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19 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling

  1. Couldn't even get her "army" of 18 million out in 2016.
    Sanders almost beat her, with 13 million, this year.

  2. I still believe in Hillary Clinton because with a voice and beliefs like that, she can achieve a lot in life even if trump beat her on Tuesday I still believe in her.

  3. We know she’s talking about the sky on this beautiful flat earth. Good ol case of serpent tongue! Says one thing but means another.

  4. Basically Satan saying he's got 18million souls with him and nothing can penetrate the firmament. But what if maybe the lost souls and sin weakens the glass🤔

  5. It will never happen without God's help. It's his creation not ours. Unless He shatters it himself IT WILL NOT HAPPEN and it goes to show you that we have never been to the moon either like they said!!! Think about it!!!

  6. 6 + 6 + 6 = The Beast
    Occult Day is celebrated on November 18th of each year.  Occult = Hidden Knowledge i.e The Firmament/The Dome we live under !

  7. whats wrong with these people you really think you can outsmart THE MOST HIGH you cant even outsmart the wrinkles on your face, you cant even outsmart a cold, you cant even pick out a good fashion designer enough already with pants suits dam but in some warped way of thinking you think you can crack the firmament these people are insane

  8. She is talking code. The leaders of the world know that the firmament of the lord exists. Little do they know they cannot break gods great works. The time is near and every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess jesus christ is lord. It's all there if you will just look into it. God bless you all

  9. There isnt one crack in it the only thing cracked here is her mind shes so decieved by the devil that hes got her fighting against her own lite eyed elect kind what a fool

  10. This demon is literally telling you that they want to destroy Earth and God's creation by destroying our dome, our glass firmament.

    These are the same sick bunch that lies about the fake climate change and about being the ones that will protect the Earth against man-made harm to nature. Hypocritical and cynical snakes, satanic demons working against us humans and God.

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