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39 thoughts on “Heckler derails comedy show (HD)

  1. All kids are stupid. That's why we look after them for 18 years. We have to get them far enough past their stupidity to be able to survive. heh. But sticking things in outlets is one of the many fucking stupid things we do while growing up, testing the world (our idiotic curiosity begets science, btw!) and thankfully we do it while in the safety net of our parents' home. I wouldn't have feet right now, otherwise. rofl

  2. He's going to start slow… and so starts with Abortion… well that does start with the first letter of the alphabet. His claim checks out.

  3. No child in the world has ever been tethered outside and jumped a fence and hung themselves.  Dogs, kids and this comedian are dumb as shit.  Please YouTube, if you read this stop bringing his vids up on my suggested vid list.

  4. This is basically every other interaction I have with people.

    And I do self-evaluate. I ask, was I being clear in where I was going with this topic of conversation? Maybe it's my fault that the person I'm speaking to keeps interrupting with questions that would have been answered if they had just kept their mouths shut.

    If nothing else, it keeps me on my toes.

  5. lol Steve you're awesome, I do have one question. Have you ever had a heckler that has outwitted you or gave you a good run for your money?

  6. Hey steve, was wondering if you would be in the tampa area anytime soon? Would love to come out and support you, maybe sucker punch a guy or two who tries to heckle you. So long as im bigger theb him. Cheer$!!

  7. You are the fucking King of dominating hecklers. Dane Cook has his sexual humor, Louis C.K has his offensive humor, and you have this crazy natural talent of snapping back with perfect witty responses to hecklers. it's fucking great. though it is a nuisance, it blends in greatly with what makes you stand out as a comedian.

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  9. Okay, so how often do you REALLY get to do a good, uninterrupted show for taping? Not that I'm complaining because we YouTube fans benefit whenever some gold-star dunce cap screws a taping up, but it seems like the "good taping" might be a bit of a mythical unicorn if the number of botched taping so you post is anything to go by…

  10. I'm definitely subbing man, you are genuinely funny as hell, I love how you handle hecklers XD You have a seriously bright future ahead of you man, I'm definitely looking forward to more content 😀

  11. It always amazes me to think people believe they're going to outwit a professional comedian in the middle of their show. Especially a good comedian.

  12. "here's the funny thing about abortion" great line to take it dark instantly after you said you were going to take it slow. very funny keep up the these great vids.

  13. When can we get the full-length of the darker stuff? Please put it up!
    Also, awesome routines and your heckler bits too, keep up the great work (Visit Perth, Australia)

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