Laughter is the Best Medicine

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“The black crow seated
on the rooftop.” “The black crow seated
on the rooftop.” “Keeps croaking constantly.” “He enlightens all the
passersby in his lingo.” “All the passersby.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “There was a girl and
there was a boy.” “The hearts pounded along.” “A spark lighted in
their hearts.” “That’s it; as we won’t tell
you anything more than this.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “The black crow seated
on the rooftop.” “The black crow seated
on the rooftop.” “Keeps croaking constantly.” “The black crow
seated on the rooftop.” “The black crow seated
on the rooftop.” “Keeps croaking constantly.” “He enlightens all the
passersby in his lingo.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” “He who lies invites
trouble for himself.” Damn! I’ve got late today! Please wear a muffler
around your neck. You were coughing last night. You take care of yourself! You were wheezing all night. We bought a bungalow here because
of your breathing problems. This place has become a city
in the last 10 years! How often have I asked you not
to go to the bazaar, temple… …or to crowded and
polluted places? Despite me asking you not to why did
you go to the temple yesterday? You’re amazing! Won’t I go to a temple out
of fear of pollution? Nothing will happen. The One whom I go to worship,
will protect me. All right! Who’s going
to argue with you?! When you return, please bring
a packet of butter from… …Rashid’s shop. He is going to the city tomorrow.
Ask him to come and meet me. I want to speak to
him about Urmi. Okay. Goodness me! – Good-day, sir.
– Good-day. Haven’t you gone for a walk? Can’t you see I’m going now?!
Why have you come late today? I’ve such severe stomach ache
that I was unable to sleep all night. Hey! You’re lying! No! What’s in your pocket?
Remove it. Remove it! What’s this? Does a person with a stomach ache
eat this early in the morning? – No! Liar! Henceforth, if you lie
to me, I shall dismiss you! Now scoot! Bloody fool! Fool! Bloody lackey! Give a chocolate. Shop hasn’t open.
Sir, please come later. It’s open. Shop hasn’t open. Door is open. Shop will open after 8 o’ clock. It’s like, eye has open.. but person hasn’t awake. No, sir. It’s like, the mouth is open
but not to eat. You can yawn, spit.. ..sing and bite. Uncle, please give me a chocolate Oh, so you want it, son. Then I have to give.
Wait a minute. Just a minute.
What’s your name, kid? Sonam.
– Sonam. Her you go, kid. Thank you uncle. Thank you.
How much? Bro, I told you the shop
will open and 8. No, how is it possible? Look, bro. I have given chocolate
to the child not sold it. If you want to buy something,
come after eight. Yes, sir. Now I will have to come
to meet you. I am Ashok Keswani.
– My name is Rashid Khan. Good bye.
– Good bye. Let’s go, child. Bansi. Ask Gulabchand to
take care of store. Season is about here,
shop should be stocked. Rashid. Oh, come brother come. Man, it’s not still eight. All right, I will sit for a while.
– Please be seated. I want a packet of butter. Bansi, keep a packet
of butter ready. And bring tea for him
without sugar. No, I won’t have tea. I’m not breaking the rule. It will be 8 O’clock
when tea arrives. No, I don’t want tea! I see! You have forgotten to
bring the saccharine pills. Hey, I said I’ll not have tea! Bansi, don’t bring tea. What’s wrong? You seem
to be in a foul mood. Did you hear the news
on radio last night? Yes! A raid was conducted in
the house of an ex-minister. Unaccounted money worth
millions was unearthed. Yes! Just watch! The three ailments, pollution,
population & corruption… …will destroy this country
like three evil sons! Wow! Three evil sons! Pollution, population
and corruption! This is a modern couplet
by itself! Even I’ll write a
similar couplet… Sure! But please don’t
recite it to me! Why will I recite it you?
You’re a police officer. Your job is to catch thieves. While my job is to catch lovers. Fine! Shut your shop
and catch lovers! You’re going to the
city tomorrow? Yes. It’s season time, so
I’ve to bring the goods. I’ll bring some ‘jamuns’ for you.
– Okay. But meet my wife before leaving.
She was asking for you. Okay, I’ll go in the afternoon,
and have lunch as well. Okay.
– Here’s the butter. How much is it for? I’ll write it in the account. So will I! But our accounts
should tally! How much is it for? Has there ever been
a difference? Yes, there has been! You had
taken Rs.25 less the last month! Now tell me its cost. Rs.58 and 50 paise. Hey! It cost Rs.55
the last month! It will cost Rs.60
the next month! I’ll stop eating butter then! Come home by 1 O’clock, okay? Yes. Stop eating butter!!… Which means his brains
will get more rusted! It’s going to be 1 O’clock. Get
up. Rashid must be on his way. I’m already here! Shankar, lay the table quickly.
I’m famished! Sister-in-law! You always bring some thing. This is not for you but for him. Brother, this is
sweet ‘gulkhand’. ‘Gulkhand’? For me? Yes, it cools the head. You looked quite irritable
in the morning. Hey! You have come here to
eat but I’ll thrash you! Brother, come along…
you also come. Yes. Meet Urmi the moment
you reach the city. Is it anything serious?
– Yes. I received her letter. She has written that she doesn’t want to
come home for holidays. She wants to study. Ask her to come here as soon
as the vacations begin. Enough of studying! We’ve
to get her married now. That’s right. But do you have a boy in mind
or is it mere contemplation? Because no ordinary
boy will do for Urmi. He’s no ordinary boy. He’s the only son of
a decent millionaire. Urmila and he have known each
other since childhood. Even you know him. Oh yes! Are you talking about
Dr. Narmada Prasad’s son… Chanakya Prasad. You mean Chunky! But he’s been in London
since the last 4-5 years. No. He’s returning this month. Wow! That’s fantastic news!
– Please sit. Yes, sure. Dr. Narmada Prasad, himself,
spoke to me about Urmi. He had even mentioned it
again some days back. Is it?
– Yes. That’s why I spent half
my bank balance… …to have the house painted. And this bungalow beautified. But don’t speak to Urmila
about it now. Let me first finalise the
matter with Narmada Prasad. Rashid, if inflation keeps
rising at this rate, then I fear… …that the little money which… …I’ve saved for
Urmi’s marriage… …will be spent before
her wedding. I only pray that this marriage
takes place as soon as possible. So that there’s some meaning
to all these expenses! The marriage will take place,
but you should think of the… …future too. Only your wife and you reside
in this bungalow. And only this much of space
is being utilised. The entire portion there
is lying empty. The entrances are separate. So if it’s rented out during
season time, you could earn… …Rs.5 per day. I’m not talking about income
but of a way to battle inflation. – Everybody is doing this.
– Yes, indeed! Let tourists come here, drink,
gamble and make merry! You’re amazing! Advertise in the papers
saying that… …the place is available
only for decent families. It will not be given to people
who drink and gamble. If you want, then
refuse smokers too. If you don’t get umpteen
replies before the season… …then I’ll quit
reciting couplets! What do you say? I think it’s a good idea.
I’ll have someone to talk to. Finally, it’s your wish. All right. I’ll give
you a letter. Give it to Urmila. Ask her to advertise
in a local paper… …using her address there. And I’ll personally meet Narmada Prasad
to talk about the marriage. Fine. Take this. And do not
eat anything chilled. Come for a check-up
after 7 days. May I come in? Please do come in! Please sit. How is your wife? She’s fine. Your medicines
have worked wonders! Always keep your wife happy. Her breathing ailment is
psychological to quite an extent. You had mentioned that your
son had died 10 years back. And her illness had begun
soon after that. Yes. But I’ve come here today
for a different purpose. Yes? Well, you had once mentioned
to my wife about Urmila. I remember it very well. I’m
counting the days remaining… …for Chunky to return and
to get your girl to my house. We’ve approved of it! Now, once Chanakya comes
back, ask him too. He is my son. I’ve raised him all by
myself, without a mother. He will most certainly obey me. Yet, do speak to him once. If you insist, then I’ll ask him.
After all, what do I’ve to ask? I’ll tell him explicitly that
I’ve made this decision. When is Urmila returning? The college vacations
have begun. She will be here
in a day or two. “In someone’s ear.” “Yeah in the ears” “In someone’s…” One chocolate. “In the eyes…” One more. Oh dear! Rs.24 for two chocolates. Hey! Where did she go? Hey! Hey, you! Come out. I say, out! Aren’t you ashamed of stealing
chocolates early in the morning? You ought to be ashamed! The thief is accusing the police? You steal, and I should
be ashamed?! Yes! I asked for a chocolate twice
but you didn’t even bother to look! Well, a truck passed by
here in the morning. There was a lovely couplet
written on its rear. I began writing it so that
I wouldn’t forget it. It goes as follows…
‘In somebody’s ears are diamonds… Enough! It was so lovely that… …you could not recognise
my voice! I’m sorry, forgive
me… all right… …keep the chocolates for free. – Free! I’d have kept
them anyway! – I know. – I’ve got something
for you. – What? Obviously, a book of couplets! Keep reciting it to the customers
and give them tea for free! – What? – I know everything.
– You do but you don’t know that… …all of us are conspiring
to send… …you somewhere
out of the house. – Where? – To your
in-laws’ place! Come off it! You couldn’t find in-laws for
yourself, and you talk of mine! – Well, my case was…
– Reach me home. Okay. “The sparrow sings
in it’s own voice.” “And the cuckoo
sings in a coo.” “The sparrow sings
in it’s own voice.” “And the cuckoo sings
in a coo.” “Uncle, I love you.
– Niece, thank you!” “Niece, I love you.
– Uncle, thank you!” “O uncle, get married.” “And, bring me an auntie.” “I don’t want indulge.” “In any girl’s slavery.” “Even I’m a girl.” “So, don’t bring
disrepute to my name.” “Not a girl but my
niece and my life you’re!” “Uncle, I love you.
– Niece, thank you!” “Niece, I love you.
– Uncle, thank you!” “Say uncle, Sa Re Ga Ma.” “Why should I be saying,
Sa Re Ga Ma?” “Topi, kurta and pajama
(the cap, the shirt and the pant). “So, of what use is the uncle
without the aunt?” “So, of what use is the
uncle without the aunt?” “Keep quiet, O my niece.” “Don’t start a ruckus
on the street.” “And, simply don’t
pull my leg!” “Uncle, I love you.
– Niece, thank you!” “Niece, I love you.
– Uncle, thank you!” “Uncle, all are in a pair, so
why have you been left alone?” “Niece, I went much ahead and
that gathering was left back.” “So, better go back
15-20 years in time.” “O uncle, start whistling.” “And, give a call to my aunt. “Hey, tell me as to what
taught you to whistle?” “O niece, c’mon, whistle.” “And, introduce me to that guy.” “Is he a worthy guy or some
ordinary city chap?” “Uncle, I love you.
