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Hilarious Party Prank! – The Tricky Pencil

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today, we will talk about this puzzle here, which is available all around the world under different names. In my case, I bought it under the name Tricky Pencil. The Tricky Pencil consists of two parts. One is a wooden stick, and the other part is just a loop here, made of a cord, and it’s closed, it cannot be opened. To use this as a puzzle, we need two more things. We need a shirt, like this. And we need a friend we can challenge to solve this puzzle. And actually, this puzzle can be also used as a very nice party trick, which I gonna show you now. You just make a bet with your friend that you will connect this piece, or this tricky pencil, to his shirt, and he has six minutes to remove it. But, there is, of course, something he need to do, and this is with every minute, he has to drink one shot. So the guys of you who are below eighteen, in Europe, or twenty-one in the US, you can use some, I don’t know, water or iced tea. For all the adults, I mean, since we’re talking about a friend of yours, we use the good stuff, okay? So. We gonna take the stick, and I will connect it now to my shirt, you will not see how to do it, and then, we gonna start with the game. Okay, here we go. So. I just connected the cord now, here, to my shirt. I just need to fill the glasses with some schnapps, of course, [snaps fingers] Okay, here we go. And now it’s time to start the puzzle. So, actually, if you give this to your friend, or if it’s connected to your own shirt, that you wear, it’s even more difficult to do than when you do it right now. So you can be sure, or pretty sure, that your friend will, most of your friends will not solve it within five minutes. So, when he starts, ja, he will start to fiddling here, just, I mean, the first move everyone will do is, of course, to take this piece here put it through here, and try to take it out. But, the cord is too short. It will not work. So he goes back. He tries to somehow get the wooden stick here through the hole. No chance. Will also not work. And, the time will run, so, he will just start to do it, and in the end, it will look more or less like this. What the hell? This is impossible, man! Oh, man! So this will be pretty much what it looks like. And now we come to the solution, which is pretty easy. So you just take the stick, you flip it over here, and now you take the stick, go through the hole, and you go through here. Same as we did before, in the beginning, but it will get stuck. The trick is, now, zoom in to see a little bit closer, the trick is now, we take these, this cord here, and put it here over the fabric, and this, to elongate our distance we can travel with our stick, this will enable us to take it out of the button hole. So just, quickly, assemble and dis-assemble it again, that you can see it. We start, actually, only with the cord, put it over here, and this enables us to get the stick through the button hole. And afterwards, when it’s through, we take it, and we move the ends together, tighten it up, and this is the trick, that you need to later, you need to move these to the outside. So when you want to dis-assemble it, it’s even better if you move it over here, and when you dis-assemble it, later, move it over here, put the pen- the pencil through here, through the hole, the cord will not be enough to remove it, but now, we take it, put it to the outside here, and we use the shirt to give us more travel for the stick, and we can take it out. It’s actually great trick, and you can be sure most of your friends will fail to do it, under pressure, when everyone is watching them. And it can be very very funny, believe me. So, that’s it for today. I hope you liked this episode. It was a little bit different than usually. Anyway, if you like it, give me a like, or subscribe to my channel, also to my Facebook channel. For more, for more detailed reviews, I have also a Patreon channel available. I put you, put the link in the description where you can buy it, of course. And, until next time, keep on puzzling!

100 thoughts on “Hilarious Party Prank! – The Tricky Pencil

  1. I do not think giving infinite time will change the outcome – If he has not done it after six minutes, he will never do it – with one shot per minute.

  2. The first time I got stuck with this devils trap I was on a fire line; The paramedic on the fire was carving up a bunch of these things and using para-cord with a knot to torture my crew to death with! Now the first part of this story is necessary so you can understand these were homemade (so slightly different but exact same concept),
    and our "yellows" a.k.a. fire resistant shirts are quite a bit thicker then civilian shirts.

    So to keep a long story short, after fuddling with this medieval torture device (for about 2-3 hours) I was the first one to solve this blasted thing! BUT I solved it using the second method; The second method is you pull the entire shirt through that blasted string ROFL!

  3. хорошая игрушка, но есть риск накидаться и порвать рубашку =)

  4. My party trick is to do my impression of an elephant. First, I grab the front pockets of my pants and pull them out, so they hang outside of my pants. Next, I take out my unfeasibly long penis. And, there you have it. My tasteful elephant impression.

    Also, my unfeasibly long penis can imitate a helicopter blade if I hold it at the base and spin. It's quite effective. This one time, when I did my helicopter impression, I ended up taking off and actually flying! The stewardesses on the flight I was on at the time loved my impression. No doubt because of their aviation connection.

  5. I answer here since the original video deleted/corrupted (?). So: Okay, fair enough. All good for Kei! Just that there is a reason he injures his wrist hitting that strong (semi)western power forehand as a relatively small man, time and again. I have always preferred more fluid and natural techniques in tennis also. That is why we play with the modified/flexible eastern forehand, me and my pal, Roger the Man. And that tennis is poetry of movement, not violent forcing of shots

  6. How about instead of crappy sales and commission nonsense, you add a video on how to add a string to a stick. Im sure most people in the world have the adequate supplies. But 4 bills for that?.. lol. Think of the opportunity to teach a puzzle build AND do another video. Have you considered that puzzle god?

  7. Very clever! Also looks like one you could make yourself with a couple of simple tools. Thanks Mr. Puzzle! 😁❤

  8. More fun if you put the stick in a women's shirt and have a man try to remove it. They both get to fake a shit per minute

  9. I want to know if he really put booze in those shot glasses and if he really drank them. Six shots in six minutes? You'd be lit up!

  10. Killed my best friend with this trick, he never figured out how to remove it. His funeral is next week and they are burying him with this stuck in his shirt.

  11. My dad explained the solution as using the hole to make the loop bigger. That made 0 sense to me. I think it would be better to describe it as "using the space of the shirt to get more range."

  12. My friends would say i will take a shot every min and not even try to solve it so they can keep getting free shots lol

  13. So while your sitting in a bar with your shirt off, please change your name to Mr. Phuzzle…and repost this clickbait in reverse, would make or sense!

  14. Your wife probably came home and you were just plastered. That’s funny. But I bet you just put water in those shot glasses.

  15. He lost me at Mr. Pus-zlll. I immediately pictured a pus train on a trestle. The Mucinex guy hanging his head out the side of a locomotive….

  16. Nice trick man, seen this once before real life and didn't solved it. Can you give me some size specifications or how to make one yourself..thanks

  17. I'd fiddle with that puzzle for 6 min. Even if I knew the answer to get 6 premium shots of one of Mexico's top tequilas… Donjulio 70

  18. Oh dear. Are you sure you need an excuse to poison yourself? Your hands are already shaky from nerve damage and your skin slightly red which shows blood vessel capillary damage. Tiny hair-thickness vessels that no longer can function. I hate to be the arbiter of bad news but your skin is yellowish (when you press your fingers down.) This is a sign of liver damage too! Get to a doctor and give booze a rest. The good news is all this damage is reversible!

  19. Our version was called the 'idiot stick' because that's what you feel like walking around half the night with it stuck in your shirt.

  20. 6 shots of 190 proof schnapps and Germans still out think the average American lol. And you wonder they were the ones to put the first man on the moon 🤣

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