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Hilarious Mitt Romney Quotes

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membership list you know what might be not has no idea garnell welcome to margaret great to have you
bored also i was looking at this new mit
romney soundboard uh… carl the intern put together for
us and there’s so many funny ones that we’re going to be able to use i just
want to test it out and seemed kind of what we have on here i think this is
probably my favorite quote on the soundboard messier precisely with exactly what i said but i
stand on what i said whatever it was a oak when i get that one one more time with
the soviet tonight in there precisely with exactly what i said but i
still know what i said whatever it was right and then of course former mit romney
support of the auto bailout and he would have done everything except the tiny
said this write that one doesn’t work for me that’s interesting mo that’s weird with both you were
talking about here at pointed a couple of judges who
apparently i find out work regalo if i didn’t confirmed the accidental gay appointment used to
indicate he is a supporter of gay rights in some way nine with the year you do you do you don’t don’t begin to
apply the doctrines of the religion to responsibility for providing an asian
or forgetting a state well friday’s unemployment mustang and a half anticipated track and raisa colin powell
actually can perform for them everytime i hear that it’s the author of
the things that i was standing in area anticipated track and raisa colin powell
essentially it wouldn’t answer the question have started healing dr hanged divert he’ll be gone to the next question and
then lastly this is also a favorite of mine i like being able to fire people but
service is doing desiree yeah of course israel obliged to
those that you know he did say that was a joke and al gore
said that these are all doing anything says that will in saying is the other
ones aren’t jokes they’re just flip flops this is like an actual issue right now it was a letter messier precisely with exactly what i said but i
still a lot of said whatever it was really undercut the everything they’re
romney’s ever say suggest going somewhere here exactly peace activist janice roberts is
refusing to rent an apartment to war veteran sergeant told morgan this is an
interesting case was this isn’t saving hell massachusetts i wonder if it’s an and anything that it
is if you think we would now buy tickets even helped never heard of it but i have
a new direction

76 thoughts on “Hilarious Mitt Romney Quotes

  1. LOL, he makes me laugh he's so stupid! like when he said he visited all 57 states…… oh, wait a minute… that was Obama! Or when he said his energy police was inflating tires… oh, hold the phone, that was Obama! Ohhh I know, when he said put those thingamajiggy in the furnace…. damn, that was Obama too!

  2. both candidates have fucked up saying stuff on a number of occasions, granted neither to the extend of George W. Bush, all we can really do is judge them on their policy, in which case Obama's shit stinks the least.

  3. Actually what he said was that he had visited 47 states so far and he wasn't going to visit Alaska or Hawaii so he only had one more to go.

  4. David Pakman bugs the crap outta me. So does Louis a bunch of left wing nut bags. They claim to be an unbiased political program, total bullshit. Ever since i've subscribed to your little mickey mouse radio show i have heard nothing but liberal propaganda. Not once have a heard you say one negative thing about anyone or anything having to do with the Democratic party. However, in almost every episode you spend more than enough time dragging Republicans names thru the mud. Shame on both of you!!!

  5. Um that's all I hear on right wing news….The only time I ever hear any fellow republican get dragged threw the mud on the right is when they become too moderate. You want Balance? Check out a show called The Young Turks. In one of the most recent clips the Host went after Democrats so hard you thought he was flip off the camera. I agree with you that this show is all on the left but what did you aspect? I have heard David go after Dems before but you are right the majority of the time it's V.V

  6. David, you forgot this absolute gem from his stump speech in South Carolina:

    “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”

    That's the biggest line of jingoistic gibberish I've heard in a very long time and with that I mean the Dan Quayle idiocy. Mitt is a buffoon!

  7. I have a feeling Pakman memberships are disproportionately represented by Noahs, Connors, Reeds, Brodys, Landons, Kyles and Skylers.

  8. your right! he does speak gibberish, but don't forget he is a politician and as such is playing to the audience. He's saying the things that he (or his advisers) think you want to hear. He is not unusual in this regard. He treats his audience as if they are buffoon's. unfortunatly they lap it up.

  9. Mitt Romney: 1 step foreword, 3 steps back. How did he make it this far? Oh yeah, a lot of Americans are retarded…

  10. Sarcasm/Satire . Look up the definition, then spend some time studying American politics. This is for you mental well-being

  11. I tried to find a video or even a sound file of Mitt saying this. Can't find it anywhere. You would think that a funny bit like this – a candidate getting a hiccup in the middle of a quote he must say a lot – would be easy to find on the web. It's not. I don't think it exists. If that's the case then this is one of the sad things about politics on any side of the aisle. Some people want to automatically believe that something is true, they don't verify it and spread falsehoods. It's a shame.