– Niece, thank you!” “Niece, I love you.
– Uncle, thank you!” “Uncle, I love you.
– Niece, thank you!” “Niece, I love you.
– Uncle, thank you!” – Here’s home! – What have
you stacked in this?! I’ll not come in. Wait here. You’ll take this inside. Why won’t you come inside? My shop is open. Go. Okay. Okay, bye.
– Bye. Okay, bye.
– See you in the evening. “Niece, I love you.” These are incense sticks. And this is for father. There are
‘jamuns’ in it. – Keep them in the
fridge. – Okay. – And, Shankar…
– Yes? Here’s a T-shirt for you. Do you like it? I’ve seen him! – Where? – On TV. Do you know how much
he hops and dances? He hops more and dances less! You had asked for a
book on handwriting. – Yes. And these are the replies to the
advertisement you had placed. – Okey. – But I selected only
4 or 5. – Really? From his handwriting, this
man appears very crooked. He has curved every alphabet. Yes. He wants to come
only for a week. But read the next letter.
It’s even more interesting. He writes that he
doesn’t drink… …but has 2 pegs of Scotch every
night before going to sleep. Meaning? It means he does not steal
but accepts bribes! Read the third letter, father. He’s amazing. He writes
that he doesn’t gamble… …but plays cards for 20 paise
per point with his family to… …pass time! He seems a relative of the one
who wrote the earlier letter! Hey! Go and do your work. Is there any letter worth
consideration or not? This is the only one which
meets all your conditions. It’s a Mr.R.P. Sharma who
is a bank manager. He wants to come with his wife
and two children for a month. He’s asked you to
reply if you agree. He’ll send a month’s
rent in advance. From his handwriting, this man seems
very sincere and of good character. He is artistic too. Artistic.. How do you know? Look at the way he has
decorated ‘P’ and ‘B’. But I don’t quite approve of
keeping tenants in the bungalow. We’ll see for one month. If it’s too much of a bother,
we won’t keep any in the future. I’ll send him a telegram saying
his booking is confirmed. Hey, sir. Where are you going in
without permission. -I’m sorry. I am very, very, very, sorry May I come in? No coming. First you name.
– My name is Chanky. You can speak Hindi?
– Yes, I can. Then what’s your name in Hindi? My name is Chankya. Chankya?
– Yes. Oh, wow! So you became Canky
from Chankya! God that your paranets
didn’t name you Manakya. Or everyone would have called you…
– Monkey? Hey, Chankya! Hello, uncle.
– Hello. Come son, come. Do you here, dear?
See who is here. When did you arrive, son?
– Today. Be seated. Sit, sit. But I’ve to return to Mumbai
again tonight. Why? – My entire luggage
is left London Airport. Oh. So, it would take few days.
– Yes, it will. Is everything fine at home?
– Yes, son. Uncle this is for you.
This is for aunty. And what’s for me? Hi, Urmi! Hi, Chanky! Hi! You grew up so much
within five years! And you too have become
quite rounded. It’s for parting from
all of you. Oh, so a person fattens
when parted? Yeah, to forget sadness
I ate junk food there. And from Chanky you
became junky Very funny, very funny.
– Okay. Tell me what you got for me? I have brought everything
you asked for in the letter. And along with that
I’ve brought a teddy bear too. Thank you. Thank you, Chanky. Hello, aunty.
– Hello, Chanky! I am seeing you after a long time. Urimi, go get tea for Chanky.
– No, no, aunty. I am here after so many days,
I am eager to meet everyone. First of all I will go,
meet uncle.. ..and would have tea
at his shop. Come, Urmi.
– Should I? Yes.
– May I go, mother. Yes, go.
– Thank you, aunty. Okay, by uncle.
See you later. – Fine. What a nice couple! Shankar, Shankar! – Yes, madam?
– Keep two more blankets. Two persons, two kids; we’ve
already kept four blankets. What will they do if someone
feels cold at night? And tell the guests that
we’ll send the dinner. Dinner? Why? They will be tired. Will they
cook the moment they reach here? Now go! Is anybody here? Whom do you want? Watchman, I want to
meet Mr. Abhyankar. I’m Abhyankar. Sorry, sir. Hello.
– Hello. What work do you have? I’ve a letter for you. Okay. Sit here,
I’ll be back soon. Who are you? I’m Ramanuj. I’m Ramprakash
Sharma’s younger brother. He has sent this letter. Ohh.. – Please sit.
– I’m fine here. But he was supposed to come
here with his family. My sister-in-law slipped
in the bathroom. She has hurt her right leg
badly. It’s swollen. Therefore, they will not be able to
come and have sent me instead. But my condition was that only
a family man would get the place. Sir, if I stay here
for 10-15 days… Not even for a day! If you want, take back the advance
money your brother has sent. No, sir. Brother told me repeatedly not
to take back the advance money. He feels you may have not considered
another tenant because of us. Any decent man would
think the same. But I am sorry, young man. You’ll have to go back. No problem. My bus leaves after 2 hours.
And it’s very sunny outside. If you permit, then may
I rest under the tree? Why rest under a tree?
Sit here. Sir.
– Yes. I’m very thirsty. Could I get
a glass of water, please? Yes, sit down.
I’ll send it right away. Have they come? No. The younger brother is here. He said that his sister-in-law
has hurt her leg. He mentioned about wanting to
stay here for 10-15 days. – And?
– I asked him to return. Give him a glass of water
and ask him to leave. Damn! Where’s that file? Have this. – Why did you bother?
– Please sit. – Are you Mrs. Abhyankar?
– Yes. – Salutations!
– Bless you! What happened to your
sister-in-law’s leg? She was giving Pintoo a bath…
Pintoo – my nephew. He is 6 years old.
He is so adorable! She went to bathe him… …and slipped over the
soap so badly that. Now, what do I say?
Sister-in-law’s luck is bad! She’s been married for 15 years. She was coming here with
brother for the first time. Brother asked me to go instead. I refused. I told him, ‘How can I leave
your wife in such a state?! Sister-in-law got angry then.
She asked me to swear by her. She said I’d see her dead body
if I didn’t go for 10-15 days. If I leave without staying here,
I won’t be letting her down will I? She had asked me
to swear by her. She won’t be cursed, will she? Sister-in-law means
everything to me. I’ll be back soon.
Don’t leave. The handwriting belongs
to the same person. But what difference
does it make? Listen… why don’t you let
him stay for a few days? We’re respectable people. Sending back a guest like this,
will be inauspicious. Nothing like that will happen. Why don’t you understand,
Savitri? Urmi’s marriage has been fixed,
and if a stranger comes to stay here, . Yet, think once more. Look, once I make up
my mind, it’s final! I’ve just spoken to him. He’s a decent boy
from a good family. By talking to him for
only two minutes… …how did you gauge that? Stop talking foolishly! I’ll not let a boy who is a
stranger, stay in this house. Period! – Stop irritating me now!
– All right! This is your house, your family! After all, who am I?!
What right do I’ve?! Damn! What’s there to cry about? How are you concerned
if I cry or die?! Now, go and send him away!
Do what you please! Your principles will go wayward
if you heed to me, isn’t it? Don’t cry! You’ll
start wheezing! This is what I want! It will be better
if I die today… …than live a tortured
life everyday! You have always had your way! All right then! Shankar! Yes? Stop crying and keep him!
Do what you please! Yes, sir. Take the boy sitting outside to
the guest room from the rear entrance. Okay. Happy?! ‘How to get things
done your way! ‘ If anyone wants to learn how,
then he should come to my wife! Please come! Wow! It’s taken me three whole
days to clean this room. – Really?
– Yes. Shankar… take this. Thank you. – Shall I ask you something, sir?
– Yes. How do you know that
my name is Shankar? Well… somebody from inside
had called out your name… You sure have good ears! Thank you! Tell me something. Who else lives here other
than sir and his wife? Sir’s daughter. I see. Is she also stern like
sir, or like madam, a bit… Sir, remember one thing I say! I’ve a habit of
carrying tales! If sir learns that you were
prying about his girl, he’ll throw you out! No! He shouldn’t learn of it…
Here, keep some more. Will do! My, God! The boss is a retired
police officer… …and the servant, still worse! Are you gardening, sir? Will a man search for a sparrow’s
nest with a hoe in his hand? Why are you asking
stupid questions? I asked that only to initiate
a conversation, sir. What’s the matter? I want to thank you for
permitting me to stay here. Thank my wife.
She let you stay here. If you haven’t granted the
permission and if you’re angry… …then I’ll leave
by the night bus. There is no need for that.
You may stay here. Thank you. Thank you, very much. Sir, the weather here
is fantastic! If a man stays here for a month,
he’ll return a new person won’t he? Yes. But you’ll not stay here
for more than a fortnight. Okay. Sir… is there a Phool
Dongri Hill here? – Aren’t you here for the
first time? – Yes, sir. Then how do you know about
Phool Dongri Hill? Well… someone in the bus mentioned
that I must go and see the place. How far is it from here? Around 2-2.5 miles. 2-2.5 miles! So what? You’re a healthy,
young man. Go and see it. Phool Dongri
Hill is worth a sight. Hey! You?! What are you
doing? Somebody will see! Let them! Even I longed
to see you! Stay away! And what’s
with your appearance? You had said that your father
likes an innocent simpleton. So I changed my appearance
accordingly. Yuck! Don’t come in front of
me like this even for a day! Why are you getting angry?
It’s fake… here, keep it. You keep it! Don’t you have
to go back to the bungalow? It’s a matter of only 2
minutes. I’ll put it back again. I’ve done a make-up
course in London… …and acted in 50-60 plays. – You know that.
– Yes, I do! Do you see this road?
Go along it. I’ll be there. – Okay. Don’t delay.
– No. Listen. You look cute in this make-up! – I do, don’t I?
– Yes. Just like Mr. Imbecile! What did you say? – Hey! Don’t come in the front!
– What did you say?! No… Blockhead! – What! What did
you say? – Imbecile! “In the eyes, lonely nights” “In the eyes, lonely nights” “The sleepless nights have settled” “The sleepless nights have settled” “The garden of flowers,
season of romance” “The garden of flowers,
season of romance” “Without you I am restless” “Without you I am restless” “In the eyes, lonely nights” “In the eyes, lonely nights” “The sleepless nights have settled” “The sleepless nights have settled” “We would have met long time back” “But the world intruded” “We would have met long time back” “But the world intruded” “Birds from cages would have flown” “But the sky intruded” “In the eyes, lonely nights” “The sleepless nights have settled” “On the sly and hiding” “Come let’s say something,
hear something and do” “No, no, I am afraid” “What should I say, hear
or what to do” “In the eyes, lonely nights” “In the eyes, lonely nights” “The sleepless nights have settled” “The sleepless nights have settled” “Garden of flowers,
season of romance” “Without you I am restless” “Without you I am restless” Shankar.
