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Home Repair : How to Replace Cracked Tile

I’m Ryan Parker, with Parker Home Renovations
in New Braunfels Texas. And today I’m going to teach you how to replace a cracked tile.
Many people have cracked tiles in their houses, and usually the main cause is you get hairline
cracks as the house settles, and you get hairline cracks in the slab, which tends to crack the
tile. It’s usually nothing to be alarmed about, but today I’m going to teach you how to fix
that cracked tile if you need to. You are going to need quite a few tools. The first
thing you’re actually going to need is, you’re going to need a grout scraper, this is to
scratch out the grout joints around the tile so you can actually take it out. Then you’re
going to need a pry bar, you’re going to need a hammer, you’re going to need safety glasses.
Make sure you wear safety glasses, because when you’re pulling out a tile, or breaking
a tile loose, it’s just like shavings of glass, it can get stuck in an eye and really cause
a lot of damage. And you’re also going to need a trowel, to trowel the new thinset on.
You’re going to need a product called thinset, you can get it at home improvement stores
that sell tile stuff, and you’re going to need a type of grout also; you pick the color.
The first thing you’re going to want to do is, you’re going to want to scratch all the
grout joints around that tile, you want to scratch them back down towards the grout,
it’s basically not in the joint anymore, all the way around the tile. Then you’re going
to want to take a hammer, and you’re going to want to hit the tile pretty hard in the
center, try to break it up a little bit. And then take your pry bar, and you want to pry
in between two tiles if you can, but be careful not to chip the tile next to it. But try to
get some of those pieces out that you just broke. Take them out, put them in a bucket;
make sure you use gloves. Once you get all that out, you’re going to want to scrape the
thinset back down to the concrete, so scrape all that out of there. Then take your trowel,
mix up some thinset with water, and its got to be a paste type texture, and you want to
trowel the thinset back down, take your new tile, stick it on the thinset, press down,
and kind of move it around a little bit, hit it on each corner, make sure it adheres very
good. Then you’re going to want to take your grout, mix it up like a paste, take your grout
float, and just smear the grout into the joints until the joints are nice and full. Then you
can take your sponge with a clean bucket of water, and you want to wring out your sponge
in the water, wipe the grout joints. Usually you’ll want to do one pass per side, and then
wring it out again; one pass per side, wring it out again, until you get it nice and clean.
And that’s how you change a cracked tile. If you have any other questions you can contact
me at,

84 thoughts on “Home Repair : How to Replace Cracked Tile

  1. Thanks for this video. Really appreciate the step by step scenes while you explain! You should have your own show! Real pro!

  2. eau9999, I've pulled up tile that's been set for 5 years that pulled up easier than the one on the video. Most of the time if you're replacing a tile its because its already cracked and coming up anyway. This video is more about demonstrating, not showing a real life situation.

  3. Hey , do you wipe it off right after with water or wait a little longer for the grout to sink in?
    Thanks. good video.

  4. what is the tool you use to remove the old thin-set (at 1:36).. it took me ages to remove my old one.. is it essential to remove it all, or does it not matter?

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  6. @mcb0613

    Sorry it's 6 months after you've already posted…but, that tool is just a 4" floor scraper. Sold at almost every hardware store and most definitely at lowes or home depot. It has a razor blade that is ideal for pulling up old thinset or paint on the floor.

    As for removing all of the thinset, yes! If you want your replacement tile to sit level with the other tiles you'll need to remove the old thinset. Once you pull up the cracked tile the old thinset has no value to you anymore as

  7. @Blythep1 You are in idiot Blythep1…no one out there would need anything more to know how to replace a cracked tile. I'm sure if there's a sesame street version out there for you somewhere…

  8. Great job, clear and concise. I'm replacing about 8 tile because the installer didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. So sad. Thanks again.

  9. Looks good, but you got to use more expansive thinset next time (Mapei Kerabond Keralastic or Customs Megabond). It will not come out that easy.

  10. @joshuafarnsworth not necessary to wait for thinset to dry if only replacing a couple tiles. I only use speedset and have grouted immediately after.

  11. Not detailed enough. Needs to explain why you need to remove the grout, if the grout is not removed it will transfer the hammer force to break adjacent tiles. You should also never use a hammer (like he shows briefly) or any other tool to try to lever out a tile using a good tile next to the broken one. I know it was a sample set-up, but it was funny how he doesn't mention that the grout and thinset will not be coming out as easy as he showed. that grout looked like it was only a few hours old.

  12. BTW, a vibrating tool (such as the Multi-Max) can make grout and thinset removal much easier. Since there's probably a floor crack under the tile, use a mortar with flexible additives that can absorb some further shifting in the floor (such as thermal expansion).