  12. Obama is working hard for all Americans. Here in Iowa, I will vote for him. Mitt has not paid taxes for a decade, or so Harry Reid would have us believe. Man up, Mitt, let's see the tax returns.

  13. do you think Romney would be any better???? You did just hear some of the things he has said, he's almost as bad at speaking as George W. Bush was, although, he is good at one thing, trying to ruin America, my source for that…. Mitt Romney's speeches

  14. That's right, keep talking about Obama, maybe you can distract people long enough that they wont notice they're voting for Romney.

  15. In technical terms, no, America isn't a country. It's a continent. The UNITED STATES is a country. CANADA is a country. MEXICO is a country.

    Also, chill out.

  16. Actually, North America and south America are continents, America is a general term referring to the us. If you want to get technical

  17. Some of what Obama "did right"(partial)
    1. 3,680,000 private sector jobs created since the end of the Bush Great Recession
    2. Expanded government’s fight against fraud in Financial ref, Federal Contractor ref and Health Care areas
    3. $2,000,000,000,000 in deficit reduction
    4. He saved the economy from ruin with a stimulus that was as large as possible given the political realities
    5. Saved the US Auto Industry
    6. Health Care Reform
    7. Reduced military spending by $500,000,000,000

  18. Just face it Romneys a moron and you Repubs are stuck with him and have to pretend like you really like the guy. On the inside it hurts don't it??

  19. Obama is a bad joke, Romney is a National embarrassment.
    Should have voted for Libertarians Ron Paul or Gary Johnson!

  20. Dear Puppet-Robot-Romney,

    Your Rich Republican Puppet Masters have programmed you to say vague things, look pretty, and agree with everyone, but I do not think you do a good job of hiding your heartless robot chest.


    A Moderate Voter

  21. No let's make fun of Romney because he makes it too damn easy. I mean seriously show up on telemundo with an orange spray on tan? We all know he doesn't give one flying fuck about the middle class – you know the people who pay the taxes- and will give tax breaks to the upper class – you know the people who don't pay taxes- which will just make out economic situation worse. We've only been this bad off twice and one of the times it took a revolution and full government overhaul to fix.

  22. When did Obama reduce military spending by 500 Billion? The auotomatic cuts thats suppose to start Jan 2013 isnt going to happen. The military industrial complex will not let that happen.

  23. Save the US Auto Industry, in other words used Tax Payers hard earned money in order to bail out a company that was " too big to fail ".

  24. To be fair
    1. 3,680,000 created after roughly that same amount were lost toward the beginning of his presidency.
    2. Expanded the government fight against fraud by ignoring the federal reserve, working within and thriving off of the same broken political system that breeds the corruption he supposedly fights against. He has not done anything about the 17,000 page tax code, the real reason for our wealth disparity.
    3. Is this number effective or predicted?

  25. 7. Health Care reform that Republicans and Democrats have yet to read and/or analyze. While there are elements of it that I do agree with I do not agree that the government enforcing a penalty on citizens for not partaking in our deeply flawed insurance system and calling it "fixed" and then shoveling the slack into a deeply bureaucratic gutter program is an adequate answer to our problems.
    7. Decreased military spending after how many drone strikes and military interventions?

  26. I do not consider myself party aligned. I recognize that the problems we're facing go much much deeper than party/candidate platforms and promises. Obama was the lesser of two evils, that greater evil being a neoconservative embarrassment to the principles of limited government and fair competitive market practices. Neither candidate, in the end, lived up to what they promised and defending either of them without objection is detrimental.

  27. that is the biggest fraud of a list i have ever seen. democrats r just as idiotic as republicans and i hope u all die soon

  28. "Corporations are people" line was exactly right in context.  His point was that you can't raise taxes on corporations without taxing actual human beings.  Corporations are made up of people…just as religions are.  If someone taxed the Catholic church, and someone responded by saying, "religions are people" it would be clear what he meant.

    Willful ignorance isn't just ignorance.  It's deceit.

  29. i dont understand why so many politicians insist on having medical heroin legal but medical marijuana is pure evil…makes no sense. don't even get me started on alcohol either.

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