– Yes. I just can’t believe
that you have come. But how did you manage
to convince father? How did you make possible,
the impossible? The Lord above always
helps true lovers. And today, your mother appeared
in the form of a God. You’ll be before my eyes
now, 24 hours a day. Does it make any sense to stay
in a hotel and meet for a… …couple of hours? But mother and father are quite
anxious about my marriage. Send your brother and his wife
soon to ask for my hand in marriage. Let me win over your
father first. I’ll create such a good
impression on him… …that he’ll keep saying,
‘Shankar dear’ and strut around me! Your name is not Shankar
but Ramanuj here. Oh, Ramanuj.
Sorry, sorry. Ramanuj. – I’ll go home now.
– Why? Don’t I’ve to go back? Put your make-up properly
and come after an hour. I fear, someday, this make-up
will spill the beans before father. Don’t worry! Do you know once our
heroine suddenly… …fell ill for a charity show? Everybody was anxious. Do you
know what happened that day? What? The heroine won a gold medal. But your heroine was
ill, wasn’t she? But I was not. What? You mean you had enacted
the heroine’s role? Yes. Hey! You spin a lot of yarns! I swear! Fine, I’m going. Hey! Listen! Where will you get
good sweets here? At Gangu’s shop. Ask anyone in
the market, they’ll tell you. But why do you suddenly
desire to eat sweets? Not to eat but to
give as offerings. I see. The closest temple near… …that shop is Lord
Rama’s temple. But that is also 10-12
miles far away. The temple will shut by
the time you get there. Who’s going to Rama’s temple? I’m going to the demon
Ravana’s temple! – What?!
– Nothing! You go. Okay. What’s wrong? Look, what’s happened! Hey! That was great! Madam. – Who’s it?
– It’s me Ramanuj. Ramanuj? Come in, son. What’s the matter? Here are some offerings for you. – Offerings?
– Yes. – Had you been to
the temple? – Yes. Sister-in-law worships
Goddess Laxmi. I go with her to the temple
every Thursday. And today is Thursday. You have good values.
You’ll remain very happy in life. I need your blessings as
well as your husband’s. Go. I’ll send food for you. Please don’t bother! It’s no bother. I’ll send
food for you everyday. Go and freshen up. Okay. Open your mouth. – What’s it? – Open your mouth.
It’s offerings. – Where did you get it from?
– Ramanuj had been to the temple. Okey. Shankar, take. Just wait. This sweet is from Gangu’s shop. So? The temple is 10 miles
away from there. And there are sweet shops
near the temple too. So why should he buy sweets
from Gangu’s shop? Because the sweets from Gangu’s
shop are the best… …and there is devotion
in Ramanuj’s heart! Have you seen such devotion
in boys nowadays? Have you heard of an axiom? Excess devotion is the
trademark of thieves! Even if God appears before you… …you’ll view
Him suspiciously! Let Him appear first. But the sweet from Gangu’s
shop is delicious. Give me one more. This is not a sweet
but an offering. Shankar, go and give
Ramanuj food. What! Will you even
give him food now?! Speak softly! Even if he does
eat, what’s the problem? Anyway, we cook for
4 people here. In any case, you’ve taken
a month’s rent from him… …and asked him to stay
for only a fortnight! Is that proper? And you raise objection
to him eating food! In this country, only women
should become barristers! Go and feed him. Ramanju. You? Please come in. Keep it. Go and
get hot ‘phulka’. – Why have you brought
so much? – Sit down! – What’s this?
– ‘Kheer'(sweet dish). ‘Kheer? ‘ Wow! – Hey! Have your food first!
– What do I do? I simply cannot resist ‘kheer’! My Babloo was the same. Babloo? Who is Babloo? My son. He expired 10 years ago. I’m sorry. I unknowingly
hurt you. No! Please sit. It was God’s will. Can anyone
do anything before His will? Who else lives in your house?
What about your parents? My father expired 4 years back. I’ve not seen my mother.
I have only seen her photograph. Believe me, I’m not saying
this only to appease you. But when I saw you, I felt,
my mother must have been just like you. I swear by my deceased mother! Yes. Can I address you as mother,
in private? Why only in private?
Address me in front of everyone. I’ll be pleased. I’ll be very pleased to hear
you address me as mother. What’s wrong? At least tell me, what happened? I’ve been thinking a lot
about Babloo today. Savitri, Why are you grieving, thinking
about the one… …whom God snatched away
from us 10 years ago? Can a mother every
forget her child? Babloo appeared before my me
when I saw this boy Ramanuj. Everybody addresses me as aunty. But he addressed me as mother. Mother. Hello, father. I said, hello, father. Until yesterday, you used
to address me as sir. Why have you suddenly started
addressing me as father today? ‘Sir’ lacks the devotion and… …respect that’s present
in ‘father’. Why? Doesn’t ‘sir’
command respect? ‘Sir’ means gentleman. Yes, but the feeling of oneness
present in ‘father’… Excess feeling of oneness
is not good, Mr. Sharma. All right. I’ll address
you as sir. But henceforth,
you’ll be informal with me. Henceforth, even you can
address me as father. Thank you, sir. I mean, thank you, father. Thank you. Your name is Ramanuj, isn’t it? Yes. My older brother’s
name is Ramprakash. And I’m his ‘anuj’ (younger
brother). So I’m Ramanuj. Not Ram’s younger brother.
Say Mr. Ram’s younger brother. Yes, you’re right. Come inside. Ramanuj! But boys nowadays don’t have
such old fashioned names. They do. Everything that’s old
fashioned is coming back again. Old fashion, old songs, old
names like Sanjay, Siddarth… I think the old times
are here again! Why do you keep jerking
your head behind? Because my hair keeps
falling before my eyes. Why have you kept
your hair so long? Earlier, I didn’t have
free time from studies. And now, people in the saloon
don’t have free time from cutting hair! They keep you waiting for an
hour, and only then does your… …turn come! Doesn’t long hair look good? It does. But on women. The moment I get a chance, I’ll
cut it absolutely short. What do you do? I’ve done my M. A. I act… …write plays and even
practice music. That’s fine, but what do
you do for a livelihood? I live with my elder brother. Oh? So, you’re a burden
on your elder brother? No, I’m not! Father has left
us quite a lot of money. What a shame! Despite being a healthy, young man,
you live off your father’s wealth? A young man works and stands
on his feet, but you… Why have you stood up? You just mentioned that a young
man should stand on his feet. Yes. I’m going out, father. – Urmi.
– Yes? Meet him. He is our paying
guest Ramanuj Sharma. And she is my daughter Urmila. Okey, Hello.
– Hello. Do you have any problems here? When your parents are around,
why should there be any problem? If you need anything,
then tell Shankar. Okay, I’ll. Fine. – Shall leave, father?
– Yes. You have opened my eyes, father! I’ll stand on my feet
and show you. I’ve a lot to learn from you. My medicines are over. I’ve asthma. Shall
I go to buy them? Yes. Go. Thank you. “This heart has started
to dread as of now.” “It has started
pounding as of now.” “I’ll call out for you.” “And, you call out for
me, O beloved.” “I’ll hold you.” “And, you hold me.” “This heart has started
to dread as of now.” “It has started pounding
as of now.” “I’ll call out for you.” “And, you call out for
me, O beloved.” “I’ll hold you.” “And, you hold me.” “This heart has got
it in trouble.” “As the world is intervening
between you and me.” “O God, as already sleep
evades from my eyes.” “Furthermore, this pleasant
spell has befallen.” “A sort of magic is
working over.” “And, the heart has
pounding now.” “This heart has started
to dread as of now.” “It has started pounding
as of now.” “I’ll call out for you.” “And, you call out for me,
O beloved.” “I’ll hold you.” “And, you hold me.” “Yes, of course, we’re in
love with each other.” “So, what big offence
have we committed?” “O God, we’re meeting
furtively.” “And, it’s the people who’ve
forced us to do so.” “The heart is become
content as of now.” “And, it has started pounding.” “I’ll call out for you.” “And, you call out for
me, O beloved.” “I’ll hold you.” “And, you hold me.” Good morning, father. Oh, Ramanuj? Come in. What’s in your hand? It’s a pump used for asthma. Shall I say something? Yes. Sit here. Father, Shankar mentioned that… …your wife is greatly
troubled by asthma. I’ve an ancestral
bungalow in Kasauli. The air there makes asthma
just disappear! Go and stay there with your
wife for a few days. You won’t face any
problems there. There are servants and cooks. Ramanuj, A man should stay
within his limits. Living on the mercy of other
people is not called living. That certainly wasn’t
my implication. Yes, I understand
your implication. But heed something
that I tell you. If asthma disappears
in Kasauli… …then go there as
soon as possible. – What!
– Yes. – You have asthma, don’t
you? – Yes, father. Then, run away from here! This place is very
harmful for asthma. Run! Go on! Impossible!
Absolutely impossible. It’s beyond me to win
over your father! He extracts the opposite
meaning of whatever I say! Shall I tell him directly that… …his daughter and
I love each other? That he should get
us married?… The matter will be
absolutely fit! No. In today’s lingo,
the matter will be shit! You have lied, changed your
name and come home! He will send you to prison,
and throw me out of the house. A boy and girl being in love before
marriage is not deemed right by him. But we don’t consider
it bad, right? Why do his ideas come as
a barrier between us? You’re a modern, educated girl! Shankar, Does being a modern,
educated girl mean having no value… …for the feelings
of the ones… …who have raised
us and educated us? Had your brother and his wife
disapproved of me… …would you have happily
accepted me? Perhaps not. But after meeting your father,
a new fear has risen in me. You’re from Maharashtra,
and I’m from U.P. Suppose a new problem
arises because of this? Then, we’ll confront it.
But you don’t know father. He is above these
discriminations of caste. He is a follower of
Lokmanya Tilak. For him, it’s most important
to be a good human being. And you’re a nice person.
Just prove this to father. All right. Let me see if Hitler
gets pleased or not! I mean if father gets
pleased or not. Father. Father. Ramanuj, you? So late at night? I was unable to sleep.
But haven’t you gone to sleep yet? I should have been asleep
but what do I do? I’ve to send an article for
a paper by day-after-tomorrow. So I’ve to copy some
notes from this book. Shall I write it? No. Why should you bother? Please let me copy. Fine. Come from the other
side. The door is open. Thank you, father. Thank you, very much. The paragraphs that
have to be copied… …have been underlined with
pencil in the thick book. There’s the pen and paper.
Sit over there and write. I’ll sit on the ground and copy. Why on the ground? Father, How can I dare to sit on the
chair on which you work? Nothing doing! If you want
to write, then sit there! Okay, father. Father, go and sleep
in the room. No, I’ll sleep here.
