Laughter is the Best Medicine

Herbal Essences: Crack the Cap Responsibly

– Whoo! Cap cracking. It’s, uh… Some are for, others against. It’s an epidemic. These women are walking
into supermarket aisles and cracking the caps and sniffing – in the middle of lane 7! (SCOFFS) (WONDROUS MUSIC PLAYS) # Whoo! # Turn it up! # Oh, oh, oh… # Oh! It was like
she was in another world. She shouldn’t be doing that. You shouldn’t be doing that! There’s one security guard.
Security guard Sam. You’re quick, soldier, aren’t you? Does nothing. He does nothing. It seems to me that there
are some kind of family syndicates operating within the aisle. – (QUIETLY) Behind you.
– Mother and a son came in. – (QUIETLY) Knock it over. I did think it was a legitimate
emergency over by the cereal. But it was just a diversion to
get me away from the Herbal Essence. # It’s time to turn
my dreams into schemes # Schemes into plans # Plans into history # Show ’em who I am… # (INHALES DEEPLY) Ohh! Mum! What are you doing?! Every day they come
to crack and sniff. Come on. These women
just want their shampoo, and no matter how much
chaos it creates, they keep
coming back for more. Crack. # It’s time to turn
my dreams into schemes # Schemes into plans # Plans into history # Show ’em who I am
Here we go # Hey! #

30 thoughts on “Herbal Essences: Crack the Cap Responsibly

  1. I think this is so funny! I can amgine my mum doing this! By the way i want that shampoo! Also i really want that shampoo! 😀

  2. Once i tried to smell one and i couldn't smell anything so i squeezed the bottle and a bunch of shampoo splattered onto my face and in my nose lol

  3. lol I was at Walmart the other day, because I had to get shampoo and conditner and it was supposed to be a three min trip. I spent 30min just deciding what Herbal essence one smells the best. long story short I got the coconut hydrating one

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