Ty tego nie zrujnujesz. Zespół Tura ma koncert w Norwegii Cała wioska oszalała. Przepraszam, nie ma miejsca na festiwalu dla was w tym roku. Przepraszam, nie ma miejsca na festiwalu dla was w tym roku. A teraz odrzuć tą pałkę! wszystko się spierdoliło. To ssie. -Nie obchodzi mnie to ! Pojadę do Norwegii grać Nawet jak będę martwy. Co jest ? Jaką muzykę głupki gracie? Pacjent spad 9 znowu się obsrał. Znowu? – Znowu.

100 thoughts on “HEAVY TRIP Trailer #1 (2018) Heavy Metal Comedy Movie

  1. Es una porqueria de pelicula, no es una pelicula de heavy netal, solo tiene escenas gays y muchas mariconadas no la vean 👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩💩 me hicieron perder mi tiempo viendo esta porqueria de pelicula hijoputas .l.

  2. The black metal community says this movie sucks – the movie community says this movie is awesome. WHAT SHALL I DO?!?!

  3. So the first song (cover) is called: Impaled Rektum – Kuusamo. Their own song is called: Impaled Rektum – Flooding Secrations. Music composed and arranged by Mika Lammassaari (Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Mors Subita, Wolfheart). Lyrics by Juuso Laatio. Mixed by Viktor Gullichsen (Brymir). Performed by Eemeli Bodde (Mors Subita) and Mika Lammassaari.

  4. So cool Like black metal guys know comedy and laugh too…. But Behemoth is like …… I like heavy metal bullet for my valentine… Cool…want to watch this…

  5. Greating guys!
    I know it is a stupid question but can you recommend me bands who plays similar music? Thank you all in advance !

  6. How Many shot in the scene that symphonic postapocalyptic reindeer grinding christ abusing extreme war pagan fennoscandian metal.. I bet a thousand times

  7. So does this movie, like every other about metal, add to the general public's idea of the "goofiness" of metal? But I must say I became less worried now, because I had read it was about "heavy metal", which made me think of the 80s, but luckily it seems to be more of a modern metal band so as to not slander the golden times too much.

  8. Does anyone know the name of the song that the protagonist listens to on the headset when he is working at the hospice?

  9. They got me @ "Symphonic Postapocalyptic Reindeer-Grinding Christ-Abusing Extreme War Pagan Fennoscandian Metal" I'm in.

  10. Way to go, Finland. If there ever was to be made a metal-comedy you were the ones to do it.
    Looking forward to seeing this!
    Humbly, your neigbor, the Swede.

  11. It was HILARIOUS in the best meaning of this word. So funny, smart and entertaining – the MUST for all metalheads.

  12. Can You help me ?! I want to find the track to this film! It sounds on the 14,41 , when h3 Butchering a deer.

  13. I fkin love this movie, i think european movies are much better than american, and i never listened metal but in this movie sounds great

  14. To anyone reading the comments wondering if you should watch this… Yes! Yes you fucking should! It's available on Amazon prime video for free, if you have Amazon prime membership.

  15. WTF! I just tried watching this movie on amazon. There isn't even a subtitles for this non english speaking movie?

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