Wake me up when you get tired. Father. Look here. Don’t you see any change in me? Oh… You have cut your hair.
That’s why you’re looking decent. Thank you, father. Thank you. Hey, Urmi! Have you come here to sleep? I waited there for
an hour for you! Do you know it’s 8 a. M? Father’s come from his
walk and is bathing! Mother must be returning from the
temple and you’re sleeping like a log! – Duffer! I’m leaving!
– Listen, Urmi! Please listen to me! Please don’t be angry. I stayed up till 3 a. M to try
and win over your dad. I succeeded too! He was copying from the book. I offered to help and
even finished it! Do you know what he said
after I had finished? Thank you, Ramanuj…
Thank you. Doomed! What have you done?! What have I done? I had told you that father is a
handwriting expert. He’s got the letter you
wrote in brother’s name. He will see the notes now
and recognise your writing! And the cat will be
out of the bag! O’ God! What have I done?! I never thought about it!
What will happen now, Urmi? – Scoot!
– Scoot? Yes! Pack your bags and scoot! Or you’ll be in prison,
Mr. Shankar Sharma! What are you thinking?
You don’t know father! Scoot! Hurry up! I didn’t hear a word,
Mr. Shankar! Urmi, I’m trapped! He will give you any price you
demand, but do him a favour. There’s a thick book on father’s
table; bring all the papers inside it. Yes. Ms. Urmi was talking
about a price. I’ll give you any price you
demand! Please do my work! If sir slaps me, then you’ll
have to give me Rs.100 per slap. Take Rs.1,000 but do
our work! Please go! – No! I can’t do it!
– Why not? If sir puts me in jail, then nobody in
Chandanpur will bail me out. I’ll leave. I’ve to give
breakfast to sir. Have some tea. To hell with tea! Get going!
I’ll do something! – What? – I’m in trouble.
I’ll do something. Hey, Shankar! Bring the breakfast quickly!
I have a lot of work to do today. And from tomorrow,
give me hotter water to bathe. Father. Somebody is here to meet you. He’s been waiting
since half an hour. He is in a hurry.
Please go and meet him. Okey. – Wait! Don’t pick them!
– Then? – We’ll be caught!
– What do we do then? What do we do? Hey! Shankar… Urmi! Coming, father! Who’s it? Who has
come to meet me? Yes? There’s nobody here. Ohh.. He must’ve left. He said he had an urgent
appointment with someone else. You should have at least
asked him his name! Yes. Strange man! Let’s go. Come on. Hey, Shankar!
What are you doing?! I’m sorry. I spilt milk on it! Damn! You have destroyed it all! What’s wrong? Poor Ramanuj had stayed up
all night and copied this. But this fool let all his
efforts go down the drain! Down with the milk, sir! Shut up, you fool!
I’ll slap you! Give me a few slaps, sir!
That’s what I’m worthy of! Get lost! And wait! Take these also!
Throw them out. – Throw them out!
– Go! Mother! I had been to the temple.
I got an oblation done in your name. Really? Put your head down. May God always protect you! “You’ll be M I N E..mine” “I’m being shy anytime” “I shall LOVE in love you” “All the TIME.. time” “You’ll be M I N E..mine” “Dear O, dear O, dear” “Dear O, dear O, dear” “Dear O, dear O, dear” “Dear…” I shall S I N G… sing” “Like a K I N G, king” “If you W E A R..” “Wear my R I N G.. ring” “You are the B E S T.. best” “You pass the T E S T.. test” “You’re above the S O A R E,
above the R E S T.. rest” “You are the B E S T.. best” “Dear O, dear O, dear” “Dear O, dear O, dear” “Dear O, dear O, dear” “Dear…” “Like a L A R K… lark” “Fly to the P A R K… park” “I shall K I S S…” “In the P A R K… park” “I shall K I S S .. kiss you” “In the D A R K.. dark” “Sweetie M I N E.. mine” Father, you?! It’s me. Is some English lady your dear? Yes. Show me her photograph. – Let it be, father.
– Why? You’re kissing her so affectionately.
Let me see her. She was first my landlady, then
my grandma and finally, my best friend. She was my greatest
support in England. When I was returning to India,
she began crying like a child. I asked her, ‘Shouldn’t I get
married and settle down? ‘ Then she stopped crying. I swear, I’m missing her a lot. She was the one who taught me
the song which I was just singing. A big burden has been relieved
of my shoulders. I feared, you were in England,
so you’d fall for a girl there. Father! I swear by you,
I have not done anything… …which will put you
and me to shame. This is what I expect
of you, son. I’ve chosen a girl
for you here. Why are you in such a hurry
to get me married? Why do you want to keep
me far away from you? On the contrary, I want you to
remain in front of my eyes. You can’t find such a boy so
easily. You even know him. – Who is it?!
– Chunky. I don’t want to get married now. Urmi, The sooner the burden
of a daughter… …is relieved from the
shoulders of parents, the better! Don’t be so archaic!
Daughters nowadays are not a burden! Your father has fixed the
matter with Chunky’s father. But you do what you please!
Humiliate your father! Hello. Hello, Urmi. – This is Chunky speaking.
– Yes? I want to meet you right away. I’ve something important
to discuss. Right away? That’s going
to be difficult. Nothing doing! Come to Phool
Dongri immediately to meet me! Shankar! Shankar! Shankar! I’m going to Phool Dongri!
Inform mother if she inquires. Yeah. Since when has she started
thinking that I’m deaf? Why did she shout? Shankar! I’m going out. Do
you want anything? – No… Listen…
– Yes? I’ll take you to meet Narmada
Prasad in a couple of days. Why? He always keeps inquiring
about you. Okay. Hey, wait! Now,
where are you going? I’m going out, father. You’ve just returned from out. I’m not going out… I… l…
I’m going to cut my hair. But you had already had
your hair cut, right? A crew cut! I’ll look
more decent, right? No way! If you cut it shorter,
you’ll look like a hoodlum! A rogue! A ruffian! I’m ecstatic today! I feel like
screaming. Shall I scream? No. But why are you ecstatic? Because father spoke about
my marriage today. – And you must have agreed?
– Yes… No! I thought of refusing, that I would not
get married till I begin working. But when father told me
the girl’s name… I know whom you’re
talking about. Mother told me everything
this morning. But, Chunky, this marriage
cannot take place. – Felt bad? – I won’t lie,
I did feel a bit bad. You’re my best friend.
I don’t want to deceive you. How’s that? I love somebody else. Is it right to love one
person and marry another? Certainly not! Three lives
will be ruined by this. But who is he? – Will you meet him? – Yes, you
said I’m your best friend. There he comes. – Hey! That gentleman? –
Not him! Look behind him. Hey… Hats off to your choice!
He does look like a hero! What’s his name? Shankar. But he’s living as a paying
guest in my house as Ramanuj. Welcome, Mr. Shankar! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chunky.
I’m Urmi’s childhood friend. But tell me something.
Why did you change your name? To avoid confusion. Even her
servant’s name is Shankar. So what? Anyway, you’ll have to be her
servant once you marry her! – Provided we get married!
– Why not? Both of you’re young, free,
you love each other. Then why won’t you get married? Oh God! I’ll be dead! What’s wrong? My father is going
to meet your… …dad today to talk
about our engagement. – What!
– Yes! The auspicious time
is 3 days later. – Urmi.
– Yes? What’s this new problem? Chunky, tell your father that
you have disapproved. How can I? I touched his feet and gave
my consent just this morning! Now what, Urmi?! There’s just one man who can
save us from this calamity. Just one man. I see! ‘A moonlit night, hand in hand’ ‘But father’s consent
is not at hand! ‘ Stop reciting couplets and… …give a foolproof way
to halt the engagement. – A foolproof way?
– Yes. There can be just
one foolproof way. What? – Do you see the hill
there? – Yes, I do. – Climb that hill.
– I did. – Jump from there.
– What! I mean, you wanted
a foolproof way. If you jump down, you’ll die,
and one can’t get engaged to a dead man. Suppose I don’t die and
only become lame, then? Father is a man of his word. He’ll get me married
to a lame boy too. Yes, that’s true. And when you can’t marry
a perfectly fit Chunky… …the question of marrying a lame
Chunky just does not arise. Certainly not. This isn’t just breaking an
engagement but fixing one too. Right? Yes. Now tell us, when and
how did you meet Urmi? Tell us in detail. I remember that day vividly. The day I met Urmila. I had a dress rehearsal
of my drama that day. I was in a hurry. I was sitting in the car when
I heard a voice from behind. Wait! Please wait. Please wait. I’m sorry I got a bit
late. Let’s go now. Where? Straight! Where else? Since when have you been
working for Uncle Rodricks? Uncle Rodricks? Who is Uncle Rodricks? The man to whom
this car belongs. This is my car, madam. Hasn’t Uncle Rodricks
sent this car? No. Stop the car! Stop the car! Hello. Hello, madam. Madam, please listen to me. Please, please. I realised that you
accidentally sat in my car. Actually, this uniform of a
driver must have had you fooled. I act in dramas. Writer, director, actor. The dress rehearsal of
my new drama was on. The driver is the hero. I was in a hurry,
so I came in this attire. This is my card in which
there is my name… …address and phone number. Keep it. When you knew that I had made a
mistake, why didn’t you tell me so? I was in a quandary.
I was dumbfounded. Then I realised that you had
unknowingly done me a big favour! Me? What favour? The first meeting between
the hero and heroine… …of the new play I’m doing, just
didn’t seem to click properly. But how is this concerned
with me doing you a favour? What are you saying! The heroine unknowingly
sits in the hero’s car. She thinks he’s a driver. And even the hero reaches
her home without asking any questions. Then the heroine opens her
purse, gives him Rs.20 and says… ‘Have some tea.’ Then the hero says, ‘Madam… …give me something precious,
if you must. The heroine asks, ‘What
precious thing? ‘ The hero replies, ‘A smile
on your lovely lips! ‘ The heroine realises her folly. She feels coy, bows
her head and smiles! That’s it! The whole
affair begins! Then we’ve our regular meetings,
fall in love and finally… …get married! What do you mean by ‘we’? It means the hero
and the heroine. Come and sit in the car. Tell me your address,
I’ll reach you home. – No, I’ll manage. – If you
refuse, then I’ll assume… …that you actually consider
me to be a ruffian. Come on! Please! I’ve given you my
name and address. But you still haven’t mentioned
anything about yourself. What’s your name? My name is… Kadambari. Kadambari? – Who all live in
your house? – Why? I want to invite all of you
for the premiere of the play. Oh.. Stop the car here.
This is my house. Thank you. Colonel S. L. Saigal. Yes. He’s my elder brother. Bye, bye. Bye, Ms. Kajalpur.