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  15. my ceramic tiles have buckled or come loose after 8 yrs in my house…i need to reseal and grout it again, so i guess i wouldn't use the hammer to break the tile to pieces like the video, but carefully pry it out since the grout around it has come loose. did u use the pry bar to scrape off the old thinset? don't u also need a grout sealer after putting in grout? i have 8 tiles to reseal and another 2 tiles that are actually cracked, but home depot doesnt have same tiles, so i need to reuse them.

  16. so the 2 tiles that are cracked, is there a way to glue the cracked parts and reuse the tile since home depot said they dont have the same tile with same thickness. also how come i didn't see the video use spacers. can someone give more detail? thanks.

  17. Not only safety glasses but gloves and long sleeves are good too. I was careless and got a nasty ceramic splinter in my thumb from the second strike of the hammer. Thank goodness it was not my eye.

  18. This is a good solid, SIMPLE video. Thats a plus. There are a lot of confusing videos out there for people that have never replaced a tile before. This video shows how easy it is to replace a tile. Great job!

  19. Very misleading video. No way is it that easy to remove the grout, which must be completely removed before using a hammer, especially if you are only removing one or two tiles and tying to damaging adjacent tiles.

  20. Excellent video!! Thank. I have the confidence to do this now. Much appreciated. Will have to figure out how to do the color matching for the grout.

  21. Ryan Parker. You Sir is fine!!! If you ever need a extra hand. Just let me know. I'm only a short seven and a half hour drive away. M4M

  22. Thank you for this fine video that enabled me to finally fix that ugly broken tile in my kitchen floor. One thing I wasn't sure about was the drying time (of the adhesive) before grouting around the new tile; the adhesive's instruction said to wait 24 hrs. I did that, then re-grouted. Looks and feels great. Another thing I'm very grateful about is you Sir just saved me a small bundle, as I didn't have to hire someone to do this tile job for me! 🙂

  23. Hehe, I had the same concern. It looks like the grout in the video was already worked on. If it ends up not being that easy, you can use a Dremel-type tool with a grout attachment.

  24. Is it possible to use a Stanley knife to remove grout?

    and a paper scrapper to remove tile adhesive?

  25. Thanks for the video! I just inspected one of my rental properties and found 6 cracked tiles. I was going to sub it out but it's too small a job for a tile person. I'll do it myself thanks to your vid!

  26. good job i.fukd up sum tile at work. you help me to look like a pro after i ran to the bathroom to watch this. thanks alot

  27. Damn straight wear glasses!

    A tile shard killed my daddy! Damn you Stanley D. Stookely for inventing ceramics!

    A tip for taking out tiles. Start in the centre. Drill four holes take a chisel and set it in one of the holes and hammer towards another of the holes. This way you can easily get out a square piece and then work outwards towards removing the rest of the tile.

    Minimizes risk of having to replace yet another tile you accidentally scratched.

  28. Don't be fooled by watching this video into thinking the removal of thinset is a piece of cake. I'm literally replacing 3 18×18" tiles, removing the thinset by hand with a hammer and a wood chisel, and it is extremely laborious to say the least. Gives me a whole new respect for guys who lay tile for a living, and I'm no slouch. Next time I'll stick to hiring the experts. This video, while informative, is misleading.

  29. do you know what  model number and name of those tile they look very similar to the ones I need to replace. thanks

  30. Can you basically do this to an entire kitchen floor…just break the old tile and replace with new tile without laying new backer board down?

  31. Great video! I just started a maintenance job and youtube has been helping me a lot! Your video makes it look very easy!

  32. What if there is no concrete below the tiles, just wood boards, same technique? Is the lack of cement board part of the reason why it would crack?

  33. huh. doesnt seem so hard. so then why did my landlord charge me 200 for replacing 3 tiles after i left?

  34. This looks so easy, we did with my husband and nothing, tiles next day collapsed, nobody stepped on this, tried second time, still the same, not sure what's wrong, we spend a lot of money and supplies and at the end we still got to hire remodeling person to change it. Not so easy at it looks in the video, believe me.

  35. Thanks. That easy. I looked at yours because it was the only video under 15 minutes. Who has 15+ minutes to spend learning how to fix a tile. 🙂
    Nice video.

  36. Thank you. Was a mystery to me. Turns out it's surprisingly simple! Nice, short instructional video. Others I've found were 20 minutes plus. Good job!

  37. How to you ensure the new grout will match the old grout? A tile floor that is a few years old will have grout that is faded over time. The new grout will be noticeable in color, right?

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