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Here’s How The Crack Epidemic Brought A City To Its Knees

My name is Aaron Williams. I’m a journalist from Compton, California. I’ve been researching the effects of the crack
epidemic for over a decade. Crack is a processed version of the party
drug cocaine in rock form. I did try it and from that moment on I was
chasing the initial high. It goes directly to the pleasure center of
your brain. There’s just no escape from it once you’re
addicted. Everybody lost their minds. [Song Lyrics] One dollar, two dollar, three
dollar, four, and the young baby momma and her daughter going broke. Increase violence, gangs, riots. The Crips and the Bloods have swarmed eastward. The use of crack increasing quickly. Fearlessly setting up an open-air drug market. The reaction of mainstream America was, “Oh
my God. “Oh my God. We have to fix this immediately.” They work every day to plot a new and better
way to steal our children’s’ lives. [singing] Just say no… That was right around the time that D.A.R.E.
came out. The egg and the skillet. This is your brain on drugs. …danger of crack. Thousands of dollars in cash and firearms… Enough is enough. Trying to fix things without knowing how they
got broken in the first place is a great way to break them worse. Ah! Ah! You had Ronald Reagan getting involved. Retribution must be swift and sure for those
who decide to make a career of praying on for those who decide to make a career of praying on the innocent. You have the militarized police. I’ve seen plenty of raids in my lifetime. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Straight Outta
Compton’ where the tank rams in the door, that was right around the corner from my house. I remember thinking, ‘That’s a house. People live there.’ If you were caught with rock cocaine they
were getting these sentences for twenty-five years. You’ve got to have mandatory laws. You’ve got to show people if you arrest them,
we’re going to keep them. Put handcuffs on her, get her out of here. People are going in at twenty and coming out
at forty-five. How are we suppose to build a community that
way? You had this proxy war going on. A Senate investigative panel found that there
were people associated with the CIA who were involved with drug trafficking. One of the motives was to raise money for
the Contras in Nicaragua. Tonight I can report to you that we’ve made
much progress. It’s almost hard to comprehend what might
have been if not for this crack scourge that raced through Los Angeles and other major
cities. Today, the perception is of crack users as losers. We still need treatment programs. And I think that we still need to decriminalize. Our Mayor, Aja Brown, has done such a tremendous
job of bringing jobs and employment back to Compton. Crime rate has gone down. Things can and should and will get better. But we have to work for it.

35 thoughts on “Here’s How The Crack Epidemic Brought A City To Its Knees

  1. i have never been addicted to any drug or even tried cocaine but one day i was smoking weed with these guy's and one of them had put crack in the joint. after that first hit i felt amazing as if all of my senses lit up, could see clearly hear everything felt like i could run the marathon. after finding out what i had smoked i got mad and left but i saw first hand how people get addicted. Scared the shit out of me

  2. You should be able to buy an oz of crack for 50 bucks then it would be legit? How do you fk with some shit that 20 dollars lasts 2 minutes?

  3. Hi, I strongly suggest to read the book "Spyhunter – the secret history of german intelligence" by M. Shrimpton (June Press – 2014)

  4. LA gangs went to war over crack sales.. the san Fernando valley mexican gangs went to war over meth sales…

  5. everybody knows the government dumped cheap cocaine into the Black communities back then but the responsibility lies with you. nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to smoke crack. I grew up in Detroit in the 80's and crack was everywhere. I never even thought about smoking that dumb shit. stop blaming everybody for the stupid choices you make

  6. Ronald Reagan was selling dope!! They put it all in inner city black hoods intill the whites start coming out to inner city and getting hooked then they called it an epedemic just like with herion and opiods now! When blacks was on herion no epedemic and meth is an epedemic for your facts!!

  7. This is why they’ll forever shove slavery movies down our throats,lets talk about the recent history and its destruction on the black community. We’ll never see it all.

  8. The rich people did this. To prevent the minoritys from becoming rich. The growing and thriving black communities. The policticians didnt want that. The 60s were the emd of the jim crow laws and all that crap of the time. Releasing crack was a way to get back. FBI come get me

  9. I don’t think that communities are better when you don’t arrest people that are selling crack cocaine. Like you think these people are volunteering and contributing to the community? I don’t care if we arrest gang members.. .

  10. All blacks do about crack is smoke it down and blame whites(nonjews) and when whites die from the dope (they) sell, they say 'as you should'

  11. What really changed everything was turning from God and embracing sin. You could put a mountain of crack on my front porch tomorrow, I still wouldn't smoke it

  12. I wonder if black people react different to drugs than whites.. Genetically alcohol maybe more harsh you blacks. If crack did this, it was because genetics and extreme high as a consequence? What do you think, are blacks more imune to opiates ?

  13. What I don't get about the War on Drugs:
    Why is it that White Americans care so much about ending drugs, when they were the ones that made drugs popular?
    White America embraced drugs in the 60's and 70's with the Hippies. Then they flip-flopped. Fast Forward to the 80's, and people are being brutalized by the police and White America in the Crack Epidemic.

  14. After segregation government filled drugs within communities , all by design and even the first of the month song by bone thugs and harmony in regulations.

  15. The irony of the War on Drugs being launched in the 1980s is that illicit drug use had been dropping for about a decade. We were essentially beginning to fight a war with an enemy that no one believed existed. In fact, less than 2 percent of the public viewed drugs as the most important issue facing the nation. War on Drugs? More like War on Blacks!

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