See you soon. Good Lord! Good riddance! Auto! May I come in, sir? Come in. Good morning, sir. Are you Colonel Saigal? Yes, what can I do for you? I’m Shankar…
Shankar Sharma. I’ve come to meet your sister. – My sister?
– Yes, sir. But when did you meet her? I had given her a lift
in my car yesterday. She forgot her sunglasses.
I’ve come to return it. Sit! Thank you, sir. Tithli! Tithli! Who is Tithli, sir? – The one whom you have
come to meet. – I see! Kadambari’s pet name is Tithli! It’s a very sweet
name, isn’t it? Yes, it is. You have come to court
a girl, kid! You’ll be made a
mincemeat of now! Colonel, sir. What’s your full name?
S.L. Saigal stands for… Sundar Lal Saigal. Are you related to the renowned
singer Kundanlal Saigal? No, my dear. No. Kundanlal Saigal
was associated… …with singing while
I’m, with guns. Guns, understand? Gun. There comes Tithli. Who is he? Tithli, he is Mr. Shankar
Sharma… …from whom you
had taken a lift. – I did? – Yes. He’s
in love with you. Wow! Wow! Oh, darling!
Oh, handsome. – Sir, sir… Don’t be afraid. She has returned from the
mental asylum, full cured. Of course, she has
bitten 2-3 people… …but the bites weren’t septic. Sir, she is not the one. Isn’t there another
girl in your house? There is. My wife. Will you meet her? She’s double
Tithli’s (butterfly’s) size. I’m talking about a girl,
not a woman. – So you’ve come to find
a girl here? – Yes, sir. You bastard! Rascal! Sorry. Sorry, butterfly. Sorry, butterfly.
Sorry. Butterfly, catch it! Catch him! Catch him! Brother-in-law must be on his
way. Please sit until then. – Thank you. I had forgotten my sunglasses
in his car yesterday. I see! So you’re Ms. Kadambari?! What! Yes, I’m Kadambari. There is a doctor’s prescription
inside the case of the sunglasses. I’ve got to send that medicine
to mother today itself. I’ll just check. Please sit. What will you have? Tea
or something cold? Nothing. I’m in a hurry. Sister-in-law! Ms. Kadambari, you?!
Blessed am I that you have come here! Hello, hello. She is the one about whom
I mentioned yesterday. She’s come to take
her sunglasses. I’m starved, get me something.
Get something to eat for Ms. Tithli too. – Ms. Tithli? – Yes.
That’s her pet name. Butterfly. Butterfly. Get something quickly…
Please sit. – Come to take your sunglasses?
– Yes. I returned them to your brother. My brother? Yes. Colonel Saigal.
What an adorable man he is! He made me sit, then
lovingly said… Idiot! You rascal!
You bastard! He even tried to slap me. Fortunately, I missed it. Or I wouldn’t be here
but at the hospital. Look, I am very sorry… – I didn’t mean to…
– No, I’m not angry. Because of you, I’ve found
another new dramatic situation. But all I wish to ask you is… …how had I harmed you
that you pushed… …me near the jaws
of that tiger? Listen… Kadambari is here. Kadambari? The girl about whom I
told you last night! The same girl who forgot her
sunglasses in your brother’s car. Oh yes! She looks so beautiful! From her mannerisms and talks,
I think she’s from a… …respectable family. What a lovely couple
brother-in-law and she will make! Wonderful! Wonderful! It felt like a scene from
a Hindi film. Right, uncle? Hey, Mr. Chanky. Film makers ape reality
in their films. The opposite also
happens nowadays. People try to ape
films into reality! Anyway, what happened then? We kept meeting each other and
got lost in a world of dreams. “Should I call you the moon or the
flower or the day or the night?” “Should I call you the moon or
the flower or the day or the night?” “What should I christen you as?” “So as, the world
should revere it.” “What should I christen you as?” “So as, the world
should revere it.” “The poets create the poems by
looking at your face.” “It’s the sound of your anklets
that wakes up the slumbering music. “Your lips are like lotus petals,
the eyes are like a glass of wine.” “Should I call you the moon or the
flower or the day or the night?” “What should I christen you as?” “So as, the world
should revere it.” “What should I christen you as?” “So as, the world
should revere it.” “The shade is in your locks and
the sunshine is on your face.” “O thief, you’ve stolen
the form the fairies.” “The shade is in your locks and
the sunshine is on your face.” “O thief, you’ve stolen
the form the fairies.” “And, I don’t know how many
claims are there on you.” “Should I call you the moon or the
flower or the day or the night?” “What should I christen you as?” “So as, the world
should revere it.” “What should I christen you as?” “So as, the world
should revere it.” Let’s sit there. I thought I’d spend my holidays
this time with you but… But what? Uncle Rashid had come. I’ll have to go back home
once vacations begin. Father wants to discuss
something with me. What? Uncle was not explicit but… …I think father wants
to discuss my marriage. Damn! Let’s get married discreetly
right today in a temple or a… Shankar, we’ll not get
married discreetly. Then what will we do? If I marry, it will be only to you
but not without my parents’ consent. They should not feel
hurt because of us. You know a marriage here is not
only a bond between a man and his wife. But with the entire family. After marriage, a girl becomes… …a daughter-in-law
or a sister-in-law. This is what our culture
is all about. Correct. Let’s do one thing. I’ll also come with
you to Chandanpur. I’ll book a hotel room. I could meet you a couple
of times in a day. And then, I’ll even meet your
father under some pretext. I had a golden chance
but I let go of it! How? Father has sent an advertisement
with Uncle Rashid to seek a tenant. But you won’t be able to comply
with his conditions. He wants a married, family man. A married, family man? There’s one way out! I know the rest. But were all the applications
which were sent, false? Yes. The engagement has to be
cancelled. Give us some idea! It’s very difficult. We’ve very little time
or there was a way. Which way? Assume that you fell in love
with somebody in London. I didn’t! Assume you did! Didn’t you
know any girl in London? Yes. Let’s take the example
of my landlady’s daughter Margaret. She was very fond
of seeing India. So she used to learn
Hindi from me. She used to speak Hindi so well! Assume that you got discreetly
married to Margaret in London. You then left her and came here. Suppose she even follows
you here… …and meets Dr. Narmada Prasad… …and suppose Chunky also
acknowledges the marriage, then? But from where will
Margaret come? That is the problem! Firstly, there’s
very little time. Or I’d have got some Margaret… …from the city,
explained to her, . …brought before
Chunky’s father… …and the engagement
would be broken! So would Chunky’s teeth! But
from where will Margaret come? Only Margaret can save
us from this problem. Margaret will come! She’ll have to come. There’s only a day remaining
between life and death. I am desperate. It’s do or die!
This is the only way! Uncle. Margaret will come tomorrow
itself to meet the doctor! Bravo, son! Ramanuj, go ahead!
We’re with you! Here, brother Rashidh.
Have the sweets. Have some.
It’s from Gangu’s shop. Eat. You’re happy with this
alliance, aren’t you? Yes, uncle. Stop that! Cultivate a habit
of addressing him as father! Let me get married first! Tomorrow is the engagement.
The wedding will also be soon… Right? Certainly! God willing, you’ll even become
a grandfather within a year! May your words come true!
I’m living, waiting for that day! Eat. May I come in? Yes. Come in. Please be seated. Thank you. Hello, hello, hello. My name is Mrignayani. You speak very good Hindi.
How’s that? My husband taught me. Who are you? – I’m Rashid Khan.
– Hello. Oh, Ma ma miya! Gosh, what a beauty! She looks like an angel!
Is she your daughter? She’s like my niece, and his
future daughter-in-law. He is Dr. Narmada Prasad. Oh. I bow at you. Namaste. Is she getting married
to your younger son? – No I’ve only one son Chanakya,
and she is going to be his wife. Oh, my God. I’ll be dead! If she’s going to be your son’s
wife, then who am I?! Meaning? Father, your son got married
to me in London. He changed my name from
Margaret to Mrignayani. I’m your daughter-in-law. God promise. What are you saying?! If you don’t believe me,
then see this. A letter written in his writing. Read it. Please give it to him. He’s written that he made
a mistake by marrying me. So he wants to sever ties with
me, meaning he wants to… …divorce me! I’ve come from London
to placate him! This is indeed Chunky’s
handwriting. What about me now, uncle?!
I’m ruined! You aren’t ruined;
you got saved. I’m the one who’s got ruined. Both of you aren’t ruined.
It’s the doctor who’s ruined! Margaret, you? Chanky. – What are you doing here?
– I’ve come to meet you. Get out from here. Chanky.
– Get out form here! Chanky, Chanky.
– Margret, you get out from here. – Please don’t leave me, Chunky!
– Don’t force yourself on me! I’m not. I’m only begging
at your feet! Get out form here!
– Chanki. Hey… Hey. I sure have realised
that you do know her! Now tell me, did you marry her? Yes… No. What do you mean by yes and no? Yes, I did marry her. No! What about ‘no’? By ‘no’, I mean that it is a
nightmare which I want to forget. I don’t know if you’ll be able
to forget the nightmare or not. But you won’t be able
to forget this! Save me, uncle! You cannot escape me now! – Doctor!
– Move aside! I disown you from today! I won’t even see your face!
You’re dead for me! – Where are you going?
– To hell! To die! Then there’s no other way out
for me but to kill myself. I’m coming too! My Lord! Wait, Mrignayani! Urmi, go and stop her!
She may actually kill herself! Go! O’ God! What’s happened
suddenly?! Rashid, what’s happened
suddenly? How will I face Mr. Abhyankar
and his wife? I had heard of rains
without any clouds. But for the first time, I’ve seen
lightning strike without any clouds! That was a hard blow! Mother, why are you crying? Whatever happened,
was for the best. I was not at all happy
with this alliance. Yes… I’ve always looked
upon Chunky as a brother. If I were unhappy with this wedding
wouldn’t you blame yourself? Mother. I believe that the
boy was married? Yes, dear. We’ve never wished anybody
I’ll even in our dreams. Then why did the Lord punish us? What punishment? On the contrary,
God has saved your family. Watch, what a good proposal
your daughter will get! A prince will come riding
on a white mare. I’m not dreaming of a prince. I’ll thank God if I get a boy
like you from a good family. Like me? How can an
ordinary boy like me… …dream of fixing his
alliance with your family? Your husband and you
are like gods. You and me are poles apart! Of course, I’ve passed my
M.A. With a first class. I’ve also earned a little
name in sports and music. I can also proudly call myself,
a man of character. Father has left behind a house
a car and money worth millions. I also have a godlike brother
and sister-in-law at home. But can I dream of being your
son-in-law merely on these basis? No, mother. Urmi, why are you standing here? Well… I… mother… You’re still crying?
