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Here is the sketch about Sweden! Denmark is laughing about right now!

The traveler I am at the scene of the crime now The swedes are already here I don’t know Kenneth. I can ask them about it. Who is the leader of this investigation? *Bad swedish* leader of investigation? I am. Carola Salander, Skåne Police. I’ll tell the Danish police director that. It’s some bitch. Cya Kenneth John Torsten Eriksen, Copenhagen police. So that’s the victim. From what I understand there was a witness who saw the (male)culprit. (genderneutral) culprit genderneutral) culprit! You better stop that swede shit. In danish it’s called a (male)culprit. That is just how the word is. Dosen’t matter if it was Hilda Heick who did it. Hilda Heick Do you understand? How do I explain this? Tiny tit! What do we know of the (male)culprit? Let’s see. The suspected person is described as a.. human and? That’s it. That’s it? No hair color, skin color, ethnicity? You can’t relate murderers to an entire ethnic group. No way Well it might be easier to know if we are looking for a.. A fat white middleaged man from a gated community Or a dark skinned gangster from Malmö We have no gangsters in Malmö No! Sure you don’t.. Not as long as you sit on your asses in Stockholm Reading your censored newspapers Written by pussy whipped, feminized, me tooish, castrated journalists. without the guts to call a spade a spade or an asylum seeker for a hardcord druglord Are you done? It is a little weird, don’t you think? That more people get shot on a weekday in Malmö than in a year in Mogadishu. It cant be because there a sale on meatballs in ikea gotta have something to do with the tone of the debate Don’t look at me like that. I’m the only one looking for way to find the bastard that shot her. Zir. Zir? We are interested in finding zir who murdered zir. You gotta fucking stop right now. I can agree on that the (male) culprit. Can be any human. But that the victim is a woman is just a fact. Right you can see that. That’s breasts right there. Titties. What do you call them *Bad swedish* Breasts! Ouch god damnit. But? Am I not allowed to say breasts anymore? No not under swedish law.

25 thoughts on “Here is the sketch about Sweden! Denmark is laughing about right now!

  1. This is the factual political climate, but the funny thing is that I experience the Norwegians and Danes to be less racist and less prejudiced against foreigners than Swedes. I had 3 really wonderful great Swedish friends in America – I really loved those girls, but overall I do prefer the Norwegians and Danes for their openmindedness. Sweden sort has this Socialism with a caveat, which is different to Norway and Denmark.

  2. @O. Rood  see its easy the refugee did pathetic stuff cuz of not hving good civic sense due to poberty if u see if i was taken in a country say sweden then i would feel like a heavh debt has struck me and i must do my best to contribute to my 2nd motherland either by keeping the environment healthier or by various work thats civic sense for me 😇😇but u see they r already brainwashed by sahria and when they see nude western women(actually western women usually wears very less cloth violating nudity🙄🙄) so they dont consider them women and do bad things my strange thought wqs that usa was responsible for the middle east mess they destroyed thise ppls livelihoods then why eu and import refugee ok but a whole country🤔🤔🤨millions

  3. I’m ashamed more than ever to be a swede, this is so true.

    Please all Danish politicans, make Sweden great again.

  4. …swedes are a laughing stock now… such a pity they have been duped by their socialist PC government.. they will end up mad…

  5. As a swede, i love this. This so typical Sweden. Dannish people are so right and this i so sad what we become nowdays.

  6. Alla danskar och norrmän, jag håller med om allt som ironiseras I denna sketch. Absolut. Men tänk bara på att vi är också många svenskar som också ser detta vansinnet och tvingas leva i det. Sveriges politiska klimat är totalt fucked. Det är pk socialister och tokliberaler som tagit över precis allting. Det som är märkligt dock är att svenskarna i majoritet verkar gilla läget eftersom de fortsätter rösta på skiten. Men det var ändå ett gott skratt. Jag älskar sådana som visar kontrasten.

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