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Hitler’s Rant – Original Video with English Subtitles: Film = Downfall/Der Untergang – HD

The enemy has broken through
along a wide front. They’ve taken Zossen to the south
and are advancing to Stahnsdorf. They’re on the northern outskirts
between Frohnau and Pankow. They’ve reached Lichtenberg,
Mahlsdorf and Karlshorst to the east. Steiner’s assault will
bring it under control. Mein Führer… Steiner… Steiner couldn’t mobilise
enough men. He wasn’t able
to carry out his assault. The following men will stay here:
Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf. That was an order! Steiner’s assault was an order! Who do you think you are to
dare disobey an order that I give? So this is what it has come to! The military, everybody, has been lying to me.
Even the SS! Our Generals are just a bunch
of contemptible, disloyal cowards. I can’t permit you
to insult the soldiers… They are cowards,
traitors and failures! Mein Führer, this is outrageous! Our Generals are the scum
of the German people! Not a shred of honor! They call themselves Generals!
Years at a military academy just to learn how to hold
a knife and fork! For years, the military
has hindered my plans! They’ve put every kind of obstacle
in my way! What I should have done is liquidate all the high ranking
officers, as Stalin did! I never attended an academy, and yet I have conquered Europe
all by myself. Traitors. I’ve been betrayed and deceived
from the very beginning! What a monstrous betrayal
of the German people. But all those traitors will pay. They’ll pay with their own blood. They shall drown in their own blood! Gerda, please calm yourself. My orders have fallen of deaf ears. Under these circumstances,
I am no longer able to lead… It’s over. The war is lost. But, gentlemen, if you believe
I am going to leave Berlin, you are seriously mistaken.
I’d rather blow my brains out. Do whatever you like.

100 thoughts on “Hitler’s Rant – Original Video with English Subtitles: Film = Downfall/Der Untergang – HD

  1. After watching the whole punch of Hitler rant parody video, we all deeply respect to this epic original video !!

  2. Ich war nie auf einer Akademie.
    Und doch habe ich allein, allein auf mich gestellt, ganz EUROPA erobert!

  3. 2:35 That is awfully true!
    He conquered almost all Europe by himself.
    It was divine providence that he lost on Russia

  4. How black sun supporters react when bumblebee canon is confirmed and it's starting to turn out that way…………those that support black sun the war is lost, we have been betrayed by those that lead to the inspiration of the create of black sun, and the push to make bumblebee canon. The…..the……war is lost and all is now against us.

  5. He acted even better than the original. Amazing. Rip B Ganz. The best actor ever. There is no way anybody could have ever done a better performance.

  6. Rest In Piece Bruno Ganz you were a great actor no you were a LEGENDARY Actor you made me understand the shit that was happening to the land that I live today in ww2 the madness, anger etc. You were the best of the best Rest in Piece 22 March 1941 – 16 February 2019

  7. The Oscars aren’t gonna touch anything (that’s not comedy) that has to do with Nazism or Hitler. Bruno Game deserves every prize he can get for this performance.

  8. What i, as a brazilian, actually heard: ashmaievsu Steinar shastekdvejsb jsbeoppppdhvevdh DEhsbdkenlllshbf ashuahdnei STALIN!

  9. Bruno played to perfection the situation of a man who may be said to be waking into a nightmare. His shaking hand while removing his glasses show that there's nothing more to look in this map… all is lost.

  10. Niye beceremediniz yahudinin kökünü kurutmayı size cok kızgınım dünyayı büyük bir yükten kurtaracaktiniz beceremediniz

  11. Bruno ganz was a great actor he's act like it was played by hitler himself truely he was a pure gold of the cinema

  12. I was having popcorn watching Hitler shouting like a maniac! My popcorn went all over the place cos Hitler’s rant made me jump but overall funny and great video!

  13. Yana Bezhanskay, director of Globus Film, Constantin's Russian partner, raised her voice to Russian journalists and said: "This is an antifascist film and nowhere in it do you see Hitler praised."
    Umm, how about it's a historical film?

  14. I met AH back in the early 60's when he came to my parents house. He would have been around 72 in 63. Not sure if it was before or after JFK was assassinated. He didn't have his trademark mustache and I was instructed what to say to him when he was leaving.

  15. I hope. In his final moments, he could only think about what he had done. All that he had squandered. Every regretful decision. Every death by his hand, or his words.

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