I told you to forget it! – This is what I was explaining
too. – What? That there’s no dearth
of good boys. You were wrong!
There is indeed a dearth! There’s no dearth of boys
but of good boys! Yes. Shall I go? When are you going? Pardon! You’d come for 10-12
days, right? Now, make arrangements to leave. “The flour is there; so are the pulses
and the rice but there’s no hunger. “It’s indeed a predicament.” “The flour is there; so are the pulses
and the rice but there’s no stove. “It’s indeed a predicament.” “The clouds are there;
so is the lightning… …rain and the setting,
but there’s no swing.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “The clouds are there;
so is the lightning… …rain and the setting,
but there’s no swing.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “We both are the plaintiffs.” “I wish we had got the freedom.” “Then, we couldn’t
have met secretly.” “And, we could have got
married right away.” “The boy is here
and the girl is here… …so is the groom and bride.
– But, not the priest.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “The boy is here and
the girl is here… …so is the groom and bride.
– But, not the priest.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “Had you not been a boy and girl.” “But, if you had been
a cock and a hen.” “You could have met at any
place you wanted.” “And, you could have slept
at any place you wanted.” “There’s the vigil and the blind
and the flash is behind the blind. But, no sweetmeat.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “There’s the vigil and the
blind and the flash… …is behind the blind.
– But, no sweetmeat.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “Look at that drum
and that music.” “Go, wear the matrimonial
chaplet and come.” “But, what should I mount…” “And, arrive as your groom?” “There’s the jungle and the
tiger, the leopard and the bear. But there’s no horse.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “There’s the jungle and the
tiger, the leopard and the bear. But there’s no horse.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “Your pair indeed looks great.” “Both of your are like the moon
and the partridge (Indian). “And, we haven’t yet seen
and heard of.” “No love story as such.” “The hero’s there;
so is the heroine, villain… …and the shooting, but
there’s no camera.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “The hero’s there; so is
the heroine, villain and… …the shooting, but
there’s no camera.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “If I get drunk and go.” “I can make your father
see the reason.” “But, I dread that…” “I don’t get caught on the way.” “There’s the whisky
and the soda, the water… …and the thirst.
– But, no permit.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “There’s the whisky and the soda,
the water, and the thirst. But, no permit.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” “It’s indeed a predicament.” I feel very fresh after bathing. Why don’t you also take a bath? A penny for your thoughts. Firstly, father has given
me a notice to leave. Secondly, poor Chunky. He was beaten and thrown out
of his house because of us. Why are you getting worked up? His father will surely forgive
him once he learns the truth. But I certainly disapprove of
you wearing a false moustache! You could get caught any time! Go home tomorrow itself and send
your brother and his wife here. Will that alone solve
the problem? Your father should
also approve of me! But even I’m not a person
to concede defeat! I’ll jump from the tallest of trees
to create a place in father’s heart! Meaning? You won’t understand. Firstly, I’ve to solve Chunky’s
problem and that too, today! Good-day, father. Mrignayani. Come in! Please sit. But why are you wearing
a black attire? Despite being a married woman… …I’ve become a widow,
haven’t I? I empathise with your grief. But come here, sit close to me. It’s better to sit
at a distance. Or a man’s true colours can
surface from close quarters. You’re right. I’ll never
forgive that scoundrel! Never, daughter-in-law! What did you say? Daughter-in-law. Blessed am I! In the capacity of a daughter-in-law
I’ve come to beg for something. Forgive your son.
Consider it to be a folly of youth. This is my only request before
I leave for London. Mrignayani, don’t talk
about Chunky… Hello. Sister-in-law! Hello! What! Urmi had very high
fever last night?! She was unconscious
the whole night? How much temperature
does she have now? I’ll be there soon. No, it’s no favour. You considered me to be your
own even after what has happened. I’ll always be grateful
to you for that. Yes, I’ll be there in a jiffy. Urmi had very high
fever at night. She shouldn’t have bathed
in the river. She bathed in the river? No! She got drenched
in the river. She had jumped into the river
the other day and saved my life. Shall I also come to see her? I want to meet her once
before I leave. I will go to see her. All right. Come. Come, Narmada. Come, Mrignayani. – Shankar, take this
inside. – Yes. Mrignayani, go with him. You! Come, come. Who is she? She is the unlucky one whom Chunky
married and then fled to India. Oh.. The poor thing was going to
kill herself but Urmila saved her. So when she heard that Urmi was
sick, she came to see her. Come.
You the English? No. Oh, oh.
You the American? Like your sister. She’s fine. Her fever
has subsided now. You the Indian! Shankar, let’s go upstairs. Good Lord! You! You haven’t eaten anything
since yesterday. I’ll prepare vegetable soup.
You can have some of it. No, don’t talk about food.
I’m just not hungry! Come in… please come. You! I mean, what
brings you here?! – How are you, Urmila?
– Mother, she is Chunky’s wife. – Hello.
– Please sit. You said you’d make vegetable
soup for me. Please get it, I’m starved. Hey! I’ll get it right away…
Come on, Shankar. – How’s Urmi? – Her fever
has come down now. But I was worried.
So I bothered you. There’s no question
about bothering me. – I’ll get some soup for her.
– Okay. I’ll go and check her. Sit. So, you got drenched
and fell ill? How did you know? I know everything. Mrignayani told me how you jumped
into the water and saved her. What? Oh… That was my duty. You have done a very noble
deed by saving her life. The vegetables must have
got boiled. Grind it. See what fruits &
sweets are there… …and take them for
Chunky’s wife. – Why?
– What do you mean?! – She has come for the first
time! – First time? I mean, she’ll come
here regularly. Will you give her
sweets every time? Yes, I’ll! I’ll even give
her dinner today! Do as told! This man is deceiving everybody! – Take one pill every
6 hours. – Okay. You’ll be perfectly
fine by tomorrow. Mrignayani, will
you come with me? Allow me to stay with her
for a little longer. No! I’m perfectly fine. Go home. Home? My home has been ruined! Okay. Let her stay with
you for some time. Phone me when she
wants to leave. You’ll die, but you’ll
take me along too! Why have you come here?! I went to the doctor’s place.
There, I heard… Why did you go to him again?! Our work’s done but
Chunky is in trouble. Therefore, I had to
go there so that… …the doctor would forgive him. Then there was a call from here. – And you came here!
– What else could I do?! I learnt that you were unconscious,
and my senses went reeling! Here, eat this. Won’t you eat with me? She eats after feeding everyone. In any case, my boss
hasn’t yet come. You take the name
of Lord Ganesh. What? I mean, start. – Eat. – What’s this?
Indian sauce? It’s called as chutney in Hindi. – This is tasty! I’ll have
it all! – Go ahead. Give me 2-3 ‘pattice’ more. It’s called as ‘kachori’. One should not overeat
in a foreign land! She is feeding me so lovingly.
I’ll eat to my heart’s content. Mother is indeed a goddess! Sir… I mean, madam, you
speak very good Hindi. How did you learn such good
Hindi despite staying abroad? His love, Shankar! His love! The things love makes one do! – It even makes you face
the music! – Shut up! – My dear. – Mother? – May I leave now? – I won’t let
you go so late at night. Leave in the morning.
I’ve phoned Dr. Narmada Prasad. Sleep in Urmi’s room. No! This cannot be! What cannot be? – I can’t sleep with her
in one room. – Why not? How do I explain to you? When I sleep, noises are
emitted from my nose… what’s it called? – Snoring.
– Yes, snoring. Perhaps, that’s why my
husband divorced me. Yes, that could be possible. Why don’t you sleep in the
room adjoining Urmi’s? The room is clean and
there’s a bed too. That would be fine. As you wish. I’m unnecessarily troubling you. It’s no trouble. Go and sleep. Okay. Good night, brother. Go. Even you eat. No. I’m waiting for Ramanuj. He won’t come today.
He’s trapped. What do you know! He
will surely come! If he comes today, then I’ll
not take a month’s salary! Get going! You blabber too much! Mother. You’ve come?! Please sit. Shankar. – Why haven’t you slept as yet?
– I was waiting for you. Mother! You! You have come? How would I not? I haven’t
met mother for 2 days. I was so restive. Are you at peace now? But
I’ve lost a month’s pay! Stop talking! Get the ‘kachori’
kept in the casserole. – No! I can’t eat anymore!
– What! I mean I’ve already
eaten from out. No! She’s made it with
so much affection. So she will feed you too! Right? I’ll bring it in a jiffy. I, myself, will feed you today. You’ll be leaving
after some days. Will you forget your mother
once you’re gone? Can anybody forget you? I’m leaving so that I can be
your son for the rest of my life. Then, do talk to your brother
and his wife about Urmi. Even you convince father. Here, it is, sir! Hot ‘kachori’! You have to finish all of it. Hey, how many are you giving?! I’ve given only four. There’s
even some chutney with it. Consider it to be Indian
sauce and eat it! Eat this! Here you go. Enough of it, stop it. You feed him.
He will not refuse you. – Right, sir?
– Okay. Here. Eat this. Start now. Eat slowly, sir. Yes. Take. Savitri Who’s vomiting upstairs? Vomiting? I’ll go and see. Damn! I’ve indigestion. In a vengeful mood… …Shankar forced me to eat
many ‘kachoris’ yesterday. – Damn!
– Ms. Urmi! Take this. – Who is vomiting?
– Mr. Ramanuj. I believe you forced down many
‘kachoris’ down his throat! He is not a child that I could
have forced it down! He, himself, ate it! Ten ‘kachoris’ as Margaret
and twelve, as Ramanuj! Good Lord! Is he a
man or a demon?! A man… a woman. What’s the matter? Mrignayani is unwell.
She is vomiting. – Vomiting?
– Yes. No wonder she was relishing
the chutney! So? Didn’t you understand?
She is pregnant! Yes! I’ll see how Chunky
runs away from her! I’ll phone the doctor right now! No! You could have a check-up too. I’ll not let any outsider
touch my body. Hear, hear! But he’s
your father-in-law. A father-in-law
is like a father. A father-in- law and a father
are men, aren’t they?! Don’t worry. I’ll take her to
Dr. (Mrs.)Dixit. Go to your room. Okay, but I’ll be the one
who’ll inform the doctor. Fine. Shankar, take him away from
the rear door quickly! Come. Now go! Goodbye forever,
Margaret! Listen. Get Urmi married as
soon as possible. Fine. But that’s provided
we find a good boy. Why look elsewhere? There is a good boy right
in front of our eyes. – Right in front of
our eyes? – Yes. – Who?
– Ramanuj. – Ramanuj.
– Yes. Margaret turned up for Chunky
and a Mona or Sona may turn up for him! You have not liked from the
beginning. What does he lack? Not lack!
