Laughter is the Best Medicine

Are you listening to me? Doesn’t this happen seldom? Oh god! No luck here either! Why are you not listening to me? I am saying something Isn’t it true Don’t you agree with me? Are you even listening to me? Atleast listen to me once! What a man! His wife is trying to tell him something, and he isn’t even listening! Poor Aunty! Did you see that girl? How inappropriately she is dressed! it is human tendency then for the boys to stare why don’t the parents tell her something? her clothes barely even cover her kness And the neck? Off- shoulders! Had we worn clothes like these back in our generation, our parents would’ve slaughtered us! who wears clothes like that in a clinic? These girls nowadays! this fast forward generation! I tell you girls like these wear clothes as short smile a little too much and easily happen to trap boys that is exactly how they tend to increase their bank balance what do you think? are you even listening to me? am i not speaking the truth? where are you going? shouldn’t they be going together? why did he leave alone? ah, whatever! must be some reason Damn, what a lady! no one speaks so ill about a girl hey, did you see? how that man walked out on me? he wasn’t even listening to me! the people of this generation, I tell you! so, as I was saying did you see that girl there? she has dressd up so inappropriately! who wears such clothes to a clinic? don’t the parents say anything? I am telling you this girls like these wear short clothes smile a little too much and easily happen to trap boys like you listen to me! was I not telling the truth? do you see that girl? how inappropriately she is dressed! who wears clothes like that to a clinic? listen to me! am I not speaking the truth? oh god! what a disrespectful boy he is! why is he ignoring his mother? poor aunty!

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