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Helium | State Farm® Commercial

Oh, no. Are you OK, Mike? Yeah. Had a pretty big
fender bender here. Don’t worry. State Farm’s gotcha covered. That’s great to hear, Robin. What’s going on? Are you sure you’re OK? Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Ahh. Ohh. We’re going to get
you a tow truck, Mike. Thank you. Real fender bender going on. Fender bender. Fender bender. Fender bender. Fender bender. Everybody remain calm. There’s no reason to panic. Go with the one that’s here to
help life go right, State Farm.

100 thoughts on “Helium | State Farm® Commercial

  1. Um, you guys do realize that helium gas being released from a truck in a confined space such as a tunnel will displace all of the oxygen in the area around it and end up killing everybody in the immediate vicinity, right?

  2. Yes, it is funny.
    But in real life, this situation would be incredibly dangerous. Helium can displace oxygen very easily. It's why it's a really bad idea to breath helium from a ballon.

    On a lighter note I saw an episode of Mythbusters where they "floated" a boat in a aquarium with no water in it. Just a HEAVIER than air gas that could hold up the boat. It also made Adams vocie sound like Elisabeth Holmes.

  3. I nearly peed my pants the 2nd time I heard it. I guess my brain wasn't engaged the first time. Now I can't quit laughing at it.

  4. EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM!!!!! WE’LL ALL BE OUT OF HERE IN A JIFFY!!!! How come that part wasn’t in the video😐

  5. If your voice ever does that your going to die in less then a minute. Shame on state farm for making this stupid commercial. If that happend you would be dead.

  6. In reality, the last place you would want to be is in an enclosed space, such as this tunnel, with a compressed gas. Oxygen could easily be flushed out as colder helium becomes a gas from a supercold liquid and expands.

  7. This is far and away the best commercial I have ever seen, and I've been a few years on this planet (75)! I saw it for the first time on Hulu, and couldn't resist looking online for it, and emailing the link to friends, and watching the darned thing again and again. Since I am already a State Farm customer, they really couldn't sell me anything, but I do think they deserve a LOT of praise for this ingenious commercial! Thank you, State Farm! Thank you HEAPS!

  8. I made a comment on this great guy Aflamu (“Mike”) and how my hubby and I love his commercial. I heard back from him thanking me. He loved doing the advert. he said. He seems like such a down to earth guy and I sure hope he does many more ads. The way he hesitates and says “Robyn” with his helium voice is just too funny. He makes that commercial! Most ads are ridiculous. Not this one! He is just a natural! Love this guy!

  9. And then everybody died from asphyxiation due to a major helium leak displacing the oxygen in such an enclosed space.

    The cops are wrong. They are all in great danger.

  10. That 🚚 looks like the Liquid Nitrogen 🚚 that crash and broke open in Terminator 2! So I'll say I like this commercial but I still hate State Farm's jingle slogan chime that plays every beginning and end of their ads in an very annoying manner! It sounds like the T-Mobile ringtone and it's agitating but I digress.

  11. I Can’t be the only one who thought that female cop was an oompa loompa from Charlie and the chocolate factory right?

  12. This commercials real funny cause tge gas thats leaking is helium reminds me of the time it rained mustard gas though and my buddy dint hava his mask on and well


  13. Me and my bff: FeNdEr BenDer
    My school bestie: EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM!
    My other bff as a cop: THERE'S NO REASON TO PANIC!

  14. Enough compressed Helium can displace so much air that it actually can put out a fire in an open space, I've seen it happen. They should run out of there screaming like Chipmunks before they start to see colors and die of asphyxiation

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