Everything is in excess! The excess compassion,
the attempt to be overly sweet. The continuous harping
of ‘father! ‘, ‘mother! ‘ This is his biggest flaw! If there’s less salt in the food
a man can add more salt and eat. But if there’s excess salt,
then he spits it! I’m telling you that there’s surely
something which he’s trying to hide! You’re unnecessarily
suspecting him. Not unnecessarily! Tell me, what does it mean if a
girl like Urmi comes before… …a young boy of
present times… …and he doesn’t
even look at her? This means that the boy has good
upbringing and immaculate manners. My foot! There can be only
two implications. Either he is an impostor
or he is not a man. Sir! Mr. Ramanuj has
met with an accident! Where? How? You have fallen from such a high
tree. Cry more loudly in pain. Hey, Ramanuj! What happened? The gentleman went to pluck ‘jamuns’
from a tree at ‘Kaalimai’ creek. Good Lord! At Kali Mai’s place? Yes. Fortunately, he fell as
soon as he climbed the tree. Few people saw him or else, the
wild animals would have devoured him! I showed him to the doctor.
He has dressed his wound. Ramanuj has been called for
an X-ray day-after-tomorrow. So, have you had ‘jamuns’
to your heart’s desire? I went to pluck them not for
myself but for father. For me? – When did I tell you?
– You did not. Shankar had told me the other
day that you have diabetes. My father too had diabetes.
Eating ‘jamuns’ benefitted him. When I heard about diabetes,
I thought of ‘jamuns’… …with ‘jamuns’, I thought of my
dad, and with dad… …I thought of you. Wouldn’t I do this if my
own father were alive? Wow! Fantastic!
Bless you, my child! Shankar, take him inside.
I’ll get milk with turmeric for him. – What happened?
– An accident. Ramanuj has fallen from a tree.
I hope there’s no fracture! – Shankar.
– Yes? Take him carefully.
And take this shoe too. Let’s go. “My hear started to fear” Urmi, you? So late at night? I’m beginning to get scared.
You’re going overboard now. Don’t be afraid. Before going, I wanted to do a
feat which would have father… …praise me. That’s why I put on this
charade, and we even succeeded. I’m going home tomorrow. To send brother and
his wife here. So that henceforth, we won’t
have to meet discreetly. Savitri, bring it soon! Take this… You’re going to
the city tomorrow, right? Then ask Shankar to
book the bus ticket. No. Even Rashid may come with
me but one can never trust him. I’ll ask him, and then
book the ticket. Okay. Father. Hey! Why did you get
up in this condition? I want to talk to you. So, you could have called me! Well… I… Come on… careful. Thank you, father. Thank you. What’s it? Father, I’ve received
plenty of love… …and happiness in your house. I wanted to go home
feeling joyful… …but everything has
gone topsy-turvy. I’ve became a burden on you. I want to return home
today itself. Son, I’m a man of principles. I only do whatever my
principles permit me to. But if a guest falls ill… …then to look after him
is also my principle. – You’ve got to take an X-ray
today? – Yes, father. Go home if the doctor
permits you. But if you have a fracture,
then I’ll not let you go. It’s a matter of my principle. I’m going to the city tomorrow. A friend named Rodricks
is ill there. Yes. Do you know Rodricks? What? No, I don’t. Then why did you say yes
and nod your head? Well… I’ve a habit
of nodding my head. What’s that called?
MUDRADOSH (faulty posture). After meeting Rodricks, I’ll go to your
house to tell them how you’re. No! Do not go to my house!
There will be a problem! What problem? You don’t know my sister-in-law. When she hears about my condition,
she’ll scream and create… …an uproar! She will come to meet me
here with a broken leg! I implore you not
to go to my house. Fine. If you have such strong
objections, then I won’t go. Thank you. Shall I go and rest? Yes. Go and rest. Uncle. Uncle! Uncle is on his way! He appears very excited. I’m
sure something has happened. Damn! You hide,
I’ll go and see. Rashid! Rashid! – What’s wrong? You
appear worried. Rashid, I’m going to the city
by the 10 O’clock bus today. But we were supposed
to leave tomorrow. You come tomorrow but
I’m leaving today. What’s happened suddenly?
Is everything okay? My suspicion has been confirmed. When I told Ramanuj that I’d be
going to the city tomorrow… …and to his house to mention
about his condition… …he was aghast. He screamed as if I was going
to murder someone in his house! Why was he so afraid?
There surely must be something! I’ll go to his house
today itself… …and clear my nagging
suspicions! I’ll also come today. It’s boring to go alone.
The journey is too long. Fine. I’ll book your ticket
too. Come soon. – We’re in deep trouble!
– I heard everything. Now what?! Ask Urmi to go out of the house
under the… …pretext of taking an X-ray. Ask her to then send Ramanuj
in a taxi to the city. So that he can explain everything
to his brother and sister-in-law. Ask him to return
in the same taxi. But if aunt doesn’t find him
at home for so long, she’ll… …create an uproar! – Then you sleep in
his place! – Me?! Urmi, Shankar and you try to
manage things for one night here. While I try to handle
matters over there. Go! – Good-day, sir. – How
are you? – Fine, sir. Hey! Why have you returned
so suddenly? – Has brother returned
from home? – No. – Where are your children? –
They have a holiday today. They’ve gone to their
aunt’s place. But why do you look so worried? – Come in, I’ll tell you.
– Tell me, what happened? At least tell me.
– Come inside, sis-in-law. Come. Bandage your foot and then sleep
with a blanket over your head. All of you’ll have me killed! I’d to receive beatings
from father too. And now, I’ll have to receive
the same from uncle’s shoes! – Has Ramanuj come? – Yes,
he has, mother. – What did the doctor say?
– He’s been given an injection… …and advised rest for
at least 12-15 hours. – Let me see him. – What will
you see? See later. We’ve been asked not
to disturb him. What have you done?! I’ve told you what I’ve
done. Now, you handle this! Hello, Bahadur. Mr. Abhyankar is here?
Was he asking about me? No? Very good. If he asks,
tell him I’m out of station. And be very hospitable to him. I’ll send sister-in-law
right now. They’re here. Why did you say,
they should wait? You should have made
them go away. Please sit. Madam will be here. They seem quite rich.
They must be millionaires. There’s no doubt about that. Despite being so affluent… …our Ramanuj is so
simple and innocent. That’s it! – Good-day!
– Good-day! Please sit… Who are you? We’ve come to meet
Mr. Ramprakash. He is not at home! Saved! I mean, we’re damned!
We’ve come from so far. When will he return? Around 10-11 at night. 10-11 at night?!
We have to return! My name is Hariprasad
Abhyankar. He’s my relative. We’ve come from Chandanpur. We were going to come
to your place but… – You had slipped, right?
– Yes. How’s your leg now? It still hurts very badly. Can I’ve a glass
of water, please? Please sit. I’ll bring
it right away. Let’s go out and have
a soft drink. I’m not thirsty, Rashid.
It was only an excuse. – An excuse?
– Yes. I wanted to watch her
gait. Please sit. I had told you that
something is fishy. Why? You have seen Ramanuj’s sister
– in-law as well as his house. That’s what I’m saying! Ramanuj had said that his
brother’s wife had hurt her right… …leg, right? But she was showing
us her left leg! Damn! Sometimes, such a confusion
does arise! I’ll explain. Assume that I’ve hurt my
right knee. Place your hand here. Did you see? From your angle, it’s my right
knee and your left hand! It happens. Please take. – Mrs. Sharma.
– Yes? Which leg had you hurt? I had hurt my right leg but
sometimes, even my left leg hurts. You mean, the pain shifts
to your right… …as well as your left leg? Yes! Yeah, shifting pain. Sometimes right, sometimes
left! Am I right? Yes! Brother-in-law?! You! Let’s go inside! Come on! Please sit, I’ll be back soon. How did you come home suddenly? Where did the other
brother-in-law spring up from?! They were two brothers, right?
Ramprakash and Ramanuj. Where did the third
one come from? Plot thickens, my dear Watson. Plot thickens. What! Rashid… come here. Isn’t he the same man whom she
addressed as brother-in-law… …and then took him inside? It cannot be him. But it could
be his twin brother. And look! This man has a
moustache but the other man didn’t. I see! A tale of twins! One has a moustache, while
the other does not! Yes! Deception! I’ll tell him the truth.
If I get punished, then so be it. No, wait. Let me think. Go and ask them for tea. Okay. Now, tell me everything.
Don’t hide any details. Will you have something
to drink? No! Please don’t bother. The man who came just
now is your… He is my brother-in-law. I see. What’s his name? Om Prakash Sharma. And the man in this picture is
your husband. He is Ramprakash. Y… yes. Mrs. Sharma, this… Mr. Omprakash and Mr. Ramprakash
are twins, aren’t they? Just like how Dilip Kumar had a
twin in the film ‘Ram Aur Sham’? You’re absolutely correct! I understood! There are twin brothers in the
Australian cricket team too. Steewa-Magwa. Steave Waugh.
Mark Waugh. Wow! Wow!! Oh yes! I forgot to mention
why I had come here! Well… Ramanuj… Ramanuj? Who is Ramanuj? Ramanuj
– your other brother-in-law. Oh, Mannu! We affectionately call Ramanuj
as Mannu. What happened to him? He has hurt his leg a bit.
But there is no need to be afraid. Come to my house with
your husband. And also bring your
brother-in-law Mr. Omprakash. – Sure.
– Let’s leave, Rashid. We’ve to meet Rodricks, and
then catch the night bus too. That’s right. Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. This will be a case of
impersonation, of cheating! By impersonating Ramanuj… They have returned but I think
we’ve been caught. Mr. Abhyankar is suspicious
about us. Naturally! He was
a police officer. Why didn’t you tell me that
you went there as Ramanuj? I got trapped! What will happen now? Shankar, go back. Don’t try to escape from there. I’ve an important meeting
at 3 tomorrow. After the meeting, we’ll leave
at night and reach there in… …the morning. We’ll tell Mr. Abhyankar
the truth. The rest is his wish. Go. You have learnt a lesson. You can’t achieve a thing
by acting smart! Go. – Mr. Chunky, get up!
Sir’s here. – He is? Yes. You took so long! Do you know
aunt has come here ten times?! What could I do? The taxi
got spoilt on the way. Where are you going, mother? – To see Ramanuj.
– But he is sleeping. Is he still sleeping?! He hasn’t eaten or had
anything to drink! But why are you disturbing him? How much will he sleep? I’ve brought some offerings
from the temple. – Give it to me. You don’t go
in… – Quiet! Just be quiet! I’ll touch this flower to his
forehead. I won’t wake him up. Move! Mother, let it be! What’s wrong? He’s got fever, he’s shivering. Really? Let me see him.
