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Henry Cavill Reads Thirst Tweets

– (laughing) On the internet, sure. Hi, I’m Henry Cavill,
and I’m here at BuzzFeed to read some thirst tweets, here goes. “Henry Cavill, I love you
with your glowing skin “and your perfect face and the
beautiful curls in your hair, “I just want to hug you “because you are the love of my life.” Ooh, not nearly as thirsty
as I thought it might be, I’ve read worse things in my comments. United TOPS of Smash Bros (laughing) “Henry Cavill can like, stick his tongue “down my throat, I guess.” Thanks, thanks for the opportunity. That definitely got thirstier. “Henry Cavill could
destroy my body and my life “and all I’d say is so does
tomorrow work for you too?” Yes Sam, tomorrow does work for me too. “Can I just say it Henry Cavill can “destroy me like legit he
can superman this hoe.” That’s very kind of you,
I appreciate your vigor. But um, don’t hurt yourself,
be careful out there. “I would let Henry Cavill split me in half “I’m just gonna say it.” Thanks for saying it. What do people get up
to in their free time? “Henry Cavill could
leave me on read at 4:30, “text back at 8:47,
and I’d reply at 8:46.” That’s a neat trick. I really do need to get Twitter, could spend hours reading this stuff. Okay, this is the last one. “Henry Cavill definitely
exudes Big Dick Energy, “and to make it even better,
I’m 99% sure he’s actually big, “I’m weak just thinking about it.” Thank you. Why the 1%, I ask? And, furthermore, no comment. See you BuzzFeed, thank you very much for
your thirsty tweets, very, very entertaining,
and complimentary. And I’m probably getting
Twitter now, thanks.

100 thoughts on “Henry Cavill Reads Thirst Tweets

  1. So Henry used to be a chubby kiddo on his school youth… could he have ever imagined comments like this would ever happen in his future?

  2. The fact that celebrities get a free pass at murdering people and i don't makes me thinl about how dumb this world is

  3. I Always Wanted To Be A Film Director And Make A
    DCEU Teen Titans Movie Based off the 2003 Series by DC Comics
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    Thomas Brodie-Sangster as BeastBoy
    Peyton List as Terra
    Brandon Larracuente as Blue Beetle
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    Aleksandr Kerzhakov as Red-Star
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    Dylan R. Snyder as Kid Flash
    Amber S. West as Thunder
    Madison Pettis as Lightning
    Dee Bradley Baker as Tramm (voice)
    Jimmy Pincheck as Jericho
    Brandon T. Jackson as Herald
    Unknown Child Actors as Melvin, Timmy Tantrum and Teether
    Unknown Actor as Bobby
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    Teen Titans: 3 Dawn of the War Part 1
    Teen Titans: 4 Dawn of the War Part 2
    Teen Titans: 5 Battle of the Teen Tyrants
    Teen Titans: 6 Legends of Titans
    Teen Titans: 7 The Return of Slade
    Teen Titans: 8 Trouble in Tokyo
    Teen Titans: 9 Evolution
    Teen Titans: 10 The Judas Contract

    Music Soundtrack Score by Junkie XL & Steven Price or Soundtrack-Edits Here's The Playlist

    And I Don't Care that I'm 17
    Give Me Cast Ideas For 6 Characters Kilowatt, Melvin, Teether, Timmy, Bobby, Kyd Wykkyd, Arella

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Holy that was epically thirsty. I wish I looked good enough for that kind of love from a woman:p
    His equivalent is Jennifer Connolly

  5. In the ineffable words of the great Miriam Margolyes “I creamed my knickers” which is a nifty trick because I’m a guy…

    Honestly and with sincerity: He could hate crime me and I would express total gratitude.
    # JesusH.RooseveltChrist

  6. It must be extremely difficult, embarrassing and annoying to read such stupid horny comments from random women every day. I know that most of women would love to scream from excitation (me too) but let it be inner scream. You deserve to be respected at least by yourself.

  7. He's so gorgeous fucking hell british men are so beautiful. And i don't mean your run of the mill lad Terry who can down a pint in 30 seconds and will shag your sister. Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Taron Egerton can like GET IT

  8. Unfortunately the only thing that Henry Cavill is more than sexy…is very boring. Dude’s got less personality than a wet sponge 🧽

  9. Henry can baste you down the Euphrates and ravish you like the Routundra, climax you like the rapids of Niagara falls and sooth you like the calm River Nile. You dirty princess.

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