Move aside. Let him rest. Can’t you see the agonising pain
the poor boy is going through? Hold this. Is it paining a lot? – Yes, mother!
– Did you hear? You don’t want me to see him!
The pain the poor boy is in! Mother! Let him rest! Quiet! You’re repeatedly
asking me to let him rest! How will he be able to rest if
the pain does not alleviate? Just let me see how the
poor boy’s leg is. Hey! Both the legs are bandaged,
and both are right legs! Madam, don’t lift the blanket!
You’ll faint! Quiet! Rashid, go home now and
come after 2 hours. I’ll let the secret out. But I see no secret.
You are unnecessarily… You’re blind! How do you think I’ve spent so
many years serving the police force? This was a drama. Come after 2 hours and see
how I end this drama! Dear God, now You handle
things! Scoot! What have all of you done?! Believe me, we meant no harm. I can understand that.
But what do we do now? Please do something. You’re the only one who
can save all of us. – Chunky, go!
– Okay. Shankar, you also go. He will have to be
stopped somehow. If he comes in,
disaster will strike! – I’ll stop him outside,
okay? – Okay. Now what? Don’t worry. We’ll tell him the
truth and seek forgiveness. You don’t realise that he just
does not believe in forgiving. – You’re back?
– Hey, what’s this? You have gone absolutely pale!
And you’re wheezing too! Did you have your
medicine at night? There was one dose remaining. I took the medicine.
Come inside. No! You don’t look fine. Narmada had said that he
may have to check you… …and change the medicine. I’ll go fetch him. You must be tired. Come inside. No, I’m perfectly fine.
Go in and rest. – But… – Take this inside. Go and lie inside.
I’ll fetch him in a jiffy. Narmada, my wife is having
wheezing problems again! The medicines are also over. I fear she may have
an attack again. I’ve to go to a
patient’s house. You go, I’ll come
home from there. I’ll be there in 10-15 minutes.
Don’t worry. Narmada, what’s the matter? At least tell me,
what’s the matter?! I got Mrignayani’s
letter yesterday. Mrignayani. My daughter-in-law Margaret. She’s sent her regards
to you and your wife. She’s written only a few lines
but there’s so much pain in them! Respected father… Blessings. I’m leaving for
London tomorrow. The love and affection I received
from you is invaluable for me. Pray that God takes
away my life soon. That will bring me
ultimate peace. Did you see… …a daughter seeks death as
a blessing from her father? You read it. I’ll not be
able to read it further. Chunky is so unfortunate to
have rejected such a nice girl! Is this her handwriting? I mean, is it Margaret’s
writing? Yes. Do you have a picture of her? Yes. Show me. Okay. Look at the way he has
decorated ‘P’ and ‘B’. She had given me this
picture so that… …I would always remember her. Narmada, forget everything. Be happy and forgive Chanakya. Would you have forgiven him
if you were in my place? I’ve already forgiven him. And I’ve also have decided to
make only him my son-in-law. Go to your patient’s house now. After that, I’ll show
you your future… …and former daughter-in-law! I don’t quite understand. You’ll understand it all! Keep this letter with you,
and I’ll keep this picture! Where are you going?!
Ramanuj is feeling fine now. – He’s fine, isn’t he?
– Yes. Watch how his health
suffers now! May I come in. Come in. Good morning, Mr. Sharma. How is your leg? I’m inquiring about your
leg for no apparent reason. I’ve brought such good news
that you’ll dance with joy! Won’t you ask me what
the news is?… I’ve fixed Urmila’s marriage. – With whom?
– With Chunky, obviously! That’s provided Chunky’s
wife has no objection! You don’t understand, do you? You must have understood, Mr… Which name do I address you by? Ramanuj Mrignayani? Margrette” Or do you have some more names?! Well… my name is Shankar.
I… Father, I… Don’t you dare call
me father! You cheat! – What was your intention?!
– Leave him! – Answer! What was your
intention?! – Leave him! Move aside! Mother!
– Don’t you touch her! Father… Mrignyani! Margrette! The police are on their way. I’ll teach you a lesson which… …you’ll never forget
all your life! You entered the bedroom,
disguised as a girl! You’re so despicable that I
feel repulsive to even touch you! Or I, myself, would
have killed you! The police will handle you now! Utmila! Urmila! Shankar, come here quickly! Hey. – What’s the matter, sir? –
What’s the matter, father? What’s wrong? What happened to mother?! She is unconscious!
Take her to the room. I’ll phone the doctor. Mother. Rashid, come here soon!
Savitri is critical! Narmada Prasad is neither at
home nor in the dispensary! Fetch another doctor
immediately! Escape immediately. What was the commotion
inside about? Mother has suddenly fallen ill… …and we’re unable
to find any doctor. There’s no time to talk.
I’m going to be with mother. Escape immediately!
The police are on their way! This is the limit!
Is there no doctor?! Either they are not in the
dispensary or they are not at home. Look, what’s happened
to her suddenly! Don’t worry. The One above
is very merciful. Everything will be fine. – Sister-in-law!
– Mother! I’m glad you have come,
Narmada. Go inside. She is very critical. You wait! You’re under arrest! I know, inspector.
Please give me some time. Come with me! Nobody can take me away from
here till my mother recovers! Will you use force?! Yes, if you behave adamantly,
then I’ll even resort to force! Hey, Mister. Officer, let him go… Go. He won’t go anywhere. If he wanted to escape,
he wouldn’t have returned. God sent me here at
the nick of time! Don’t officer. Everything will be fine.
You got me at the right time. Let her rest. – Are you leaving?
– I will not go anywhere. I’ll be with your father. I’ll be here till
she is out of danger. How is she now? It was a very serious attack. If it were a little bit
more late, then… Sit. How did Ramanuj reach you? He went to my house first. He learnt that I was in
Bhagwandas’ house, so he came there. He said, ‘This man can
be treated later. Come with me immediately. He said that his mother
was very ill. He brought me here forcefully. When the car reached here,
I said that this was… …Mr. Abhyankar’s house. To which he replied,
‘This is where my mother lives.’ What does this boy
mean to your wife? Savitri considers him
to be like her son. He has indeed fulfilled
the duty of a son today. But I’ve never seen
him here before. Couldn’t you recognize
your daughter-in-law? – My daughter-in-law?
– Yes! Your daughter-in-law! You mean Ma… Ma… Margarett. Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, my God! Sir. Shankar, I troubled you
a lot. Please forgive me. Please take this. What’s this? This is the money
you had given me. But it’s for you.
Why are you giving it to me? To take money from you even after
what you have done for madam. I’m not such a scoundrel. Please take it. Where are you going? Police Station. Isn’t this what you wanted? But I’ve a request to make. Please don’t tell mother that… …I’m going to surrender
to the police. Tell her that I’ve
gone to my house. Why should I say that?! I don’t know how to put
on a charade like you! She won’t be able to bear it. A second attack could
prove fatal. I know that telling lies is
against your principles. But if a lie is said
or a charade… …is done for someone’s
good, then. May I know who has benefited
from this charade?! Perhaps, this house has. Perhaps, all of us have. Therefore, I bow before
this charade. A charade is a charade, Rashid!
And a lie is a lie! And no lie is so noble that
one bows before it! But from your talks, it appears
that you too were a part of… …the conspiracy! And if it is true, then even
you’ll have to go to prison! Yes, it is true, and… I
am willing to go to prison. Father. I know it! You knew each
other from before! But I want to hear you say it! What a shame! Even you were a
part of this wretched conspiracy? What a shame! Your older brother’s death was
God’s wish. I tolerated it! I had imbibed within you certain
principles & culture, and… …raised you. But by denouncing them you’ve
caused me more pain than my… …son’s death! May I ask, what sins are
you punishing me for?! Believe me, I did all this… …only so that I wouldn’t be
the one to cause you grief. But today, I’ve realized
that it was a mistake. I should have told
you the truth. You knew each other, didn’t you? So you should have got married
without my permission! Yes! I would be hurt but at least… …I wouldn’t have got
such a big jolt! At least, I wouldn’t
consider myself… …to be a helpless man let
down by his own daughter! They didn’t want get married… …without your permission
and blessing. So they tread on
the path of lies! And you’re justifying for them! Punish me in whatever way
you must, and not Ramanuj. Whatever he did, was at
my behest, was for me. Please forgive him. I’m the real culprit. I had learnt about everything. And after learning about it… …I shouldn’t have
hidden it from you. So, forgive both of
them and punish me. Why are both of you
trying to save me? I deserve to be punished. Punish me. It was my folly, sir. Folly?! Staying in a girl’s room… …for an entire night
disguised as a girl. Shameless man!
Do you call this as folly?! – This is not true!
– Sister-in-law! – This is not true!
– Please rest inside! Quiet! Please be quiet! I want to talk to him. Okay, let’s go inside. I’ll say whatever I
have to, right here! All right! But you shouldn’t
have come out in this condition. Let whatever has to
happen, happen! But listen to what
I’ve to say. – I… I… – Okay, sit here.
Let’s talk here. Sit. What’s it that
you want to say? Please forgive them. Please heed me.
They are our children. How can I forgive them, Savitri? They have dishonoured
our family! He was with your daughter the
whole night disguised as a girl. – No! He certainly had come to our
house, disguised as a girl. But he did not spend the
night in Urmi’s room. Look, I’m a mother. I’m most concerned about
my daughter’s honour. You have seen the mistakes
he has committed. But I know the things he could
have done, but did not. Trust me! Please forgive him! Enough! Relax, Savitri. Welcome, Mrs. Sharma! I think your leg is fine. And who are you? Mr. Ramprakash
Sharma or Mr. Omprakash Sharma? Sir, call me anything you want. Mete out any punishment. Send us to jail if you must. But we’ve come to fulfill our
duty by seeking forgiveness. Believe it or not,
we meant no harm. I’ve not come here to
seek forgiveness… …but to ask your daughter’s hand
in marriage for my brother-in-law. We’ll remain here till
you give your consent. Bless you. Come in and sit. Shankar, bring a chair
for Mr. Sharma. I think the stone has started
melting. Go to him. Let the tears remain!
They look good… Go. My dear Ramanuj,
you also move ahead. And the moment you get a
chance, beg at his feet. There’s no need to feel shy. He is going to be
your father-in-law. And a father-in-law is
like a father. Go on. Go and beg at the feet
of Mr. & Mrs. Abhyankar! You have harassed us a lot! Uncle, I committed a big folly.
Please forgive me. Aunt, you also forgive me. Please forgive me… sir. Quiet! Don’t say sir… Address
me as father. Brother. Behind your back… …we’d call you Hariprasad
‘Bhayankar’. But today, you have indeed
lived up to your name… …which means kind! – Won’t you open the sweet
packet? – Of course, we’ll. Ramanuj, you open. Father… Father!

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